Friday 5 December 2014


Land Reform

In the UK, farm subsidies mean that every household in Britain hands £245 a year to the richest people in the country.

In Scotland, for example, 432 people own half the private rural land

A third of Britain STILL belongs to the aristocrats.

Sporting estates where the super-rich shoot grouse and stags are exempt from business rates.

Rural landowners are usually excused capital gains tax, inheritance tax and the first five years of income tax.

The Scottish Government has announced a land reform programme.

The Scottish government will consider breaking up large land holdings "when they impede the prospects of local people."

Continued here: We are starting to learn who owns Britain

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At 6 December 2014 at 03:20 , Anonymous Mike said...

George Monbiot is pro-nuclear, and pro "re-wilding" our rural areas.
Sounds a bit "Agenda 21" to me...
Humans aren't "wild" of course, so you can visit a "wild" area but you cannot live there.
Seeking change is all well and good, but who's going to make order out of the chaos?
I'm concerned that a marxist/socialist agenda is heading our way, and for those of us who know our history, that's not necessarily a good thing.

At 7 December 2014 at 16:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monbiot is definitely iffy.


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