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"In Jakarta one phone call can summon a broker, who presents a photographic menu of youngsters for delivery to homes or hotels for less than $50."

DW and TH, the mothers of two 'victims of sexual abuse' at the Jakarta International School, say that they continue to receive various threats.

DW, mother of AL, aged 6 years, says she often gets phonecalls containing death threats.

A conversation on her cell phone was tapped.

TH says she was followed by a car containing two men dressed in black.

DW has moved to Singapore.

Orang Tua Korban JIS Kerap Terima Ancaman

Jefri at Sekolah Bisa.

The British International school (BIS) in Jakarta, in Indonesia, set up the Sekolah BISA, a small free school for slum children.

Sekolah BISA With Nathan SoeteNicholas WaltersAlex SlowtherMegan RobyMichelle Lim and Amanda Watson.

Any comments on the kids or their minders?

Any comments on the kids or their minders?

Brothered and mothered by British School Jakarta IB CAS students Kesh, Sam, and Aiman

Any comments on the kids or their minders?

None of the boys are smiling in the team photos.
  1. Not only are they not smiling, or at all happy looking, they are also looking off-camera to their right. And the their minders don't really look that happy, sort of smug though.
British School Jakarta
Principal Simon Dennis
Head of Secondary Rachael Hodgson
Head of Primary Shane Nathan
IB Coordinator Ann Lautrette
Deputy Head of Secondary Rachel Edwards

Above we see the house in which Obama lived, when he was a child in Jakarta.

Obama attended the Jakarta International School.

There have been suggestions that Obama's mother worked for the CIA and that Obama has been mind-controlled.

Mossad has a large presence in Jakarta, but it is not clear which international school attracts the children of its agents.


Two Jakarta International School staff held by Indonesian police on charges of child abuse: Ferdinant Tjiong (left) and Neil Bantleman. Photo: Michael Bachelard

In 1992, William Vahey and his wife were teaching at the Jakarta International School in Indonesia.

William Vahey taught social studies, coached basketball and developed a reputation for leading fun overnight trips for students.



Indonesian President Joko Widodo (left) is building links with General Prabowo (right).

"Joko's campaign promises to significantly boost health care and education across the nation have yet to take shape."

Indonesia President Builds Ties With Subianto


Robert Finnegan was editor of the Jakarta Post at the time of the first Bali Bomb.

Finnegan clashed with Ralph Boyce, the then U.S. ambassador to Indonesia, and got sacked. 

Reportedly, Finnegan had produced evidence linking the Bali Bombing to the security services.  
The Bali Bomb, Ralph Boyce and Robert Finnegan

"Finnegan said that while he was with the Jakarta Post, he became aware that Boyce, while ambassador in Jakarta, used the services of two known local procurers of child prostitutes and sex slaves.

"They were both Indonesian nationals, one was a CIA asset operating as a businessman and the other was a journalist."


Some of the 'kidnapped' children.

Children were kidnapped by the military.

Many of the children were brainwashed.

Many of the generals involved in the kidnapping were trained at Fort Bragg and Fort Benning in the USA. 

(Masters of Terror)

General Zacky Anwar Makarim, who had ten East Timorese children at his house.

With the approval of President Ford and Henry Kissinger, Indonesian invaded East Timor in 1975.

Indonesia's General Zacky Anwar Makarim was in East Timor in 1999, running murderous militias.

East Timor, which has huge oil reserves off its coast, was occupied by Indonesia from 1975-1999

Between 1975 and 1999, thousands of children from East Timor were kidnapped and secretly taken to Indonesia. 

Some of the East Timorese girls taken to Indonesia

General Zacky Anwar Makarim had up to 10 of these Timorese children living at his house.

They were not sent to school.

One of the children, Hercules Rozario Marcal, became a notorious gang leader in Jakarta.

Hercules, the gangster, reportedly worked closely with the Indonesian military.


Hercules may have been subjected to mind control by US-trained elements of the Indonesian military.

Crime boss Hercules

Hercules runs a private army, reportedly on behalf of former general Prabowo Subianto.

In 1998, Prabowo reportedly toppled Suharto on behalf of the CIA.

East Timorese Presisent Horta (left). Alfredo Reinado (right) (Website for this image)

One of the general's children was Alfredo Reinado, who wept as he was forcibly removed from his mother in East Timor in 1978.

He became became a military officer, working for Indonesia.

East Timor became independent after a vote in 1999, massacres by Indonesian militias, and the eventual arrival of Australian troops.Website for this image

In 2008, after East Timor became independent, Alfredo Reinado was shot dead during an attempted assassination of East Timor's President Jose Ramos-Horta.

"REBEL leader Alfredo Reinado was shot dead at least 30 minutes before East Timor's President Jose Ramos Horta was attacked outside his house."

Presumably, Alfredo Reinado had been turned into a brainwashed patsy.

Some of the kidnapped Timorese children were forced to work in slave-like conditions while others grew up with the families of soldiers.

Australian academic, Helene van Klinken, has published the first detailed account of the kidnapped children.

Her new book, Making them Indonesians, is published by Monash University Publishing.

Starving Timorese, after the Indonesian invasion of their country.

Indonesian invaded East Timor in 1975, with the support of Kissinger and Ford.

That was when the genocide began and at least one third of the population of East Timor died.

At least a third of the population of East Timor died, thanks to President Ford and Henry Kissinger.

In East Timor, Indonesia's Kopassus regiment, trained by the United States, used the tactics of the US Phoenix program in South Vietnam: systematic rapes, tortures and executions.

The US government and its allies turned a blind eye to the terror in East Timor.

The USA's Admiral Blair was a friend of the killer generals.

When journalists spoke out, they were murdered and governments remained silent.

Among the journalists who died were:

The Financial Times's Sander Thoenes,

Australia's Greg Shackleton and Tony Stewart,

Britain's Brian Peters and Malcolm Rennie,

and New Zealand's Gary Cunningham.

(journalists: Western journalists murdered by Indonesian military ...).

Malcolm Rennie

After the CIA toppled Indonesia's President Suharto, in 1998, a vote was arranged for East Timor.

The Indonesian military hoped to use its militias to intimidate the East Timorese into voting to stay with Indonesia.

But the Timorese, in 1999, bravely voted for independence.

Indonesian militias then began murdering the East Timorese, and the USA and Australia turned a blind eye.

General Prabowo

American trained General Prabowo is said to be a friend of the CIA.

Domingos Guterres, from East Timor, alleges that in 1989 he was tortured for 35 days by soldiers under General Prabowo's command.

Guterres claims General Prabowo personally carried out acts of torture.

In the 1983 Kraras massacres in East Timor, about 300 people are believed to have been buried in mass graves after a series of executions that the locals say were carried out under General Prabowo. ( Torture evidence mounts against Indonesian general )

Dili, East Timor
East Timor. yeowatzup

A Catholic missionary gave an eyewitness account of a massacre, carried out by the Indonesian military, in East Timor, in 1981:

"Not even pregnant women were spared: they were cut open...

"They did what they had done to small children the previous year, grabbing them by the legs, and smashing their heads against rocks...." (Two Indonesias Two Americas)

The CIA and the Pentagon have trained Indonesia's Top Brass: Lt Gen Johny Lumintang (brought to the USA for training in 1989), Lt Gen Prabowo Subianto (trained at Fort Benning), General Panjaitan, General Kiki Syahakri....

Now the really interesting bit concerning Alfredo Reinado (brainwashed patsy) and his friendship with the Australian military.

The following is a short extract from an article by 'churchofnobody'.

SBS journo John Martinkus, an old East Timor hand and johnny-on-the-spot, investigated Reinado's uprising and found that it was complete bullshit...

Reinado... lobbed up on the TV occasionally, variously being ferried about in Australian helicopters or at his home with Australian SAS soldiers as escorts. 

Australians are much given to modesty and the troops were not unreasonably shy in the media spotlight. 

East Timor would appear still to be a colony.
Later when busybody Portuguese peacekeepers poked their nose in and arrested Reinado, all the Australian supervised guards went walkabout.

And so did Reinado and fifty of his fellows. 

All this across the road from an Australian Army base. 

The devil! And then, there he was back in Australian choppers again. Sure, why not? We declare him the Scarlet Pimpernel reborn.(

It seems that Australia is making sure that it controls East Timor and its oil and gas.


Mervyn Jenkins ('Murdered Australian spy')


Admiral Dennis Blair and Genocide
Admiral Dennis Blair 'lied' about church killings.

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At 1 February 2015 at 11:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1 February 2015 at 13:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jesuit who wrote Suharto's speeches.

At 1 February 2015 at 19:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an aside, has anyone noticed if Nobby of the blog Church of Nobody has resurfaced with a new blog? Anyone recognize his writing style on the net?

I miss him and his questioning mind and his grasp of English. He hinted he'd return one day but with a different nom de plume. If anyone has any leads, I'd appreciate them left in the comments below.


At 1 February 2015 at 19:50 , Blogger James R said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2 February 2015 at 00:02 , Blogger Chris B said...

FYI in case you haven't seen this report yet ....



Monday 2 February 2015

Report from Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse

Former Yeshivah Centre students tell of sex abuse and ostracism on going public

FORMER students of the Yeshivah centre in Melbourne have told a royal commission how they were groomed for sexual abuse by staff, then bullied and ostracised by religious leaders when they sought help.

Manny Waks told the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse he had received abusive emails and messages from senior members of the orthodox Jewish community since going public about his abuse in 2011......


At 2 February 2015 at 00:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mysterious Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, his father and JFK

The first 'Jewish' archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel | The Times of Israel


LONDON – The father of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, kept many secrets. Gavin Welby never told his son that he had an estranged older sister, or a first wife. He never told him his real birthdate, or the name under which he was born. And, it has emerged, he never told him that he was born a Jew.

The first 'Jewish' archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel | The Times of Israel

The couple settled down in the tony London neighbourhood of Hampstead with two children, Peggy and Gavin, changing their Germanic-sounding surname to Welby a month after Britain declared war on Germany in 1914. But at some point – either in 1914, when the value of feathers plummeted, or in 1929, in the stock market crash – they lost all their money.

In 1929, aged just 19, Gavin was sent to America to restore the family fortunes, which he promptly did, first by bootlegging alcohol with the Italian mafia during prohibition, and later by working as an import manager at a large alcohol company. But, with dark good looks and an English accent, he also took the opportunity to re-invent himself, entering into a short-lived marriage with a New Jersey heiress and becoming a fixture in Manhattan high society.

He introduced John F. Kennedy to one of his mistresses just weeks before he married Jacqueline Bouvier, while Gavin’s own romantic conquests over the years included JFK’s younger sister Patricia, socialite Doris Duke — known as “the world’s richest girl” — and, later in life, actress Vanessa Redgrave, to whom he was briefly engaged.

After World War II, in which he served in the British army in a non-combat role, he returned to Manhattan, giving himself a promotion to captain. He also seems to have invented a British aristocratic background.

Eventually he settled back in London, standing for Parliament but losing heavily, and marrying the non-Jewish Jane Portal, a former personal secretary to Winston Churchill, against the wishes of her parents. They divorced when Justin was three and the future Archbishop of Canterbury reportedly continued to live with his father, attending Britain’s top private school, Eton, and the University of Cambridge.

Throughout his life, says Sykes, Gavin “went to great lengths to obscure everything about himself.” He talked little of his time in America and when he died in 1977, Justin Welby – then a 21-year-old student — could not even provide the correct birth name and birth date on his death certificate, apparently unaware that he had been born a Weiler, that he had a sibling or had been married before. In interviews he has expressed anxiety over whether his father may have had other children he never disclosed.

Read more: The first 'Jewish' archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel | The Times of Israel

At 2 February 2015 at 01:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welby is associated with Church of Holy Trinity in Brompton, London, notably the cult of "leadership" and "transformation" aka Common Purpose subversion is wrecking our country shows its presence there.

Alpha = 1st letter Greek alphabet = beginning .... of what ?

"I am the Alpha and the Omega--the beginning and the end,"
Revelation 1:8

Scroll down to see pic here

Equipping leaders for the evangelisation of the nations and transformation of society.

4–5 May 2015

Alpha Global Week
2–6 May 2015
HTB, London


Nevertheless, he has expressed interest in visiting the grave of his great-grandmother Amalie – Bernard’s mother – in a Jewish cemetery in London, as well as meeting “new” cousins on his father’s side. One, who recently wrote to him, is a rabbi, “one of the senior teachers at a Jewish college in London,” he told The Jewish News.

Welby himself “found religion” relatively late in life. After graduating from Cambridge, he spent 11 years working as an executive in the oil industry, but retired in 1989 when he felt a calling from God to be ordained. This was six years after the death of his first-born daughter, Johanna, in a car crash in France – a tragedy which, he has said, “in a strange way… actually brought us closer to God” — and several years after he joined the Church of Holy Trinity in Brompton, London, a highly influential evangelical institution.

This affiliation as a conservative evangelical – much rarer in the UK than in America – helps explain why Archbishop Welby has always been perceived as “genuinely sensitive to Jews and Judaism. He sees them as integral to Christian formation,” says Ed Kessler, executive director of the Woolf Institute, Cambridge, and a leading expert in interfaith relations. “He is also open to Israel as a Jewish state. The concept of Zionism isn’t alien to him.”

Read more: The first 'Jewish' archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel | The Times of Israel

At 2 February 2015 at 01:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israeli Ambassador Speaks at Home of the Alpha Course – Holy Trinity Brompton
Posted on May 12, 2014 by Gev

Israeli Ambassador Taub with Nick Gumbel at Holy Trinity Brompton

In a pleasantly surprising development an Anglican priest, rather than denounce Israel and push BDS, has invited the Israeli Ambassador to speak at his church

Christian Friends of Israel report that the Israeli Ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub was interviewed this past Sunday by Rev Nicky Gumbel to the Holy Trinity Brompton on Sunday and, after he spoke received a standing ovation!

Rev Gumbel also noted in the past his own Jewish heritage.

What is AGW2015

Alpha Global Week 2015, incorporating the Leadership Conference, is the opportunity for the Alpha family from around the world to converge, connect and collaborate with others sharing the same passion for the evangelisation of the nations and the transformation of society.

From the Alpha USA website - Are they targetting "young people" just like Common Purpose.

Nicky Gumbel is Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, the largest Anglican Church in Britain with a regular attendance of around 4,000 people – most aged between 18 and 35.

He is the pioneer of the Alpha Course, a 15-session introduction to the Christian faith now running all over the world.

The Alpha Course

He joined HTB as curate to Sandy Millar in 1986, where he took over the running of HTB's Alpha Course and promoted the course as one primarily for non-churchgoers. It became increasingly popular, attracting hundreds of young people who had previously had no interest in Christianity.

Since 1993, more than 19 million people have completed the Alpha course in 169 countries around the world. There are over 9,000 courses running in the UK and over 60,000 world-wide in all denominations.

At 2 February 2015 at 01:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justin Welby's ascension shines light on powerful evangelical church -excerpts

The ascension of Justin Welby to archbishop of Canterbury is confirmation of the quiet parallel rise of a controversial evangelical church in central London to become the most influential congregation in the Church of England.

Welby was in his late 20s when he joined the congregation of Holy Trinity Brompton in Kensington. He was working in the oil business and had relocated to London in 1983 after five years in Paris.

Holy Trinity Brompton, or HTB as it has rebranded itself, is no ordinary church.

On Thursday afternoon, in a service attended by David Cameron and the Prince of Wales at Canterbury Cathedral, Welby will be enthroned as the symbolic leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion. And yet the vicar of HTB, Nicky Gumbel, is almost certainly a more influential figure in England than Welby, his notional boss.

HTB is the only part of the Church of England that is confident that it is growing. The Alpha course first developed there – doctrinally extremely conservative but socially flexible and modest – is now an international phenomenon, operated as a franchise in more than 160 countries.

Welby and Gumbel are old friends, share a common approach and move in the same circles. Unlike the "Notting Hill set" of Tories from a similar background who took over the top of the party, the HTB crew worked their way up through the grassroots of the church over a period of 30 years. Their triumph has arguably been greater.

Welby was converted at Cambridge University – where he met his wife, Caroline Eaton – through conversations with Nicky Lee, one of Gumbel's closest friends, who later became a priest and served at one of HTB's "daughter" churches. HTB pioneered this practice of "church planting" in England, where a small congregation takes over an abandoned or failing building and revitalises it.

None of the main figures in HTB today were converted at the church or through the Alpha course, but they came from the same social background as the older Millar. Gumbel, Lee and Ken Costa were also all converted at Cambridge in the early 1980s and all converged on HTB when they came to London.

Gumbel and Costa are Jewish, and Welby himself was the child of a broken home whose father, it emerged long after his death, turned out to have been a German Jew named Weiler who took the name of Gavin Welby when he was working as a bootlegger in New York.

This way of reinventing Christianity to fit with the habits of modern social life has been hugely successful and attractive not just internationally but across denominations. Pope Francis, when archbishop of Buenos Aires, sent four of his bishops to one of the annual Alpha conferences in London.

At 2 February 2015 at 01:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This affiliation as a conservative evangelical – much rarer in the UK than in America – helps explain why Archbishop Welby has always been perceived as “genuinely sensitive to Jews and Judaism. He sees them as integral to Christian formation,” says Ed Kessler, executive director of the Woolf Institute, Cambridge, and a leading expert in interfaith relations. “He is also open to Israel as a Jewish state. The concept of Zionism isn’t alien to him.”
Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury (photo credit: CC BY-SA Kimse/Wikimedia Commons)

Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury (photo credit: CC BY-SA Kimse/Wikimedia Commons)

His appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury, less than a year after he was first appointed a bishop, comes after a difficult period for the two faith groups. Welby’s predecessor, Rowan Williams, was knowledgeable about Judaism and keen on interfaith work — setting up a forum for dialogue with the Israeli chief rabbinate and forming a good relationship with British Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks — but was perceived by the Jewish community as unsympathetic on Israel, reflecting a much more left-wing, liberal political and theological disposition. In 2006, he supported disinvestment from the Jewish state, provoking open criticism from Lord Sacks.

Last summer, the Church’s highest legislative body, the Synod, endorsed the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI), which brings international church members to the West Bank to “experience life under occupation,” to the open disgust of the British-Jewish leadership. Although Welby abstained at the time, he has since said he should have voted against, as the motion did not “adequately [reflect] the complexity” of the situation and the vote “clearly” damaged Jewish-Anglican relations – statements that were welcomed by the Jewish community.

In October 2012, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the community’s representative organization, formally complained to the Church about the anti-Israel material posted online by one of its clergymen, Stephen Sizer. The parties are currently appointing mediators.

And if he doesn’t succeed, the father-of-five can always retire to Israel – where, as a descendent of a Jewish father and grandfather, he is entitled to citizenship under the Law of Return. For an Archbishop of Canterbury, this is surely a first.

Read more: The first 'Jewish' archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel | The Times of Israel

Read more: The first 'Jewish' archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel | The Times of Israel

At 2 February 2015 at 02:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Other Holocaust – The Terror Famine in Ukraine

At 2 February 2015 at 07:32 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

None of the boys are smiling in the team photos.

At 2 February 2015 at 08:33 , Blogger Anon said...

Well done Charles. Most Indonesian children smile most of the time. So why are these children not smiling?

At 2 February 2015 at 10:12 , Anonymous Mike said...

Not only are they not smiling, or at all happy looking, they are also looking off-camera to their right. And the their minders don't really look that happy, sort of smug though.

At 2 February 2015 at 10:42 , Blogger Anon said...

Well done Mike.

Two observant people so far.

At 2 February 2015 at 15:39 , Blogger James R said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2 February 2015 at 20:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sex with babies and children is in keeping with the jewish Talmud, but we the 'goy' are not told that by the banking, finance, government, military and 'educators' who dominate our institutions with their secret perversions as we would consider such behaviour to be:

The doctrine that Jewish men may have sexual intercourse with non-Jewish children ("proselytes") under the age of three is expanded in the following passage; "Rabbi" is Judah the Prince.
GEMARA. … R. Jacob b. Idi stated in the name of R. Joshua b. Levi: The halachah is in agreement with R. Simeon b. Yohai. (13) Said R. Zera to R. Jacob b. Idi: Did you hear this (13) explicitly or did you learn it by a deduction? What [could be the] deduction? — As R. Joshua b. Levi related: There was a certain town in the Land of Israel the legitimacy of whose inhabitants was disputed, and Rabbi sent R. Romanos who conducted an enquiry and found in it the daughter of a proselyte who was under the age of three years and one day, (14) and Rabbi declared her eligible to live with a priest. (15)
— Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Yebamoth 60b
Soncino 1961 Edition, page 403

We have seen in Numbers 31:12-18 that Moses permitted grown men to use little girls as concubines. In the Talmud, grown men are permitted to have sexual intercourse with female babies and children, and homosexual relations with boys younger than nine.
Those "good old fashioned Torah values" are not quite as Christian America remembers them.

Source of this information: come-and-ear1.jpg

Meanwhile, Charlie Hebdo Zionists picture Jesus in the most obscene way, and Mohammed in the most insulting way...while the Talmudists and Kabalists inflict the most heinous sexual crimes against children if they please and think their 'holy book' permits it.
Our politicians and others allow that to be foisted up we, the trusting majority who could never imagine such obscenities against any child of any race, creed, colour or religion.

The children in your photo look forlorn because they are abandoned to the abuse of sinister forces who stalk the world with their institutionalised filth, secretly and justify it by their own perverse beliefs.

At 3 February 2015 at 10:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel, a Democracy (?) or just Zionist Apartheid from its creation?

NOTE: ''the jewish people'' ...are the Native Population ignored? Democracy? Really?

The “Jewish nation-state” bill would recognise Israel’s Jewish character, institutionalise Jewish law as an inspiration for legislation and possibly de-list Arabic as a second official language:

Please note this passage:

“The declaration of independence, in its depth and greatness, bound together two components of the state as Jewish and democratic, democratic and Jewish.”

My only comment about the above propaganda is:

Be wise as Serpents - Jesus Christ

Uh... Atlanta Jewish Times:

Who hates Obama? The Right-wing American Jews.
Why? Becuase he knew Arnold Jacob Wolf.

Who's Arnold Jacob Wolf?

Promoter of the first American Jewish group to endorse a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

At 30 July 2015 at 11:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are some seriously twisted hate filled people. I'm not really sure how you come to many of these conclusions. So what are you trying to say about sekolah bisa kids? That they are molested by other kids? The program is run by students at the British school with very little adult interference. So would these children be better off without all of these resources and time given to them voluntarily by these students. You need to get a real job and stop sitting around thinking up nonsense and drawing conclusions.


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