Monday 29 December 2014


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed the USA-EU trade deal.

It is designed to help US corporations to take over Europe.

It allows "multinationals to sue governments for taking action which damages their profits".

Many Europeans say: "We don't want US multinationals to be able to sue us for passing environmental laws, food safety laws, laws to protect our health services."

Nick Dearden has written an article entitled: 'History shows trade deal threat'.

In the USA, senior Democrats sent a letter to the administration warning that TTIP could stop Congress from being able to prevent another financial crisis.

The big corporations already cause problems for the people of Europe.

"This is perfectly shown by a Polish case where the government paid a massive 2bn to a health insurance company in a 'settlement'.

"The case came about when Poland reversed a partial privatisation of its health insurance body, realising that one company, Eureko, would otherwise end up with a controlling stake.

"Poland was slapped with a £9bn lawsuit".

Continued here: 'History shows trade deal threat'.

What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you....

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