Sunday, 15 February 2015


1. In 2012 a politician in Maine in the USA was reportedly running a major prostitution ring whose members included police, clergy, politicians and lawyers.

A retired police officer from Maine alerted the Department of Justice about the Maine police covering up child sex abuse.

Eric Holder, America's Attorney General, "has taken no action."

 "Exposing pedophile rings, much less rescuing trafficked children, becomes impossible when judges and police protect each other."

The Justice Department's Child Porn Problem.

2. "Vermont's Supreme Court provided legal cover of total secrecy for police who do child porn in Vermont.

The Justice Department's Child Porn Problem.

3. "Across America police officers appear to be engaging in the child porn industry in epic numbers."

"Police who choose the sexual torture of children for their pleasure and profit often work with corrupt judges and government officials..."

The Justice Department's Child Porn Problem.
4. Every 39 minutes a new porn video is created in America. The sex abuse of one child in front of a live webcam is estimated to generate revenues of $1,000 dollars a night.

The Justice Department's Child Porn Problem.

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

5. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, was expected to become the President of France.

Currently he is in court accused, along with 12 other men, of 'aggravated pimping' and involvement in orgies in Washington, Paris and Brussels.

In court, a girl called Jade broke down in tears as she described the 'bestial' sex she was subjected to at one of the orgies.

Also in court are a local police chief, a lawyer and a brothel owner known as 'Dodo la Saumure'.

Highgate School, near Hampstead in London.

6. A 'predatory paedophile' teacher who stalked boys dormitories at prestigious Highgate School was brought to justice after more than 40 years.

Highgate School 'predatory paedophile' brought to justice.

School grief over death of kind Josh - Ham & High.

7. "Gwenton said children are being increasingly used as drug mules, with gangs often targeting vulnerable youngsters in care, pupil referral units, or with undiagnosed mental health issues.

"He said: 'The youngest child we’ve had is 11 years old and this is happening all over London. A lot of them are sent to the coast to do deals. When they go missing from school they get found in places like Portsmouth and Southend.'"

Hackney ex-gangster highlights rise of child sexual abuse.

8. Reportedly it is the security services who run the top sex rings.

Reportedly, the security services also control the media.

Thus, it is difficult to find out what is really going on.







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  13. Cathy O'Brien stated in her book Trance: the formation of Amerika, that there were places in Maine used for for torture and rape of children.

    The Bangor Daily News , one of the state's biggest newspapers, is also online. A comment several years ago stated that a former governor requested good looking children for foster care. the state would be compensated by the Federal govt. During his tenure, a foster child was found dead in a basement bound to a chair and gagged. The former gov. then reduced the number of social workers who kept track of foster children.

    The former governor left the state 1 billion dollars in the red. Then he was elected senator office he holds today.

    I think Maine does have a problem with paedophilia.