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Timothy Geddes (above) has been accused of child trafficking in Panjim in Goa, in India.

"Timothy Geddes, a Winchester University graduate, was a music teacher at Glaitness School, in Kirkwall, in Orkney.

"He quit in 2012 saying he was going to teach in Goa.

"He maintained a regular blog relating his "experiences" in Bambolim, Goa."

Goa: the widespread child abuse activity is reportedly protected by the police.

"The (trafficked) children were living in the posh villa for eight months with the Kolhapur parents ignorant that their children were already taken to Goa...

"The children were brought to Goa without the permission of the parents/relatives…

"The Panjim police concede the foreigner was found without valid documents but ruled out serious criminal charges against him.

"'We impounded his passport. His house was searched and nothing incriminating was found. Yes, he did not possess any documents based on which we booked him under Goa Children's Act,' Police Inspector Rajendra Prabhudesai said.

"He added the medical report of the boys did not establish any signs of physical or sexual abuse."

Herald: Rescue operation unearths child trafficking racket.

Two of the rescued boys are HIV-positive.

Boys rescued from house rented by Brit - The Times of India.

Goa is home to various Mafias, including the Jewish Mafia. The police are said to be corrupt.

"In a case that was allegedly kept under wraps for over a month, six boys originally from Kolhapur, in Maharashtra state, were rescued last month from a house in Bambolim in Goa that was being rented by 55-year-old British national Timothy Geddes."

Boys rescued from house rented by Brit - The Times of India.

Twelfth Bough: organized crime in Goa.

Goa is famous for child trafficking and child abuse.


On 16 April 2015, the Goa police "rescued a number of young boys from Timothy Geddes", believed to be a former UK primary school music teacher.

Kolhapur care home.

All the boys are originally from Kolhapur, North of Goa. 

The boys were originally staying in 'My Father's House', a home for disadvantaged children in Kolhapur, run by one Emmanuel Gaikwad and a Korean missionary Ekuk Kim (also called David).

The boys were handed over to Geddes in Goa in July 2014.

The Goa police have impounded Geddes' passport.

In early January 2015, in Goa's capital Panjim, locals grew suspicious when they started spotting young, unknown children moving around in the area. 

They alerted the anti-trafficking organisation Anyay Rahit Zindagi (ARZ).

On 16 April 2015, activists noticed three boys with Geddes, in Panjim, and called the police.

The house in Bambolim

The boys told the police that there were more boys at a palatial house in Bambolim, a resort near Panjim.

The police raided the house and rescued all the boys there.

The house in Bambolim had wall-to-wall carpeting, gigantic TV screens and every bedroom had home theatre systems, jacuzzis and tubs.

The parents of Keith Vaz (far right) were originally from Goa.

Freddy Peats abused 150 young boys in his "orphanage" on Colva beach in Goa.

In 1987, Spartacus, the gay travel guide, listed Panjim in Goa as a sex destination.

In 1995, the government-run Department of Forensic Medicine at Bambolim was reported to have received large numbers of cases of sexually abused boys.

David Headley, the organiser of many terrorist attacks in India, has a link to Goa and to an American in Goa.

Reportedly the American in Goa has been running several business, including massage parlours, in Goa.

Lucio Mascarenhas, from Goa, was quoted by Anders Breivik.

"The former Parliamentary Assistant to Oliver Letwin MP, who like Letwin is a very wealthy jewish ex-banker has just organized his 'bachelor' retirement to run a Beach Bar in Goa."


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At 25 April 2015 at 14:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 25 April 2015 at 14:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 25 April 2015 at 16:03 , Blogger Unknown said...

The former Parliamentary Assistant to Oliver Letwin MP, who like Letwin is a very wealthy jewish ex-banker has just organized his 'bachelor' retirement to run a Beach Bar in Goa..

Wasn't it Nick Clegg who started out as a Political Assistant to Leon Brittan

What about Adam Werrity wasn't he a 'Assistant' to Liam Fox MP

Then there was William Hague MP and his 'Special Advisor' Christopher Miles...

There seems to be a pattern here somewhere.

Don't they call this fagging in public schools?

At 25 April 2015 at 16:07 , Blogger Unknown said...

Remember Ricky's old Linked In Page before the Brotherhood had it taken down

It showed all his links to India. Interesting reading that was. Bet they don't want that one doing the rounds. Cor blimey you should see the photos - specially the ones from Thailand. F me it's all there for anyone to see. If we need to go there.

Just sayin'.. (as the twat with the tats would say)

At 25 April 2015 at 16:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


You've got to see this:


At 26 April 2015 at 08:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

DNA India - 26 April 2015
dna impact: Kolhapur police register FIR, arrest 'trafficker-kidnapper'
Yogesh Pawar

[Incidentally, Gaikwad was found in possession of three other children from OFH. They have been handed over to the Kolhapur CWC. Police are also trying to ascertain whether he did smuggle out any other children in the past. A Kolhapur police team will soon take him to Goa to establish the sequence of events since July 2011.]

After dna front-paged the disturbing story of how minor kids (between 9-14) from Kolhapur were illegally taken across the state border and kept with a foreigner in Goa, local police swung into action registering an FIR and arresting Emmanuel Gaikwad who 'trafficked' the children to Goa in July 2011.

"Based on dna's report, the Kolhapur district Child Welfare Committee (CWC) chairperson Priya Chorage filed a suo motu complaint, acting on which we have registered an FIR and arrested Emmanuel Gaikwad," Kolhapur Deputy SP Ankit Goyal confirmed to dna, "The CWC chairman also specifically mentioned how even operations of Our Father's Home (OFH) in Kolhapur was illegal. The FIR invokes Juvenile Justice Act provisions based on that too."

Incidentally, Gaikwad was found in possession of three other children from OFH. They have been handed over to the Kolhapur CWC. Police are also trying to ascertain whether he did smuggle out any other children in the past. A Kolhapur police team will soon take him to Goa to establish the sequence of events since July 2011.

"We've made contact with our Goa counterparts and will be able to strengthen the case based on their inputs," informed Kolhapur SP Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma. "Now that we've made a beginning on the basis of the dna report we'll ensure swift and prompt follow-up," he said. The state Home ministry, Women and Child Welfare Department and the IG office are all in touch with Kolhapur police since Saturday morning over what they term "a very sensitive case".

Anti-trafficking activist Arun Pandey of Anyay Rahit Zindagi (ARZ), which first raised an alarm about the children, said, "Goa police should have informed Kolhapur police as soon as the children and UK national Timothy Geddes were picked up." While acknowledging the FIR and arrest of Gaikwad, he wondered why Geddes is still roaming free. "Even if paedophilia has still not been established clearly, why didn't Panjim police straight away make a case of kidnapping and/or trafficking? Instead, only such charges have been made out against Timothy which attract heavy fine," he pointed out. "Are Goa police trying to simply fine him and let him go?"

Dna investigations have shown that Geddes, a Winchester University graduate of 1981, was a music teacher at Glaitness School, Pickaquoy Road, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1RP, United Kingdom. He quit in 2012 (see picture at his farewell along with another colleague Ingrid Rendall), saying he was going to teach in Goa. He maintained a regular blog then and regaled his readers his "experiences" in Bambolim, Goa with newsletters. On Saturday too, repeated phone calls and texts to Geddes – who has posted some children's photographs on his facebook account – went unanswered. His use of pictures of the children, he was illegally in possession of, is in itself a criminal act, pointed out activists.

The embarrassment over the turn of events which brought media glare onto their inaction was palpable in the Goa police circles on Saturday. While investigating office Vikram Naik refused to talk, a senior official who confirmed about Kolhapur police contacting them admitted, "We've been fielding phone calls from Bombay and Delhi all day on the case." SP Crime and in-charge of Goa's Anti Human Trafficking Unit Kartik Kashyap said he was told of the matter only on Saturday. "My unit will look into all aspects of the case minutely to ensure justice is done," he said.

At 26 April 2015 at 08:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geddes info found here

At 26 April 2015 at 11:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

List of Tim Geddes blogs
Glaitness Class 4/5 2010/11
International Education at Glaitness
Glaitness Class 4 2010/11
Glaitness Class 7 2010/11
Glaitness Class 2 2010/11
Glaitness Class 1C 2010/11
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Glaitness Class 6 2010/11
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BBC School Report at Glaitness
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Glaitness Class 3 2010/11
God Ministry
Class 5A
God Ministry News
Glaitness Pupil Council
Glaitness Class 5A 2010/11
Glaitness Class 1A 2010/11

At 27 April 2015 at 09:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean this Oliver Letwin ?

At 28 April 2015 at 00:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geddes is a jewish surname.

At 29 April 2015 at 01:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
dna - 29 April 2015
Kolhapur trafficking reaches state child rights panel

dna report on minor kids from Kolhapur illegally taken across the state border and kept with a foreigner in Goa under 'suspicious' circumstances, is now the subject of a petition to the Maharashtra Protection of Child Rights Commission (MPCRC) by Pune-based activist Anjali Pawar of Sakhee – an activist organisation working for child rights.

"Authorities are characteristically apathetic to the plight of the children. This only emboldens others. I hope that the government and the police take cognisance of the dna report and work in tandem to take this case to its logical conclusion," she told dna. "Reuniting the boys with their parents or their transfer to a home in Kolhapur, which will take care of them properly, is what needs to be done. But ensuring swift and strong action is also important; that alone will send a strong signal and deter such offenders," she said. All eyes will now be on the way this quasi-judicial body reacts to the complaint.

Meanwhile, a team from Kolhapur police is in Goa while another Goa police team has arrived in Kolhapur so that both sides can make a watertight case. Kolhapur police have begun questioning Emmanuel Gaikwad who 'trafficked' the children to Goa in July 2011. "We're waiting to hear from the Panjim Child Welfare Committee. They have to confirm whether the children were abused or were potential targets of abuse because they have interacted with the children."

Kolhapur district Child Welfare Committee (CWC) chairperson Priya Chorage told dna, "I have written to the Goa CWC and the Goa Women and Child Welfare department. Once the children are back in their home town, meet parents and have people speaking to them in their mother-tongue (Marathi) around them, they could be more comfortable to reveal what happened in the nine months they were with the UK national Timothy Geddes."

While Geddes, whose passport has been impounded, is still a free man, Goa police have found that the house in Bambolim where he had kept the boys from Kolhapur is located in an area he was already familiar with. The UK national first stayed with one Bethesda Life Centre, run by Martin Phillip and his wife Beena, which has over 130 children between the age group of 1-18 in three different houses. Like the Kolhapur's OFH, here too orphans, children of HIV/AIDS-affected parents, children of commercial sex workers and children of parents with leprosy and other incurable diseases are kept. The home's address – House No 150/3, Rego Bagh, Alto Santa Cruz, Bambolim Complex, Bambolim, Goa – is shared with unlisted private company Eternalbeauty Products Pvt Ltd run by the same couple and is located not even a stone's throw away from the palatial home where the Kolhapur boys were housed.

"We don't want to simply arrest or detain him and have the courts let him go because that will weaken the case. We are trying to retrace his background so that we can find out his antecedents and of his potentially being involved in such cases elsewhere too," said a senior Goa police official.

Meanwhile dna has found that Emmanuel Gaikwad had connections with one Gareth Franks of the Nashik Reformed Church who had introduced Geddes to him. Attempts are on to reach Franks and find out more details.

At 29 April 2015 at 01:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gareth Franks is South African

At 29 April 2015 at 03:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a copy of the email I just sent to the private offices of some police chiefs and newspapers throughout the land. I got “failed to deliver” notices on seven of the police emails. The original email to police has all names in full.

To All Police Officers Who Have Sworn to Uphold The Law of the Land

In the attachment is one of the video clips DC Rogers concealed from the police team investigating the child rape and murder case in Hampstead, September 2014. It contains PROOF that the children had - and have - detailed knowledge of distinguishing marks on and around their named attackers’ private parts. You can hear g(eight years old at the time) describing distinguishing marks such as birthmarks, pierce rings, tattoos, etc. on and around the genitals of two women, and see two very detailed drawings of these distinguishing marks - all things he could not possibly have intimate knowledge of unless what he is saying is true. The two women are named as K, headmistress of Christ Church Primary School Hampstead, and V, one of the parents of another child at the school. g, and his ten-year-old sister a, have stated that these two women are members of a large gang of child rapists who they have also named and intimately described. g explains in the video how the woman known as K, sodomised him using a strapped on “plastic willy”, brutally kicked him in the privates and performed other sex acts on him.
These crimes are against the law of the land, and the people of the land. You, as police officers, are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding the law of the land. The evidence contained in the attached video, describing distinguishing marks on and around the genitalia of the adults the children have named as their attackers, is sufficient to require those same adults undergo medical examinations. This is the ONLY LAWFUL WAY to prove or disprove what a and g say.
The people of the land insist that you, as police officers and public servants, carry out your lawful duty, which is to require those people named and intimately identified as the children’s attackers to undergo medical examinations in order to clear their names.

from a conscious living being

Drifloud 29th April, 2015 contact address email: drifloud@


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