Friday 10 April 2015


Peter Lee was the clairvoyant "who predicted Princess Diana's demise and solved the mystery of a kidnapped Nigerian minister."

"One instance which attracted international attention was in the 1990's when on behalf of a grateful UK Government he was able to precisely locate and save the life of a senior African government Diplomat who had been kidnapped whilst on a visit to London.

"In this instance, Peter led the Police and Secret Services to Stansted airport, and to a container in the holding bay just minutes before it was to be loaded onto a cargo plane to Nigeria.

"When the container was opened, they found Umaru Dikoo bound, gagged and drugged but still alive."


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At 10 April 2015 at 23:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

my grandfather was one of several mediums who helped winston churchills war effort in w w 2 the main medium was a man called joe benjamin. the police often use psychics unoficially so they can deny using them. peter lee was a good psychic heterosexuals earth the power in their partner during sex but the homosexual act is used in all black magic practises because same sex keeps the power circulating within the person, its not earthed and this is why peter lee like many homosexuals suffered fits of deep depression. the sunday mirror checked on princess dianas visits to psychics and found mediums astrologers and a london palmist.


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