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Recently we wrote that "Communism cannot work if its leaders are atheists.

"Communism in China has failed because China's leaders have usually been criminal gangsters with no religious faith."


My definition of an 'atheist' is someone who does not believe in life after death, or karma, or reincarnation, or the spirit world, or the idea that consciousness can exist without the brain, or the idea that the 'divine' requires us to love everyone as our brother.

My definition of a 'communist' is someone who believes that innevitably we will all end up living in a society where everyone shares wealth, and there will be no 'rich' and no 'poor'.

We will never all agree about definitions.

To a Catholic in Malta, Allah is almighty God.

To a farmer in Skye, a coup is a hairy four-legged creature with horns.


Anonymous wrote:

"And if its leaders are religious, it can work?" 

Aangirfan says that: If Mau had been a saintly character, believing in some kind of 'divinity that shapes our ends', and believing that we have  duty to try to make everyone happy, there would have been no holocaust in China.  

Anonymous wrote:

I'm not in the slightest bit religious, but I might become a Buddhist and retreat from it all.

We are driven to always want more... Being dissatisfied is to be in constant pain.

Aangirfan says, 'with all due humility': Buddhism is a religion that has had a beneficial effect on many communities in Asia. 

We have visited villages in Asia where everyone shares and everyone smiles.

Of course, not all so-called 'Buddhists' actually follow the teachings of Buddhism, and so you get some 'bad' Buddhists.

Anonymous writes:

I had no idea that the Aangirfan folk might be religious.

They always strike as very rational people, like me. 

I have a very scientific rational mind, which tends to make me a liberal.

I joined an evangelical Christian church once... 

When I thought about it, believing in God was utterly mad. 

How could God, a man so they said, live in eternity? 

If there is no beginning, then a point in time could never occur when God would decided to create the world. 

And why did God want people to love him, because living in eternity must have meant he needed nothing, because that was all there ever was...? 

Perhaps starting up a World full of wars, with lots of sin, and with lots of misery, made things a bit more exciting for him?

Aangirfan says: We are not fundamentalist, and so we reject such things as atheism, and, the religions of ancient Iraq and Iran on which the Old Testament is based.

We are happy to believe in the possibility of life after death, karma, reincarnation, the spirit world, and the idea that consciousness can exist without the brain.

'There are more things in heaven and earth than this world dreams of.'

Divination and Quantum Physics





Anonymous writes:

I wrote the above comment.

I'm an atheist but I'm keen on mindfulness, and some elements of Buddhism.

I think Aangirfan's point ... is that if we are just material creatures, then things could become nothing more than just about consumption... 

With empathy and a spiritual side, there is much more to our world than status.

When I was young, the world was a magical beautiful place. 

The stars, the moon, the Sun, the seaside, the foggy weather, the rain (I loved the rain and fog), the beautiful early mornings, the fabulous sunsets. 

No amount of possessions or status was going to make me happier than that.

The monsters that rule this world have no contact with their humanity...

It is about is self gratification and status. 

I think this is what Aangirfan meant - that we go nowhere without enlightenment, forgiveness, love, empathy, and compassion. 

Then the Chinese leaders would be building things that really enhance people's lives. A society that is long lasting, is safe for our children and their children, and brings fulfilment and happiness...

Steve writes

No doubt the Chinese have zero MORAL principles. 

But THAT is the problem, not atheism. 

Are you suggesting we need to be Christians (maybe Muslims) to run an ethical shop? 

But it's not true. 

Judaism is a major religion, but the worship of Mammon has always been present. 

So you note Jews of Asia. 

Weber wrote of the protestant ethic and capitalism, now a reeking cesspool of worker exploitation and theft. 

Calvin noted that the predestined elect were the rich people and the poor were going to Hell. Nice. 

It's not religion; it's ethics. 

As in the Golden Rule, which all countries have in some form, but always ignored when convenient - which is always.

Aangirfan says: A good-hearted atheist is more likely to run an 'ethical shop' than a misguided and unenlightened Christian.

However, the biggest holocausts do seem to occur when you have leaders such as Mau, Stalin, Hitler, George W Bush and Obama, who I assume have all been atheists.

The religious leaders who have promoted wars are 'atheist' in the sense that they do not follow the idea that the 'divine' requires us to love everyone as our brother.

CanSpeccy writes:

The basic Chinese ethical system is Confusianism, rather than one based on belief in a deity. 

There seems no obvious contradiction between Communism and Confusian ethics. 

Moreover, it is not obvious that Confusianism is inferior to say Roman Catholicism as a basis for a good society. 

Therefore, I cannot see why atheistic Communism is necessarily worse than any other political system. 

Of course a political system can be horrendous, whatever it's supposed ethical basis, and Communism, as under Lenin, Stalin and Mao, has generally turned out badly. 

But so has American capitalism under the leadership of supposed Christians such as George W. Bush.

Aangirfan says: My definition of a 'communist' is someone who believes that innevitably we will all end up living in a society where everyone shares wealth, and there will be no 'rich' and no 'poor'.

China failed to become Communist.

The Taoists might say that there is always Yin and Yang.

Laozi said:

"When goodness is lost, it is replaced by morality."

The advantage of Taoism is that it teaches us to avoid extremes.

Anonymous writes:

Stalin starved to death 10 million Russians, most of them Ukrainians. And in Maoist China something similar happed. But Churchill phosper bombed hundreds of German cities ... And the US dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan.

Churchill apparently starved millions of Indians to death when he took away their food to feed the British army. And Hitler did the same to the Polish to feed his army. And Stalin did this to the Ukrainians to feed his army.

There are no good guys here.

They are all psychopathic scum.

The sleeping kid does have a family. They are working on the nearby building site.

No More Myths writes:

Behind Communism, circa 1953, by Frank L. Britton, with special 1994 update by Lawrence Patterson

"Any deep down discussion of Communism and Marxism involves the Jewish question.

"We cannot honestly discuss the subject without revealing - and commenting on - the fact that the founders of Russian Communism were Jewish.

[1953] Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton - Whale...

A note about Mao: He was picked up to play puppet leader with resourced funneled through Yale University (whose symbol has Hebrew on it), in a Skull and Bones type scheme. The location was Yali Highschool in Changsha, Hunan Province - a branch of Yale. Mao was a disturbed young man - a completely controllable, blackmailable puppet for their purposes.

Jewish Faces in the Chinese Government.

No More Myths writes:

Arnold Leese: THE JEWISH ROTTING OF CHINA. Posted on December 5, 2013 by horse237

"The seeds of Bolshevism were planted in China by Jews, who also tended and trained the growth that resulted.

"The corruption of the regime of Chiang Kai‑Shek caused many of the masses in China to turn to Communism for relief, since Chinese Communism is mixed with Nationalism and discourages the old Chinese curse of official corruption; but Communism in China has the same de­humanising effect on the people as it has elsewhere.


"It was the Sassoon family which turned the normal Chinese dislike and distrust of foreigners into hatred.

"David Sassoon made the Opium Trade in China from 1832 until he died in 1864. His family carried on the Trade under our Flag and made huge fortunes.

"The British took the blame, and now the Chinese loathe us; just as we took the blame for the Jewish atrocities at Nurem­berg, Spandau and elsewhere in Germany, so that the Germans now hate us.

"Backed by the Sassoons, the Shanghai Opium Monopoly existed until 1917 under the Jew Edward Ezra, its Managing Com­mittee being composed entirely of Jews and Indians.

"Not only did the British Flag protect the Sassoons in this abominable trade which the Manchus did all they could to prevent, even to the extent of war, but also these Jews were welcomed in England instead of being ostracised. Royalty petted them and they intermarried with Aryan aristocrats. Some became Baronets and one a Minister of the Government.

"When the Freemason, Sun Yat‑Sen, began his revolutionary movement at Canton, the Jew Morris Cohen, a British subject, be­came his aide‑de‑camp and was sent by Sun around the globe to get military experts for his revolutionary army. 

"On Sun Yat‑Sen’s death bed this Jew was commended to Chiang Kai‑Shek and he was employed as liaison officer between the Canton Government and all foreign Consulates‑General. 

"Cohen became known in China as Moi‑Sha, and was made Military Counsellor to the Cantonese Forces, and a General, although still a British subject."

Continues: Arnold Leese: THE JEWISH ROTTING OF CHINA.

Gracie writes:

I think Communism and every other "ism" works the way it is supposed to, the way its been designed to work by the the psychopaths in charge. 

And I think they do have a religion which is Themselves, Power, and Mammon.

Most politicians at the top fit this category, with the exceptions at this time being some of the Latin American leaders. 

Unfortunately, these good leaders are too often deposed by psychopathic leaders from stronger countries.

A Tale of Politicians & Psychopaths - Politicians are like psychopaths? 

...Jim Kouri, vice president of the National Assn. of Chiefs of Police, has assembled a group of traits that define psychopathic personalities - like serial killers - and has discovered that these trait also apply to many of today's politicians.

Traits such as superficial charm, an exaggerated sense of self-worth, glibness, lying, lack of remorse, manipulation of others, and sexual obsession are the hallmark of both groups.

Kouri notes that these types of psychopaths are psychologically capable of committing their dirty deeds free of any concern for social, moral or legal consequences and with absolutely no remorse, save getting caught.

"While many political leaders will deny the assessment regarding their similarities with serial killers and other career criminals, it is part of a psychopathic profile that may be used in assessing the behaviors of many officials and lawmakers at all levels of government."...

Are Politicians Psychopaths? More Often Than You Might Imagine, Says NY Times Bestselling Expert

Are Politicians Psychopaths? More Often Than You Might Imagine... .

Anonymous writes:

China is the world's most ancient civilization. It has gone into decline many times, but it never learned from its declines and always followed the same mistakes. At the start civilization would come out of primitive state and this would be the golden age, where a large middleclass would develop. Women would get more rights and people would get good education. Businesses would prosper.

Then a mega rich would emerge and gain too much power over the government or the Chinese rulers. They would then shift all the tax burdon onto the middle classes, as well as use their monopoly power to bring wages down and increase prices. Corruption would be rife destroying all the hard work that ordinary people have put in . Then the economy would suffer and the Chinese civilization would go into decline. Eventually there would be a revolution and the rich would get executed, their vast amassed fortunes could not save them.

A primitive China would then come about but out of that a new civilization would begin to emerge, and a new benign ruler would come to power who will be good for the Chinese society and then a new middleclass would emerge again and the whole thing would start all over once more..

It sounds like what is happening to the West right now, and the exceptionally greedy rich are unable to stop what will eventually be the loss of everything they have illegally accumulated.

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At 22 May 2015 at 10:04 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Of course we can begin with the British colonization of North America which saw roughly 50 million native Americans disappear. Britain’s favorite son and banker Rothschild still prints U.S. money, the fed is not federal and America is still ruled under the London Corporation which issues checks to US alphabet agencies through the U.N.

And many of us know that Hilter played chess with Stalin near the Tavistock institute.

Ten percent of the Boer population died in British open air camps and that includes 22000 children.

In Aden 1960’s in the Yemini riots, torture centers were opened, prisoners stripped naked and put in refrigerated cells, cigarettes put out on their skin, genitals crushed and some made to sit naked on a pole until the weight forced it up the anus.

Of course in Cypress children had hot peppered rubbed into their eyes and were lashed with whips embedded with iron chards.

Iraq’s first ten years under the British saw destroyed crops, poison wells and dead live stock and that was before the Americans came back to help them killing another 2 million.

The partition of India resulted in 30 million displaced as muslims and Hindus did not want to be caught on the wrong side of the border. The Bengali famine alone killed 5 and a half million indians as Rothschild blew up the food chain and flooded farm land.

The British starved a million people to death in Ireland during the famine.. Many more left for America.

The British rounded up 1.5 million in Kenya and put them in concentration camps where men were raped with knives, women had their breasts mutilated, eyes gashed out, and some burned alive. Most were women and children who were “aiding the terrorists”.

And of course we know that British troops among others have been sent to the Ukraine to help the nazis fight terrorism.

The British installed Saudi Wahabbi regime is learning very well however and picking up some of the slack, bombing Yemenis again with western equipment of course.

No China is small potatoes, give them some slack they were regrouping after 20 million slaughtered by Japan and the Jewish Betar legions who were bringing the new world order to Asia.

Today soldiers still sign up to save the queen from the terrorists. The average British subject likes to pretend that Washington is all behind this. Possibly to salve their own peace of mind.

There has never been a democracy on planet earth. Every nation has always been ruled by combinations of special interest groups who serve themselves. Socrates would tell you about Greek democracy if he could speak from the grave. Britain and America are still under the one party system know by some as the Vatican, City Of London, Hollywood axis.

At 22 May 2015 at 12:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Recently we wrote...' boldly you go gal/s, and/or boy/s (?). This is a hot potato. Would a person/s behave differently if the after mattered? Yes, unless the the 'after-whatever' (is) ambivalent about our responsibility in killing the masses (beyond even sending to war).

'Campaigning atheism is a missionary enterprise, aiming to convert humankind to a particular version of unbelief; but not all atheists have been interested in propagating a new gospel, and some have been friendly to traditional faiths' (John Grey).

One thing Alex (J) did five years ago, (minor in the overall volcano of revelation), was firming me up over abortion. I still understand the liberal, “don't do it, over there, then...” but Eugenics, race-bait-hating, dying is so relative - pseudo-politic-la la-ville - is, by definition, a death cult. Doesn't just doubt it matters because... but celebrates, and if finger on button, glories in killing. Loves the act. Its always got something to do with personal fear. Of death, and the hatred therein.

This past month or three, listening to the AJ show has becoming increasingly irregular, dip ins and bursts, some days away, but tonight after the fracas over the protest outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill on Thursday, the commentary and questions... expose explanations to your brightly lit dilemma.

COMMUNISM AND RELIGION – not my words. Religion is a bind, commies at best engaging co-belligerent pal likes but can we reason history and the awoken news.

Quoted 'Patchen' on Hampstead Research the other night 'This is the monstrous side of him, which makes him appear ruthless and rapacious. Within the snorting dragon, however, there is a gentle prince who suffers at the mention of the slightest cruelty or injustice'.

Anger and light.


At 22 May 2015 at 12:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote some of the above posts. I would say that my mind is atheist, because I think deeply about things, but my body is spiritual. I'm probably more agnostic, really. The atheist universe can be a very lonely and stark place, especially if you think too deeply about things and see all the suffering, and so people need spirituality. Spirituality adds light to the darkness.

We were brought up as protestants as kids, but my family were not very religious, although my brothers and myself were sent to Sunday school. My dad had MS for most of his adult life but suffered a lot pain with it towards the end, and so reverted back to Catholicism. I was stunned, I never knew he was a Roman Catholic. But he was born a protestant, and his father sent him off to a Catholic boarding school along with his sister when he was about 4 years old. I don't think his father cared what type of school it was, he just wanted to get rid of them. He was a sailor.

The Catholic nuns and priests were evil, my dad told me. But the spiritual side of the Christian religion gave him a lot of comfort in this very harsh world as he approached the end of his life. To live in the West it can be very easy for some of us to mock and say that we are atheists, but for many people in the world it's a faith keeps them going and gives them hope. Without a faith the world can become very stark.

At 22 May 2015 at 12:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Made an error: Libertarians not Liberals but of course Liberal can mean all which way and that these daze but it's... those pesky often Alex guests who - Ventura the big obv. - who hold to this. Mark.

At 22 May 2015 at 12:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got the stuff about China from Stefan Verstappen's blog. He has a superb video about China's rise and fall. I think this is worth putting out as a separate Aangirfan post because the videos below are so good and they will show up better. Or maybe better still the videos could be inserted into the above Aagirfan post.

I'm not as anti-government as Stefan, but then I'm European and I like government services. I would trust a true social democratic government. And I'm nowhere near as pessimistic as Stefan about the West's future. I think we can get out of this. We live in a scientific age.

'Historical Cycles: Are we doomed to repeat the past? Chinese dynastic cycles show how the theory of historical cycles work and how to apply them to our current situation. Are we headed towards an age of chaos? What did the ancients do to survive?'

This video by Stafan below is also excellent. He is obviously a very sensitive person, like me.

Paradise Stolen - DON'T SHOW YOUR CHILDREN! (What Americans could have had if the £trillions had not been spent on their recent wars).

At 22 May 2015 at 12:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Without a faith the world can become very stark."

This is just ur opinion. There are other 6.5 billions out there.

At 22 May 2015 at 13:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies. Correction.
Libertarian not Liberal.
Ay Aang x

At 22 May 2015 at 14:19 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

It is much easier to know than to believe. I think the most childish among us must see with their own eyes and ears there is a life force that animates everything. The planets do not revolve around the sun haphazardly for instance. There is a universal mind that makes things go.

The Buddhists taught life, the native american indians taught life. The ancient Vedas speak of life and yes the real words of Jesus Barabbas spoke of life and following natural laws of nature and casting away the dead books written by dead men.

The Hindu Vedas are the most however impressive to me as it mean the search for truth. Who could possibly be against that? It took me a long time to discover I must be a Hindu and as they say, even an atheist can be a Hindu for he has embarked upon his own search for truth.

Belief is good, as I suppose it console many confused souls, but there again it is better to know than to believe.

I am of the opinion our next station in the spiritual world after this one or possibly next assignment in the physical realm will depend on how much we know, not what we believe.

Choose life

At 22 May 2015 at 16:03 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Anonymous 12-02
How can there be an atheist universe when the universal mind causes the planets to rotate in synchronicity. The cell of life continues to divide even if we do not understand the mechanism. This occurs due to electromagnetic energy, the same light we see when an atom is split. (that is the Christos). Man can do evil or good with it, there is free choice. Everything we do in life we must bring before the creator in the spiritual world.

Yes I do believe our souls are weighted on the scales of justice. I found the philosophy of Red Elk very poignant when he mentioned some souls will drift to an area of the universe where the creative mind does not even recognize them, a fate worse than hell. It rings true for me.

There is a war in heaven I am sure just as we see in the physical world. The struggle never ends.

I always liked Khalil Gibran the Lebanese prophet who urged man to think bigger and strive to enlarge his spirit so that one day he can use the milky way as a foot stool.

At 22 May 2015 at 16:12 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

In a more simplistic vein, God Chooses those who choose her/him.

We can go through life, eating for instance eating McDonald hamburgers GMO, and Taco Bell or we can eat fresh fruits, grain, vegetables etc. We have before us the table of life or the table of death, it is our choice. You have free will. You can destroy yourself or choose life.

One thing that is never explained is why the great sages, always said choose life and have life more abundantly. When you lose your health, they you are close to solving the great mystery once again.

There exists a myriad of people and organizations who wish you to eat the most poisonous food imaginable. They are anti life. They wish you to drink poisoned water and they wish to pump you full of poisonous vaccines.

At 22 May 2015 at 18:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Bush is not a christian of any kind...he is a crypto Jew.For historical reasons there are many crypto jews in the American south west.Lyndon Johnson is another one of the monsters.
Blaming the Catholic church always reeks of jewish Catholics run the FED?,is Hillary Clinton,Cameron,Hollande,Harper of this are ALL jews the whole rotten lying deceiving lot of them.
John Kerry the ghoul from hell is supposed to be a Catholic but sensible people know he is nothing of the sort...he is another scheming lying jew.
What confuses people are the jews who have infiltrated the catholic church...and there is strong evidence that the pope is one of them.
These fiends from hell,the Jews are the ONLY people on the planet who deliberately snd with malice aforethought infiltrate other peoples religions...they are a sick people.Note:Judaism is not a great can it be with so few adherants....the sick garbage found within the old testament perhaps explains these fiends.Just look at them at the wailing wall with their pelvi thrusting...not only are they sick fucks they are also uniformly mad.
If and when there is a revolution in England then the evil scum at the top...the Jews deserve everything they get...trouble is the rich ones who are responsible will make a getaway as usual.It is possible Scotland will play the role of vichy france in WW2...providing a hideout for Jews.The history of Vichy france is not what it is made out to surprise there since the whole of WW2 history is bs.NOTE:.Harris is a crypto jew surprise then that the man in charge of the deliberate targetting of civilans was the insane piece of Jewish filth Bomber Harris.....(keep in mind the Jew was running both sides of this conflict)
There is something fundamentally wrong with Jews...

At 22 May 2015 at 20:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan, I hope you don't mind me sending in these videos, but I thought this one goes very well with the Stefan one's I sent you. It's not directly related to the other two but it shows how our modern capitalist lifestyle not only affects ordinary people, but how it ruins the world for wildlife too. This video below is beautifully shot, but terribly sad. I don't mind if you remove my commentary, I just think you will love these videos. My only concern is Stefan's very negative view of governments. The Scandinavian governments are high tax but are some of the best in the world. Besides there's a solution to high tax, publicly owned banks. See my next post.

MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre : a short film by Chris Jordan

MIDWAY, a Message from the Gyre is a short film. It is a powerful visual journey into the heart of an astonishingly symbolic environmental tragedy. On one of the remotest islands on our planet, tens of thousands of baby albatrosses lie dead on the ground, their bodies filled with plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch. Returning to the island over several years, our team is witnessing the cycles of life and death of these birds as a multi-layered metaphor for our times. With photographer Chris Jordan as our guide, we walk through the fire of horror and grief, facing the immensity of this tragedy—and our own complicity—head on. And in this process, we find an unexpected route to a transformational experience of beauty, acceptance, and understanding.
Our feature film MIDWAY is currently in post-production and expected to premiere in early 2014.

At 22 May 2015 at 21:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does China pay for all those cities and unused shopping malls. Does it tax its poor people too much? Nope, it's probably because China has publicly owned banks.

Believe it, or not, in the West private banks create our money supply out of nothing. Governments only create notes and coins, which is about 3% of our money supply, the private banks create the rest when they make loans. The ruling class own the banks and make a lot of money out of it by basically doing nothing. Borrow £100,000 at 5% for 25 years and you will need to pay about £200,000 back, but all the bankers did was stamp a few numbers into a keyboard and get you to sign an agreement.

How can money created out of nothing work, you might ask? Imagine a small village where everyone knows each other. A dentist gets a gardener to do work four hours work in his garden, but he offers the gardener a voucher for an hours work at his surgery instead of money and the gardener accepts it because his wife needs some dental treatment. He gives it to his wife but when she goes shopping she doesn't have enough money so she offers the supermarket manager the dentist voucher instead. He accepts because his daughter needs some dental surgery.

He gives the voucher to his daughter but on her way to the surgery her car breaks down and she calls a mechanic our. He spends a few hours fixing the car but she has no money to pay him so she offers him the dental voucher for an hours work at the dentists surgery, and he accepts because his mum needs some dental work.

This voucher can go on for years being passed about generating thousands of hours of work. But was the voucher invented out of nothing, no, the voucher had value because people were prepared to do work for it. The work done gave the voucher value. One day eventually someone goes to the dentist with the voucher and claims an hours work at the dentist and the dentist puts the voucher on his mantelpiece. Has the voucher now expired? Well, a painter does about 4 hours work painting the dentists surgery and the dentist offers him a voucher for an hours work at his surgery, which the painter accepts. Then the dentist takes the voucher from the mantelpiece and gives it to the painter and off it goes again, all over the place generating thousands of hours of work.

We don't need to borrow money from the private banks to create our money supply, the government can create it instead and spend it into the economy on much needed infrastructure, free education as a massive investment in our countries future prosperity, free health care to keep us healthy, etc. The wages people earn in the public sector will then get spent in the private sector, generating sales for private business. The private sector then takes off and entrepreneurs can make lots of money.

But if the government borrows money from publicly owned banks interest free then tax can be reduced by up to 30%, or more. A lot of our tax is going on paying interest to bankers because of government loans from private banks. Conservatives always moan about the taxes, but we on the left have got them by the bollocks with publicly owned banks. The bankers keep it very secret about how they create money out of nothing.

The Chinese government must be creating the money for all those buildings out of it publicly owned banks, perhaps they are hoping that the money paid in wages to the builders will stimulate the rest of the economy. Anyway, it dose,seem a bit crazy.

At 22 May 2015 at 23:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

US making arms for possible China war: American author.

Interview here:


The United States is manufacturing weapons which are considered by the American military officials as “plausible” for a possible war on China, says an analyst.

The United States, has been for many years, in the “long process of militarizing Asia and pursing corporate trade agreements with Asia that it sees as means toward dominating China and it is developing weapons that officials in the US military see as a plausible way of an aggressive war on China being carried out without repercussions to the United States, which is of course madness,” David Swanson, the author of War Is A Lie, told Press TV on Thursday.

“China is responding to the US arms buildup and base buildup and troop buildup in its region of the globe with a significant increase in its own development and investment in weaponry, but still the tiny fraction of where the United States is,” he explained.

“This will continue and escalate and worsen as long as the US public is misled into believing that the aggression is originating in China,” he added.

He went on to say that “you can imagine how people in the United States would react if China were flying planes over the coast of the United States and yet people find it very hard in the United States to put themselves in the place of the Chinese, but we’re going to have to do that or this is going to escalate out of control and result in a war that will destroy us all, it’s that serious.”

Swanson made the comments when asked about a report that the US military has carried out its threat to fly over disputed islands in the South China Sea, defying multiple warnings by China’s navy for the surveillance aircraft to leave the area.

A Chinese navy dispatcher reportedly made eight demands Wednesday that the US Air Force P8-A Poseidon surveillance aircraft leave the airspace over the artificial islands Beijing is building in the South China Sea, CNN reported.

The aircraft passed over the Fiery Cross Reef, where China is reportedly building an airfield and other installations.

Observers warn that the US move could escalate tensions in the region.

Washington accuses Beijing of undergoing a massive “land reclamation” program in the South China Sea to extend its zone of influence in the region.

At 23 May 2015 at 00:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of us who post here have won the biggest long odds lottery of all. The lottery of life. We are the lucky sperm that was not just another jerk off. When we are young children we don't care we are just happy to be alive. We learn to read and write. I mostly learned from reading comics. I would like to thank the writers of the MAD magazine for a different perspective. This gives us access to the thoughts of other people that came before us. The thoughts of the dead. Most of us have some schooling. I went to nine different schools as my dad was in the RAF.
I realized that education is just a script. The same set books and set facts. The teachers mostly had no deep understanding of the subjects. Then we have to go and earn a living. I started an engineering apprenticeship before my 16th birthday. We are kept to busy working like hamster on a wheel to think about life.
Those that blog here have the luxury of time. Time to think and read.
We moan about how the world is not perfect. But we are really moaning about how our life's are not perfect.
But is bloging about educating others or is it just about ego. To see your thoughts posted.
I have learned some interesting pieces of history from the writers perspective from reading blogs maybe it is a different form of education.
The only thing I have learnt in my 62 years is question everything believe nothing.

At 23 May 2015 at 09:27 , Blogger Anon said...

Excellent videos. Thank you.

- Aangirfan

At 23 May 2015 at 15:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stalin murdered 100 million people (not 10), including 12 million during the great famine in Ukraine. Mao is murdered 65 milion including 45 in Great Cultural Revolution.

At 23 May 2015 at 15:55 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

I don't think you realize the jesuit council is loaded with crypto jews and always has been. Many many popes were jewish and Rothschild is the vatican banker.

Pope Francis makes the list of world top 50 most prominent jews

At 24 May 2015 at 06:19 , Blogger Freedom Of Speech Blog said...

The Truth On The Hampstead Alleged SRA Child Sex Abuse Story Is coming to the truth part in this sad story where supporters have gone abroad for their safety and the 2 children have sadly been put in to a cruel looked after care system judge for your self and comment on this story petition the met police and mps for a proper investigation in to these crimes.

Church Teachers Police The Net Is closing in on you whistle blow now and pray for gods forgiveness.

At 24 May 2015 at 19:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fact regurgitated by brainwashed Westerners is that Stalin and the Soviet government "butchered", "liquidated", or "exterminated" 20, 30, 40, 60, sometimes even 100 million people. This is supposedly "proven"- all "serious historians" accept these numbers as correct, they say. Denying Stalin's "genocide" of his own population is "akin to denying the Holocaust".

The truth is as bizarre as it is astonishing: there is literally zero evidence for these numbers. Literally none. They are based entirely on the arbitrary "estimates" of "historians", and sometimes not even real historians, like the M16 agent and fraud Robert Conquest, whose supposed PhD in history has never been proven. These "estimates" are entirely contradicted by demographic and archival data, and are supported by absolutely nothing.

At 31 May 2015 at 17:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to learn how many people the Judeo-Communists killed in Russia and the Soviet Union.


"I dedicate this
to all those who did not live
to tell it.
And may they please forgive me
for not having seen it all
nor remembered it all,
for not having divined all of it."


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