Saturday 23 May 2015

Stefan Verstappen; Foreign Aid; Charities


Foreign aid fat cats who built £1.4billion empire... with YOUR tax money.


At 24 May 2015 at 01:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the US, and here in the UK, the Right argue that the individual is most important, and in the US they talk about rugged individualism. Many believe, or have been duped by the propaganda put out by the ruling class. The ruling class, with their £millions, have no need for the 'collective', so they use propaganda to make people believe in, 'everyman for himself'.

The collective will raise taxes for public services, but these services are usually very cheap, and not many health services in the world are run cheaper than the NHS. As the Stephan video shows, the rich dodge their fair share of taxes, so why do they hate public services so much when they pay hardly any taxes anyway. One of the City of London's main job is to hide the wealth of very rich people into tax havens. Well, the reason they hate public services is because they want to take control of them and then whack up prices as high as the market can stand. But people need health care, and energy, to function and so they are caught and will always struggle to find the money.

Universities were once free, or very low cost, and this was a good investment into our country's future. Bright young graduates might then start up companies supplying things that our modern society needs, like non polluting energy and green products, and lot of other smart graduates will work in these companies. But entrepreneurship is stifled because the rich want to make mega profits out of student loans, and privatised universities, which means that graduates have less money to start up companies, or to invest, or to buy a home, and no money left to spend in the real economy which would help to create jobs and help to keep small businesses going. And more well paid jobs means less taxes on the rest of us, a virtuous circle arises. Our society is going downhill because the mega rich are taking all the money just as they did in the Chinese dynasties.

With high taxes, with high energy prices, with house prices and rents going sky high, and with the water rates forever going up, people become poorer and have less to spend in the real economy. Small businesses suffer and sell less, and medium and large businesses suffer too, but a few mega wealthy still make more money this way. As the economy goes downhill, the middleclass disappears, and society begins to collapse.

But Stephan says that in the collapse phase of past societies it was the monasteries that survived and even prospered. They produced food, gave shelter, were places of learning, excellence, and higher education.

Now think about that, what were the monasteries? They were the collective, that's what, not bunch of rugged individuals trying to outsmart each other.

A modern society needs some collective and some individualism. And this is social democratic model like you see in Scandinavia where the gap between rich and poor is not so high. With modern technology doing much of the work knocking things out 24/7, we could be on a 30 hour week and retiring at 60, and maybe doing more part time work as we go into our 50's.

For more on this read the book, The Grip Of Death, A study of modern money, debt slavery, and destructive economics, by Michael Rosbotham, and see we could have had if we had some publicly created money instead of it all being created by private banks weighing down our society with massive debts.

At 24 May 2015 at 11:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm unusual for someone on the left as I openly argue against mass immigration. I think most moderate people don't want to talk about this because fear that they might sound racist, which they are not. The elite have plundered the rest of the world making millions of people desperately poor and so it is understandable why so many of them want to come here, even though they would be leaving their friends and families behind.

The ruling class love mass immigration because it keeps wages low and because it keeps house prices and rents up sky high, which means mega big mortgagees for us and mega big profits for them.

The Stefan below video called, Paradise Lost: The Myth of Overpopulation, is very interesting because it shows the amount of people in the world compared to land mass and things are nowhere near as bad as I thought. In fact, it is quite an eye opener.

In the video it shows an experiment that was done on mice where they lived in an ideal environment but they were allowed to multiply and become too crowded. The way the mice started to behave was striking to how some people start behave in overcrowded cities. The stress of overcrowding caused a lot of misery.

Paradise Lost: The Myth of Overpopulation:

At 24 May 2015 at 17:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They were allowed to multiply and became overcrowded because they were prisoners in their ideal environment. There was no planned expansion for the prisoner's paradise.

At 25 May 2015 at 05:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. This is a wonderful video. I've been trying to destroy the overpopulation myth for 20 years now but to no avail. The concepts and tools that have used to convince us, conditioning through the media and our education, are deeply engrained.



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