Thursday 5 February 2015


UK Child Sex Abuse People's Tribunal.


Sweeping Away The Secrecy

The UK Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT) has been established by Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse and their supporters.

The UKCSAPT is an independent body which emerged from the need of survivors to be heard and to secure Government and Parliamentary acknowledgement of the extent of Institutional Child Sex Abuse in the UK.

The People’s Tribunal’s mandate is to examine cases of Institutional Child Sex Abuse upon request from individuals or civil society organisations in the context of alleged failings on the part of Government and Statutory bodies throughout the United Kingdom.


The People's Tribunal seeks to compliment the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse, originally set up by the Home Office of the UK Government.

For the People’s Tribunal to succeed it is essential that survivors and witnesses are empowered to give evidence and this will be its guiding principle. Survivors will be supported in this process. It will provide a forum for those who want to give evidence and to do so in an environment to ensure that their voice is heard. The intention is for the People's Tribunal Panel to sit at various locations across the UK.

The People's Tribunal process is based on recognised legal principles and will go through a rigorous examination of facts and context. Once its work has been concluded, the verdict and resulting report will be delivered to the Home Secretary, other Government officials, and interested parties.

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At 5 February 2015 at 12:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan Dershowitz, Greville Janner

In November, 1987, an International Human Rights Conference
was held at the Faculty of Law at McGill University. It brought
together some of the world’s leading scholars and spokespersons
in the field to discuss the state of human rights and justice
in the world, but especially Canada, forty years after Nuremberg.

Non-Canadians included Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Greville Janner, a prominent Member of Parliament from the United Kingdom,

This Report of the Responsibility to Prevent Coalition has been
endorsed by some 100 international law scholars, human rights advocates, former Government leaders, Parliamentarians and Iranian activists for democracy and freedom , including:

Prof. Alan Dershowitz , Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University

Lord Greville Janner , Lord of Braunstone and former Member of Parliament (United Kingdom)

At 5 February 2015 at 12:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful - at last!

I hope that children will be able to give evidence - under appropriate circumstances.

At 5 February 2015 at 13:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5 February 2015 at 13:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5 February 2015 at 13:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the mother it would seem is Ms. Ella Raulyevna Draper

have we been had?

At 5 February 2015 at 19:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased that Mansfield and Cooper QCs are assisting a People's Tribunal of those who want the facts to be known and dealt with.

When .gov fails, then it is for all good men and women of character to combine, and seek truth, wherever it leads, however long it takes.

Very good of you to pursue this story and put up the video/audio, aangirfan.
Perhaps the world weird web has a conscience and good purpose.
God bless you and yours.

Rest assured, I shall assist this People's Tribunal. I am not a victim. I am a normal person who wants justice to be seen to be done.

At 5 February 2015 at 21:12 , Blogger Anon said...

What makes you think this is the mother?

At 6 February 2015 at 00:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ella Draper is the name attached to the Google Drive files.The links are above check yourself.Definitely is the mother.Also the video shot in the garden was taken on the 19th Sep not the 9th according to the meta data

File Permissions : rw-rw-rw-
File Type : MOV
MIME Type : video/quicktime
Major Brand : Apple QuickTime (.MOV/QT
Minor Version : 2005.3.0
Compatible Brands : qt
Movie Data Size : 66422013
Movie Data Offset : 48
Movie Header Version : 0
Create Date : 2014:09:19 08:58:11
Modify Date : 2014:09:19 09:09:10
Time Scale : 600
Duration : 0:13:18
Preferred Rate : 1
Preferred Volume : 100.00%

At 6 February 2015 at 00:54 , Blogger Anon said...

Would be grateful if you could explain what you think is happening.

At 6 February 2015 at 01:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was working in child protection when the Nene report was commissioned
This showed massive abuse of boys in 16 London care homes by a small group of very active homosexuals. Margaret Hodge who was childrens minister
hushed it up and tony blair who lived next door to her and had daily conferences with her, puta D Notice on the nene report and it was shredded
only a few pages made it to the internet and I believe these have now been taken down

At 6 February 2015 at 01:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don´t know what to make of it.Those kids could not make something like that up my gut tells me.Maybe they made a simple mistake in the garden vid mistaking the 9th for the 19th?
the one shot on the plane was on the 4th Sept.

Here are the files
Audio Format : mp4a
Audio Channels : 1
Audio Bits Per Sample : 16
Audio Sample Rate : 44100
Purchase File Format : mp4a
Model : iPhone 3GS
Software Version : 6.0.1
Content Create Date : 2014:09:04 12:52:43+01:00
Make : Apple
Handler Type : Metadata Tags
Make (und-GB) : Apple
Creation Date (und-GB) : 2014:09:04 12:52:43+01:00
Software (und-GB) : 6.0.1
Model (und-GB) : iPhone 3GS
Creation Date : 2014:09:04 12:52:43+01:00
Software : 6.0.1
Avg Bitrate : 3.62 Mbps

At 6 February 2015 at 06:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any possibility of the Nene report being seen by the People's Tribunal and/or the formal H.O. inquiry ?

At 8 February 2015 at 20:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at the ones with the pictures.....the picture with her two children...the same children of the alleged abuse. This story is so horrific, I can't wrap my mind around it.


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