Thursday, 28 May 2015


Chicago policemen and a suspect.

How do you keep a country united?

Austin in Texas is much wealthier than Palm Bay in Florida.

The District of Columbia is much wealthier than Mississippi.

In the USA, there is a very big gap between rich and poor areas.

In Switzerland, Zug and is the richest canton.

But, none of the Swiss cantons is poor.

In the UK, London and Scotland are doing well.

But parts of the UK are becoming like Detroit.

The London government spends vast sums on transport in London and tiny sums on transport in the North East of England.

"Promised government spending on transport in the North East over the next two decades is £246 per person, compared with £4,893 per head in London."

The North East, unlike the of England, exports more than it imports!

England's northeast fears economic isolation -

The journalist and economist John Kay has written about how to keep a country united

Kay writes about 'solidarity' - meaning mutual support.

Kay writes that in the USA "there is no explicit mechanism of redistribution of resources among states."

However, "Switzerland makes transfers from richer to poorer cantons."

Kay suggests that in countries such as the UK rural areas, and deprived urban communities, need more expenditure.

In Australia, a grants commission "attempts to parcel out central government funds on an objective basis to states and territories."

Switzerland is the country to copy?

SWITZERLAND has its problems with EVIL.

Switzerland is not perfect but it is peaceful and prosperous.

Switzerland is divided up into cantons and towns (communes). 

In Switzerland, the central government (federal government) is not given too much power; the cantons and towns have a lot of power; referendums are held.

The central government controls foreign policy, defense, the railways and the mint.

If the central government brings in a new policy, a referendum can be held to vote it down.

There is a six-month period during which a referendum can be called by any person or group able to get 50,000 signatures on a petition. 

A central government policy can be thrown out by a simple majority vote in a referendum.

The cantons and communes control economic policy, welfare policy, the police, education and so on. 

Each canton has its own parliament and constitution.

Switzerland spends a lot on welfare and education but manages to keep taxes relatively low. 

This is because there are no huge ministeries full of useless civil servants, or bureaucrats.

Cantons and large communes have referendums and 'initiatives'. An 'initiative' is when an ordinary citizen proposes a new policy or law.

Main source: ISIL -- The Swiss Cantonal System


  1. Many people don't realise that Switzerland has a strong industrial sector too. It's financial centre has not ruined it's industry.

  2. How to run or how to ruin a country? See what difference a letter makes? BTW the pic of the "white cops" and "black victim" is a hoax, like all black/libtard "riots" lately. The pic anyway has nothing to do with the rest of the article anyway. BTW, HAARP messed up Texas and Oklahoma if needed to say....

  3. LOOL

  4. Palm Bay Florida is for schmuck heads. We're not wealthy like they are in Austin. We're not big shots. The mendacity and the low class behavior here is very low level, not like in Austin and Plano, Provo, Mountain View, where ALL the Big-Shots live. We don't pull down NSA troll web "master" salaries like the Big Shot high class high level web "masters" of the "alternative" media. They say the South of France is a very wealthy place also. It must be pretty fabulous.

    From : Salvatore

  5. Now if they would just make public all these international corrupted politicians bank accounts.

  6. They tried to deny that this guy was telling the truth too - until it became impossible to deny. Today the same thing is happening about the Bloodlines.

  7. Chicago Police ran their own off the books Prison.

    The 'Black Site' was used for illegal torture, shakedowns and interrogation...

    Homan Square - CPD illegal Detention Center - Black Site

    Rahm Emmanuel in denial of allegations, "that's not true - we follow all the rules"

    "Francis Boyle, University of Illinois professor of law and human rights attorney, also spoke with the WSWS about the erosion of civil rights in the US under the guise of the phony “war on terror” in the wake of September 11, 2001.
    “Ashcroft got rid of the Levi guidelines that stopped COINTELPRO, which were instituted when President Ford told Levi to bring the program to an end. After 9/11 Ashcroft repealed Levi guidelines, basically bringing COINTELPRO back to life. Nothing’s really changed since 1968… with one exception, the CIA used to be prohibited from domestic law enforcement.”
    Under Emanuel, local police powers have been expanded. Ahead of the 2012 NATO summit in Chicago, local and federal law enforcement collaborated on a massive crackdown on anti-war protests, including the entrapment, conviction and imprisonment of three protesters."

    These sites are the CIA / SSG / MJ12 prototype for the detention of White Europeans and Christians as part of the future planned open Genocide policy.

  8. Before there was democracy the rich ruled and it was often not very nice for everyone else. During the industrial revolution the ruling class drove the peasants off their land and so they went starving into the cities to work in the ruling class's sweatshops factories.

    When they lived on their land they had a good life only working about three days a week doing hunting, fishing, and farming. But the rich wanted them to work in their horrible factories so they got the king to make all hunting and fishing illegal calling it poaching. And the rich also made it very difficult for them to farm their land as well.

    There was no invisible hand of god, as Adam Smith said, only invisible the handcuffs. Given a free choice - the invisible hand - the peasants found it far more profitable and pleasant to farm their land than to work long hours in the factories. So the free hand was never allowed.

    The rich also put children to work in the factories as young as four, and many beat them. They actually said that the young boys enjoyed being beaten because it turned them into real men.

    The wealthy hate democracy and have done everything they can to undermine it ever since, and in the past they tried fascism, but now it's libertarianism.

    But the best countries to live in are the Scandinavian ones, and other countries like Switzerland. In a democracy a good government means people power, as long as the rich haven't corrupted it. Only in a dictatorship is big government a menace. And the more local democracy there is the better too.

    Our taxes are too high, but not because of public services, but because the government borrows money from private banks. The banks create the money out of thin air and governments allow them to do this. In Guernsey all public spending is paid for by the government borrowing money from its own public banks. Guernsey has a flat rate tax of 20%.

    Over the years right-wing newspapers have been trying to get people to hate the government in an attempt to reduce it down to nothing so the mega rich can rule again unimpeded.

    There are faults in government, but the answer is to reform it to serve us more efficiently, not to make it ineffectual, although more local government means less big government. And more local government means even more democracy.

    The rich get out paying their taxes but they still hate public services, even though they cost them nothing. For one, they don't need public services, but mainly they want public services to be done away with so they can run them instead and whack the prices right up as much as the market can stand.

    And they don't want public banks where governments can get their money interest free. When the government spends debt free money on public services the public workers will spend their wages into the wider economy helping private businesses to flourish. And taxes will be very low because the government will not have to borrow from private banks. Which the ruling class own.

    This is the big secret the ruling class are keeping from you. How we could have first class public services at very low cost, with very low taxes. And how this would help the economy to thrive because people will have more spending money and have less debts. Private businesses will then do better as well.

    1. Here's another good video to go with the Stefan ones. Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version.

      Our western civilisation is falling into self destruction in the same way that all other great empires/ civilisations have collapsed. When civilisations collapse different ruling factions then divide the spoils amongst themselves. So the 6 main banks, corrupt politicians, and other mega rich people, are stashing away as much money as they can into their tax havens. The whole system has become corrupted.

      But there is a difference to this age compared with other ages. We have the internet and we can get true information rather than just be fed propaganda. Many thanks, Aangirfan.

      In the Four Horsemen they described how in Rome when it was collapsing due to massive corruption, the rulers just staged more gladiator games, and they became more elaborate and showy. This numbed the people out and so they had little interest in that society may be crumbling. Today we have mass entertainment, an obsession with sports and celebrities, plenty of TV game shows, wine, beer, and fast food, but no real news at all. Most people I meet might read The Sun, or The Star, and have no real interest politics or what is really happening to our society. Like lemmings, they are slowly marching off the edge of the cliff to their doom and have no idea what is going on.

      This video has been around some time, so you may have seen it. But it is a superb video.

  9. Another witness who had claimed Michael Jackson was not a paedophile has now come forward to allege abuse.

    Tag words: Michael Jackson; Paedo; Black ppl cannot be abusers/racist etc etc...

  10. How to run a country or don't you mean corporation?
    The "I'm proud to be zionist and a friend of Israel" government puppets for rothchild and other khazarians are not interested in the long term happiness index of the people.
    A rolling referendum may work in the hands of those with integrity; not oath keepers, or those with any affiliation or involvement with capitalist or communist ideology or interest.
    The issue of who looks after the interest of their people, in towns, villages, cities should be of the people's choosing. And the choice would most probably be that of someone who appreciates and respects life in all forms.
    They would not choose to war with other countries, for profit and control.
    They would forbid usury and make their own currency from what the community produce.
    They would cherish and nurture new life, protecting and giving assurance of health and potential to be able to accomplish their uniqueness.
    They would guarantee safety for the innocent and vulnerable in community.
    They would not tolerate any action, that would be to the detriment or violate the rights of another being, intentionally.
    They would abolish all taxes and mortgages, knowing that they are fraudulent by design.
    They would insist that their community be sovereign and autonomous, with no ties or affiliation with alien governance.
    The one chosen to lead their people would understand and respect the culture of his/ her community and wish to preserve it.
    They would communicate through their heart, connected to Divine and True Creator, that there is abundance in many aspects of life, and that the earth is truly a wonderful place to live.
    They would educate that it is through the heart, when we create the good in our lives and keep on creating the good in its many forms, that we connect with each other and nature around us.
    They would inspire people to do and give because all needs would be met.

    Now is that too much to ask?
    Would you do whatever it takes to achieve that for our future children?

  11. In western countries it us the Jews who run the banking every major western city the wealthy suburbs are full of Jews...norf Londin for example.
    In Chicago....perhaps THE most corrupt city in the is the same story.
    You can see this clearly in the film/DVD "Finding Vivian Maier" (also on YT).
    This is quite a good doco which is surprising since Americans (meaning US Jews) cannot make documentaries which appeal to anyone over the mental age of 15 (perfect for dumbed down Americans).

    If you are a stupid American you will take this documentary at face value.
    Essentially it is about a Jew who finds a store of photos who then goes onto exploit the womans work (Vivian Maier of French origin).
    Another Jew by the name of Goldstein (what else!)..gets some of the photos via subterfuge etc...Goldstein is not mentioned in this doco however.
    Maloof purports to travel to France to uncover the mystery...infact he goes there to secure the copyright.There are other questions like how the photos became separated from the bulk of Maiers stuff.Did Maloof wait for Maier to die before marketing the photos.Did he help her on her way?.
    So the film is missing important details..of course...
    It seems all of Maiers employers were rich Jews...with the possible exception of one.Maier was a nannie.Naturally the Jews are all loathsome dishonest people with a thin veneer of civility.
    In one scene a mexican nannie is shown with a book written by a jew about "stupid white men"...this gives the impression her employer is "white" as in European...when infact her employer is a Jewess.

    Since Jews live in the wealthy suburbs of Chicago it might seems they are the most able,infact it is to do with their tribal behaviour.The corrupt jew/israeli Rahm is the mayor....contracts for city projects go to Jews.It is possible there are some Jews in Chicago today who are living off the proceeds of Al Capones vast criminality...Capone being another Jew psychopath.
    Jews have now taken over a consequence we now have organised crime with jews running it.We now have a jew prime minister who will leave office greatly richer than when he arrived.The level of inequality in NZ is unequalled in NZ's history...the Jew is ruling the roost we are heading fast to the situation found in the USA.

  12. In Switzerland, most people can presently still enjoy a good life, we have good infrastructure, health services etc..
    BUT, despite being neutral as required per the constitution, we have now one quarter of our F/A-18 fleet commited to a NATO-exercise, which is clearly aimed against Russia, in northern Scandinavia.
    When the head of the airforce was interviewed by NatlRadio, he flatly denied/lied that this exercise would have something to do with NATO. The print media is treating this event as a taboo, no word mentioned about the fact that we are more and more integrated into the Zio-US NATO-system under the treaty “Partnership for Peace”.
    I have a also gut feeling, that last year’s “voting initiative” about having our gold reserves repatriated, was rigged.
    Long story short, our political establishment (foremost the Free-Masons) is secretly implementing all the necessary tools to have Switzerland fully forced into the NWO system.

  13. Swedish Dads Told to Take Three Months Paternity Leave

    Sweden is planning to introduce a third month of paid parental leave reserved for fathers as of 2016, in a bid to further increase gender equality, the country’s government has just announced.

    The country's Left Party is hoping for more individualized paid time off for new parents, according to Sveriges Radio, Sweden's English radio service. Observer's believe that the proposal has a good chance of being enacted by parliament.

    Annika Strandhall, Sweden's social insurance minister, says it has been 13 years since the second month of paternity leave was introduced. A third month “is something we’ve really looked forward to. We know that this is a key issue towards attaining greater [gender] equality,” Strandhäll told Radio Sweden.