Saturday, 11 April 2015


A prosecutor has told a jury: 'This prosecution will take you into a world you wish did not exist.'

In the UK, a group of men 'raped babies and pre-school children as their friends watched on the Internet.'

The 'rapists' are from Wiltshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Humberside, Manchester and Somerset.

Five of the gang have pleaded guilty to a range of offences, including rape of a baby, during 2013 and 2014.

Two others are currently on trial in Bristol.

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Daycare Director Charged in Connection to Child Rape.

Bella Vista Boy's Death Caused By Rape

Muriel Sim and Michael Leith alleged rape plot on three year old girl

Former Ohio State Child Care Worker Indicted for Rape.


Labour 'will add Kincora' into UK sex abuse inquiry …


Google has removed the following post:

The post linked the CIA and its friends to child sex orgies.



    1. This "news" account was published by News-Nerd, a satirical entertainment site.

    2. The original interview is from NYTimes: Jaden and Willow Smith on Prana Energy, Time and Why School Is Overrated

      The young billionaire has developed his own kind of fashion... Trousers for boys, cross-dressing... Enjoy his new app called Jaden Experience.


  3. ...article links Hampstead -Amsterdam-West Africa child trafficking gangs/cults operating in the UK at the moment.Well done Aang and other unsung heroes in this war for the earth,s current&future generations of children.Shame on you Google you are definetly part of the problem...

  4. never has a case brought so many gov stogies out to tell us all we are idiots and how wrong we are, tells you all you need to know: its genuine

    1. I agree.On the Icke forum two posters posted 24 hours a day every day,the names were ledingue and is how ledingue introduced the way after the the judge passed her verdict . They stopped posting
      Here was his very first post.

  5. Stunning stuff here,

  6. 'Silence is consent' is the title of a disinfo blog that puts some efforts in its articles:

    The nasty side of child abuse vigilantism & protest campaigns

    #VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse

  7. Hello Aangirfan,
    I hit on the link and the post came up, must be blocked in EU or Brit or something.

  8. Please take note of Neelu's new website:

    She was arrested two weeks after the 'event' and mustn't go near the church any more. August 4 is the date for her trial.