Monday, 2 February 2015


Bitter Lake is a film that explains why the big stories that politicians tell us have become so simplified that we can’t really see the world any longer.



BBC iPlayer - Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake

"This programme has never been and, so far as I know, never will be shown on the BBC as such . But it is, rather oddly, available on the BBC iplayer." A Review of 'Bitter Lake'





  1. Adam Curtis is a spook.

  2. Adam Doctrinaire Curtis. Anti Iran, Anti Syria, Anti Russia....wonder who he works for?

  3. The Curtis film is pretty good, well made and engaging.
    However, he does present us with only a slightly controversial version of the narrative. War is inevitable it seems, even if it does make things worse - that's the gist of it.
    Some amazing footage though, well worth watching.

  4. Curtis is obviously trying to blame the violent problems in the Middle East onto Wahabis. He is using all possible images to further the theory of the clash of the civilization, respectively "the evil Muslims do not want to learn democracy from the benevolent Western invaders"
    The one and only honest statement is made by the former British captain, who claims, "The war in Helmand is all about opium". Since Zio-NATO occupied Afghanistan, opium production rose by a factor 30+, this can not be a coincidence..
    The movie is plain Zionist propaganda, do not waste your time watching it..

  5. I largely agree with the Caveman comment, I watched the Power of Nightmares when I still believed Muslims attacked New York and it upsets me that he chose not to mention a word about the fact that Muslims were innocent of that crime. This and that are quite fun to watch and he has a lot of good footage, yet it's worse even that a limited hangout, it is an outright deception. The way he pretends Wahabbism is an accident is especially reprehensible.

  6. Curtis ...sevenoaks school, oxford, BBC..pure spook pedigree