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We once came across Ringo Star at a party organised by a member of the Crooke family.

Alastair Crooke (above) has worked for MI6.

Alastair Crooke has written about The Real Aim of ISIS

Crooke suggests that the aim of ISIS is to destroy the monarchy in Saudi Arabia.

Alastair Crooke fails to tell us that:

1. The founder of Wahhabism was a crypto-Jew.

2. The British promoted Wahhabism as a means of breaking up the Ottoman Empire.

3. The Saudi Monarchs are reportedly crypto-Jews.

4.  ISIS is reportedly led by Jews. 

Alastair Crooke does tell us that ISIS uses the language of Wahhabism.

Weizman (left) and Prince Feisal, 1918

Crooke suggests that the aim of ISIS is to destroy the monarchy in Saudi Arabia.

Is this clever disinformation?

Crooke writes about ISIS: "Its real potential for destruction lies ... in the implosion of Saudi Arabia as a foundation stone of the modern Middle East. 

"We should understand that there is really almost nothing that the West can now do about it but sit and watch."

St John Philby and family

Crooke does admit that the British spy Harry St. John Philby promoted the Wahhabi religion.

Harry St John Philby was the close adviser of the Saudi king Abd al-Aziz.

Crooke fails to tell us the following about Harry St John Philby:

1. He was in favour of Jewish immigration into Palestine. 

2. He was close to certain Zionists, such as Chaim Weizmann.

3. His son, Kim Philby, worked for Lord Victor Rothschild.


Osama bin Laden, who worked for the CIA and Jewish Mafia.

Crooke writes: "Philby may be said to be 'godfather' to this momentous pact by which the Saudi leadership would use its clout to 'manage' Sunni Islam on behalf of western objectives..."

Crooke suggests that ISIS will try to topple the Saudi royal family.

Crooke suggests that those Saudis who support the ideas of bin Laden and ISIS are opposed to King Abdullah.

Crooke fails to tell us that bin Laden was a cryto-Jew working for the CIA.

The Real Aim of ISIS

According to a new report by Reuters, the USA's death squad fighters operating in Syria are receiving a portion of their training inside Qatar via the Qatari government and the United States.

The leader of ISIS with John McCain.

Andrew Korybko at Oriental Review has written about the recent reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Saudi Arabia had previously fallen out with Qatar because Qatar was financing the Muslim Brotherhood which toppled Mubarak and threatened Saudi Arabia.

The Al Nusra Front ('affiliated with Qatar') is reportedly friends with ISIS (which has alleged links to certain wealthy Saudis).

According to Andrew Korybko:

Saudi Arabia and Qatar will "likely divide the Mideast and North Africa amongst themselves ... with Qatar getting influence west of Egypt and Saudi Arabia reigning to its east."

According to Andrew Korybko:

Al-Sisi's Egypt "has gravitated closer to Saudi Arabia and its allies, receiving $20 billion in aid and investments from them."

Al-Sisi, opposed to the CIA's Arab Spring.

However, According to Andrew Korybko: 

"Egypt and the UAE reportedly bombed militant positions in Libya a few weeks ago..."

Al-Sisi is opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a tool of Qatar.

"Qatar has strong influence among the militias in Libya, which still has the largest oil reserves in Africa (which continue flowing)."

Essebsi, whose party won the most seats in the recent parliamentary elections in Tunisia. He held public office under Ben Ali.

And in Tunisia "the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Ennahda Movement lost out to the (Ben-Ali linked) secularists in October’s parliamentary elections..."

Qatar may attempt to put its Islamists into power in Algeria, which has the second largest oil reserves in Africa.

Continued here: Oriental Review


What seems to be happening is that Israel, using ISIS, is trying to break up the Moslem world, in order to create a Greater Israel.

And, the USA would like to control the oil in the Arab world.

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The Tap is now running this story on EXARO from Dux Bellorum Blog:

At 28 November 2014 at 08:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember kim philby was married to a jewish prostitute who used to run messages in W W II to marks and spencers boss in hampstead, and it was her jewish friend the prostiture flora solomons who ratted on philby to the british intel, who cant have been that stupid that they did not know about philby ?

At 28 November 2014 at 17:14 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

Excellent work, as usual. Damn crypto-jews everywhere.

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Could someone please explain how Ringo Starr is tied in with all of this? Thank you.

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Quotes from Zionists


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