Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Anonymous  writes:

8 April 2015

I have been unable to find the latest Aangirfan posts on Google recently. 

An older version of the site comes up, and the Rebel Website, but not the latest Aangirfan. 

I can get it on my mobile phone via Bing, and through Norton Safe, but not on Google at the moment.

Anyway, I have just read this report about Google and it looks as though the CIA have a lot of their guys running it.

The ruling class have complete control of the media, all mainstream political parties, and they have infiltrated much of the trade unions, CND, Greenpeace, etc., to spread their propaganda, but they don't have complete control over the net yet, and they don't like it. 

They are trying to change this.

Here, David Cameron appeared to be giving a rousing speech to packed crowds down in Cornwall (top), when in fact he was stood in front of a handful of activists in a largely empty barn - the phoney election

Just think, if we can't access sites like Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Lendman, RT Today, Press TV,, The Real News Network, Storm Clouds Gathering, Democracy now, Aangirfan, then we will have no idea of the truth. 

None whatsoever! 

For instance, I would be clueless about the 9/11 Truth Movement and how building 7 came down in free fall although no planes hit it, or about the USA illegal wars in the Middle East, or about the US coup in the Ukraine because the US ruling elite want to steel Russia's European gas markets.

The ruling class pretend they like democracy and will use it as propaganda against every other country in the world, but they have always fought against it and tried to control it. 

And by controlling it they have been able to get the public to vote for policies that serve the ruling elite, rather than what is best for the rest of us.

Feudalism - where the ruling class had complete control - started to crumble after the industrial revolution because working people had more collective power with thousands crammed into factories and so they demanded more democracy. 

In the end working men won and women even got the vote too so the in Europe the ruling class hit back with fascism which was supported by the US and British ruling class too. 

Also, the US ruling class tried to organise a coup in America in the 1930's because they hated FDR's New Deal but Colonel Smedley Butler turned them in.

After the failure of fascism, which was discredited by its violent racism and wars, the ruling class invented libertarianism instead to fight off democracy. 

They aimed it at youngsters and tried to make it trendy by making it a bit anti war (to compete with the Vietnam anti-war movement in the 60's) and very pro/ legalised drugs (also to attract young people in the 60's).

Libertarianism is not a grassroots movement but was designed from the top down. Throw in $millions for the propaganda and off it goes. The Koch brothers fund much of it.


'Countering The Lies Of The Mainstream Media'

Countering The Lies Of The Mainstream Media

'German Journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, Blows Whistle On How the CIA Controls The Media'

German Journalist Blows Whistle 


  1. Communitarianism alongside agenda 21, the new world order

  2. Same here. A few days ago I tried to google my blog and twitter account @gamleboeger by just writing gamleboeger into google - with no results at all. But using BING gave many results, two first postings on page one and more further down on page one. Some of my posting may be very inconvenient for mossad i.e. - many greetings and thanks a lot - GP

    1. Your blogs are very good.

      Warmest greetings from Aangirfan.

  3. I'll tell you the dumbest thing a libertarian ever said to me:

    I was talking about Anaconda, Montana, which used to be a copper mining town about a century ago. It was ruled by a millionaire who owned the copper mine, the newspaper and the sheriff. As the copper operation poisoned the town, there was nothing you could do to complain. The stained glass windows of the churches were collapsing inward during Sunday services because the acid rain was eating away the grout that held the colored glass panels together. Arsenic was everywhere. The populace was being poisoned.

    What could you do? Any protest that tried to grow would be quashed. You could never get a letter in the newspaper.

    I was using this as an example of how we don't want millionaires and billionaires running things with their ruthless egos unchecked.

    So the libertarian says to me... "Well, in that case, the best thing to do is leave town. If everyone left town, then he wouldn't have anyone to work for him."

    That's their fairy tale view of the world. It's like a naive children's book: "The Millionaire That Was Left Alone." And they can picture it in their mind's eye working perfectly and "taking care of itself."

    Everything to libertarians is an oversimplified 3-step process that never takes into account the desperation of humans to feed themselves or the ruthlessness of money-men.


  5. I can never add a comment through mobile Firefox or torbot. As for truth, mankind has been worser than this in the past, of the cycle we are in will get worse.




  9. Gladio/hoax in Milan

  10. Aan...

    Dr Hodes report on baby P was not fully given over, only half of it was...

    Yes Dr Hodes, who said the children of Hampstead had abuse scars which support their allegations.

    Dr Hodes keeps telling the truth and getting railroaded by the higher ups...

    A notorious psychiatrist with Tavistock connections was used to discredit Dr Hodes.... Who parents all over the internet say have stolen their children...

    Pauffley who was involved in the Hollie Grieg case...

    These are the UK Darksides Chess Pieces, they keep returning to...

    It's all becoming so very clear, and when (comma allowed) that happens, the spell is broken... The mind control... They cannot work when everyone is looking at them, through the eyes and through the eye!


  11. You always complain about Google results but I just typed in three words from your recent articles (each article) and you were on the first page of results. I think you're looking for one conspiracy too many to be honest.

  12. This one just keeps getting better! Muslim conspiracy nuts!
    If you ever have the misfortune to be sexually trafficked, raped and/or abused by the rich and powerful this is what happens when you are silly enough to seek justice.
    That story about Cyril Smith the "classic pedophile" in police training videos gives an insight into his widespread notoriety but Clegg has it sorted!

  13. The site will come up because it is popular, I never have trouble finding Aangirfan, try searching on a touchy post and it is another story entirely. I wanted to use the Child Abuse Network Timeline series as a link and source and it was impossible to find using google. I had to find it at Alternative news Network or some other ancillary site and find the page that way.. Anything vaguely sensitive is completely suppressed by Google search. My site used to appear on the second page of Google search outside the top ten but at the same time it was 1 on Bing, 1 on Metasearch and fourth on Ixquick. These days it appears first in all of them but google will only ever bring up the tame and naive thing I wrote about Scottish Independence "Scotland the Brave", of all the posts. false flag terror, child abuse are totally dispatched despite the fact that the work is presumably far more popular judging by comments and traffic. They do it to everything. They are trying to be the reality managers but it is way beyond them.

  14. Pedophilia victims, Bernard Oliver and Judy Tamsworth



  17. The latest Aangirfan blog stopped coming up on Google last Saturday. It might be a local server hitch. But still, Paul Craig Roberts says that people have trouble getting his site at times which he thinks is interference, and many bloggers, including Stephen Lendman warn that the authorities are after the internet next.

    It makes sense because we can obtain information about what they"re up to and they don't like it, but as they have used our 'free speech" as propaganda for years they are having trouble stamping down on the internet, but nothing is beneath them.