Saturday 25 April 2015


Governments generally protect the rich elite, and help them to hide their money, while pretending to be sympathetic to the poor.

"A typical tax exile will have UK residency, a Swiss account, and assets hidden in companies and trusts established in UK protectorates such as Jersey, Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands, where details such as company accounts and even company ownership are not required to be published.

"Any UK assets, including homes, land, art collections and even garages full of high-end cars will typically be owned by such offshore trusts. This wealth is of little profit to the UK taxpayer, but can pay rich dividends for the UK lawyers, accountants and money managers who advise on how to hide it."


In the USA and UK, inequality increased as a result of people being conned by politicians such as Reagan, Thatcher and Blair.

The UK's Professor Sir Anthony Atkinson (above) has written Inequality: What Can Be Done?

What Atkinson wants for the UK:

1.  An income tax rate of 65% for those earning more than £200,000 per year.

2. An income tax rate of 45% for those earning over £65,000 per year.

3. A much higher minimum wage.

4. A 'minimum inheritance' paid to every 18-year-old.

5. Guaranteed public employment.

6. More comprehensive taxation of inheritance and property

7. An expansion of universal benefits.

8. The vetting of company mergers.

9. The breaking up or regulating of monopolies.

Inequality in the UK.

Research from Cheshire Hunger points to three main problems in the UK:

1. Severe reductions in social security entitlement and levels. 
2. Low-waged and insecure employment.
3. Rising household expenditure, especially costs related to housing, utilities and food.

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At 26 April 2015 at 01:06 , Anonymous bum said...

Doubtless the statistics shown here are accurate and references could be produced. I see a lot of these stats, facts and ideas in all sorts of publications, but they never quite get to the heart of the issue in defining what does poverty actually mean. Go back to a 'western' WW2 generation family on medium income and ask them if they think someone on low income today is poor with their fridges, cars and Sony playstations, I don't think so. If you live in the 'west' then you'd struggle to claim poverty

At 26 April 2015 at 03:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

they knew it

At 26 April 2015 at 03:10 , Blogger WildCatScot said...

Good read. Many thanks. Here's link 2 Scotlands Shocking Foodbank Stats by Trussel Trust

At 26 April 2015 at 03:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 April 2015 at 05:17 , Blogger Anon said...

Lots of families near me cannot afford cars, playstations, decent food, warm coats etc. BUT, the rich guys around here can afford Bentleys, gamblings, drugs, ciggies and booze.

At 26 April 2015 at 07:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anyone who understands how banks create financial credit out of nothing, the assertion that a desirable project is impossible for lack of money is equivalent to saying that it cannot be carried out because of a shortage of centimetres.

At 26 April 2015 at 08:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The conservatives economists will scream in horror, but the endless recessions show that their system does not work. The right wing economist were paid to lie for the rich. Trickle down did not work, there was only a gush up. Do you think that people that spend every waking moment about how to make more money would let any of it slip down.

The prise winning economist, Joseph Stieglitz did the research and he reckons more like 85% tax on the rich would produce a more efficient economy, and even higher amounts might work better too, he says. The money raised can be used on used on government projects, investing in green energies (the rich make too much money out of oil and don't want alternative energies), investing in better railways, infrastructure, schooling, university, better health care, more government money for retraining people so they can get better paid and more rewarding work which means less benefits being paid. And lower taxes on ordinary people gives them more spending power.

Supply side economics and it ruthless market forces has destroyed wages and so the public's spending power has been reduced, and less demand means less jobs. And less jobs mean less demand so a viscous circle gets set up. Any school kid could understand this, but highly paid PhD economists can't figure it out, because they don't want to, because their universities are funded by the rich. The rich also fund right wing think tanks and fill them with highly paid to lie lackeys and economists. The mega rich also own the media and the political parties and so they can spill out their propaganda all night and day long. The more they spend the more they get back.

The economy does badly under the Right but a few rich people cream it in . For instance, they send all the good paying jobs abroad, and then sell the products back here keeping the difference. When people lose good paying jobs there is usually no replacement and small business then struggle for customers. Small business owners usually vote Conservative but they are being shafted by the right. In fact, all businesses suffer because of conservative economics but the mega rich still make more money this way, So they don't care if the UK market dies, because they will just put their money somewhere else and milk that country until its dry. They make their money by assert stripping and driving wages into the ground while hovering up all the money up to themselves. A large pool of unemployed people means lower wages. Then one day the mega rich will live an lush islands, or in gated communities, and be the most opulent people the world has ever known.

You have probably all seen the Green Party political broadcast if you live here in the UK, but people living outside of the UK might not have done. It is hilarious and shows how all the mainstream politicians just work for the one paymaster, the mega rich.

This is superb!

Change The Tune - Green Party 2015 Election Broadcast

At 26 April 2015 at 13:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest Veterans Today article that has just come out by Prestine James. The Khazarian Mafia (Part II). Here's an extract from it.

The Khazarian Mafia is Hell-bent on transforming America into a GAZA II Police State. It is up to all good Americans to expose this, stop it cold and take our nation back from these infiltrators who use Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC. Of course we now know that there are many problems with this claim of Israelis being directly related to Jesus of Nazareth, because recent peer reviewed John Hopkins genetic research shows that approximately 97.5% of those Judaics living in Israel have absolutely NO ancient Hebrew Blood, while approximately 80% of Palestinians do actually have real ancient Hebrew Blood.

So we now know for certain that the Israeli Judaics are not Semites at all, but are Khazarians and Ashkenazi from eastern Europe, while most Palestinians are true Semites. This means that Israelis are the World’s biggest anti-Semites and have NO ancestral right to any land in Palestine at all, while the Palestinians do have an ancestral right to all of Palestine.

Khazarian Mafia Chieftains have also infiltrated and hijacked some of Islam too. But it doesn’t stop there, KM Chieftains have also infiltrated and hijacked some of Islam, notably Wahhabi-ism through the Saudi Royal Family which admits on their website to have Judaic origins. Consequently Saudi Arabia has been accused of being one of the most backward, anti-woman, savage nations in the World and a major supporter of Israeli Gladio-style False-flag terror ops.

Is this what the KM Chieftains can do when they have complete power over a people using religion as a cover for their incredible fascist/totalitarianism and they are backed by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters with an unlimited “elastic” ability to manufacture all the so-called money they need to buy up and collect most politicians and governmental officials?

But we now know for certain that much of the KM’s success infiltrating and hijacking comes from a canny ability to be “two-faced”, but the real power comes from the Babylonian Money-Magick, or the money-power they gained from hijacking the US Monetary Production and Distribution System as well as at least 90% of the central Banks of the World and by using Fiat imaginary money lent to its users at pernicious usury to make vast profits from their “money-changing.”.

In order to infiltrate and use these groups as successfully at it has been able to do for many centuries, the Khazarian Mafia Chieftains have used their uncanny ability to be two-faced.

This rare ability to be remarkably politically expedient is best referred to as the Janus principle where an outward benevolent, people-caring face is displayed in public, but is associated with a deep seated, soulless anti-human evil that is so great it is unimaginable to most normal humans who have souls.

Bibi Netanyahu is the operational head of the KM and had a long history as a KGB agent before the Soviet Union collapsed.

When the Soviet Union collapsed because of the astute, ingenious efforts of Ambassador Lee Wanta, many of the Russian Judaic KGB men who were high ranking Khazarian Mafia were no longer controlled by the Bolsheviks in Russia and moved their base of control to Israel which was set up as a covert Bolshevik nation on behalf of the Rothschilds. In fact the Rothschilds paid for the construction of the Knesset which has architecture filled with Freemasonry symbols and designs.

Actually, the Rothschild KM was the original source of Bolshevism which is nothing more than covert Babylonian Talmudism. And one trait that these KM Bolsheviks have is unforgiving vengeance to destroy forever any group that ever crosses them.

At 26 April 2015 at 13:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Show this site your support, he's fighting back;


At 26 April 2015 at 23:00 , Anonymous RKae said...

It's not about taxing them to death. That simply doesn't work. They continue to dodge taxes, or simply pick up and leave (as is happening in France).

The answer...

1.) FLAT F*CKING TAX. End all the absurd deductions. End all the number dancing. Every deduction was lobbied for by billionaires in bed with politicians.

2.) End the Wall Street casino. We have people raking in billions of dollars, playing games with math, while providing NOTHING to the world.

3.) End the idiotic overly complex patent laws. The inventor of the door didn't make a penny every time someone put a door in a house, or every time someone uttered the word "door." He just made a door; it was clever, so other people did it. And civilization was just fine.

At 27 April 2015 at 11:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, if only people knew that banks create money out of nothing. People put deposits in banks and think that banks lend it out again, but they never question how the banks never seem to run out of money when people ask for loans.

Banks can create a near infinite supply of money but house are finate and are always in short supply due population growth and immigration. Conservatives say that we can't buck the market, but the ruling class, who run the Conservative party, also own the banks and buck the market everyday.

Creating money out of nothing is a force outside of market forces, but with a finate supply of houses, and infinate money supply the bankers have been able to drive house prices up through the roof.

Two or more people bidding for one house can borrow more and more. The losers are scared that they will lose.out and then be left renting seeing their money go down the plug hole. To win the bid they decide to work longer hours, get a second job, rent rooms out, some do some mini cabbing in the evenings, put having children off for years on end give up all luxuries and holidays, keep the heating off and sit about in coats, etc.
But all this helps to force house prices up even further, and the nation gets bogged down with debt. People then become debt slaves to bankers. They work, work, and work, and get little back for it. So the rich have found an easier way to get slaves. Where they don't have house them, feed them, or pay any medical bills, just land them with enormous mortgages and they will work their butts off night and day for them.

But after people have paid their bills and outgoings they very little money left to spend in the real economy and so the economy starts to die, small businesses suffer, and the whole thing starts going under.

It's.weird how people don't notice that they are being had, that we live in what Dr Paul Craig Roberts calls the Matrix. We are ruled and the whole thing is orchestrated, and the wars in the Middle East are all about the rich making more profit. Not about us, the good guys, vs the bad guys.
Everything is a big money making scam. The mega rich are milking the world dry, getting everyone to work, work, work. And machines pump out endless products 24/7 while the world is going up in smoke. But the mega rich will start even more wars to get that extra bit more dosh.

This capitalist system a nightmar

At 28 April 2015 at 00:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

NZ was once an egalatarian society..not any more.There is now a huge gap in wealth.The Jewish elite are raking it in...the immigration ponzi scheme helps them get richer but it will create big social problems in the future.
Then there is widespread corruption at the top...but not in the middle class..yet.
The greatest theft of NZers wealth occurred some years ago when the merchant bankers Fay&Richwhite (both Jews...Fay is a Marrano catholic) stole over $500,000,000 via the "privatisation" of public owned assets.The success of this gigantic theft required the complicity of senior members of parliament,which is precisely what happened.Things got very hot for these two crypto Jews and Fay even fled to Switzerland at one point.....with the loot in hand.Richwhite now lives in London...the ideal abode for the major financial criminal.Fay has since returned to NZ as the heat died down.To give an indication of the type of scum Fay is....he got a government body to fund his daughter to make a pop video in Cuba.That cost Kiwi's seventy thousand dollars.Fay wealth stolen from NZers is said to be about £300,000,000.Filth...but he got away with it and there is now no chance of him being arrested.I have had plenty of trouble from (a)the NZ police/SIS....and their far right goffers for pointing the above out.
What about competition in NZ?.....take the two main supermarket chains in NZ (both owned by jews)....they are supposed to be competing against each other...but infact they collude to keep prices high.Wages are higher in Australia and food is cheaper because of the above.
In Britain an MP may be forced to resign if caught out.This simply does not happen in NZ....
Incidently the trouble I have expetienced in NZ extended to Britain....there it was even worse.The fucking NZ police must have dialled the bastards up.
However it is essential that you do not allow your attention to be shifted from the corrupt jewish elite to the police.
Given NZ's isolation it could one day become very nasty indeed.The jewish owned media is just so damn bad that many people simply do not watch the "news".
NZ's current,like Cameron and Hollande..a Jew.Wayne Madsen revealed he had attended Bohemian Grove...but the Jew journalists travelling with Key while in the US mentioned NOTHING about it.
Key has donated $150,000 to an Israeli hospital...but no money to a NZ hospital.Currently he is worth around 50 the time he leaves office he will have increased that amount can bet on it.


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