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"Leon Brittan at staff party, Larpool Orphanage, Whitby in 1955. His family were staff." 

Reportedly, in his youth, in 1955, Leon Brittan visited Larpool Orphanage, near Scarborough. 

Scarborough was the home of Jimmy Savile.


Between January and September 2014, Manchester police compiled 9,789 reports on “missing children”, of which 4,520 concerned “children looked after by the local authority”.

Children from children's care homes are often used by pedophile rings.


In the UK, top people, including a cabinet minister, 'raped young boys at the Dolphin Square flats in London.'

Some of the children came from children's care homes.

'Nick' has told how "the two well-known ­politicians raped and physically beat him after he was forced to drink ­alcohol." 

Dolphin Square

Nick remembers boys being taken to the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.

Nick was taken to Dolphin Square around ten times, from age 11.

According to Nick and another man, Members of Parliament and other top people sexually assaulted them at abuse parties at Dolphin Square and elsewhere...

Nick said that his father, who also sexually abused him, supplied him to the paedophile ring.

Nick says the former cabinet minister was 'sadistic', while the second former MP was especially violent towards boys.

Nick said: "They were so ­powerful that they were often blasé about their identities."

Nick said the former cabinet minister treated boys with 'complete contempt'.

Nick said the second ex-MP liked to cut boys with a knife.

Nick said that both politicians were among those who raped him over a filled bath while holding his head beneath the water.

Nick said the boys were trafficked around the VIP circuit in London.

Dolphin Square in Pimlico in London

The Dolphin Square block of flats has been home to bosses of the security service MI5 and to various top child abusers.

mirror. - Victims of child abuse 'raped by MPs in exclusive flats.

Dolphin Square has been home to MI5 section B5(b), MI6 spy Gareth Williams, MI5-linked Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, MI5's Maxwell Knight, spies William Joyce and John Vassall...

Children from various children's care homes in the UK, including Bryn Alyn, were taken to Dolphin Square to be abused. Reportedly MI5 and the police were involved.

In Pimlico, Dolphin Square has had some interesting residents, including David Steel, William Hague and Harold Wilson. Website for this image

The two young boys taken to Dolphin Square were drugged with whisky, according to the investigation by website Exaro for the Sunday People.

mirror. - Victims of child abuse 'raped by MPs in exclusive flats

The younger boy has told how Members of Parliament held his head under water as they raped him.

He was taken to Dolphin Square about 10 times over a couple of years either side of 1980.

He says: "Sometimes I would be driven there with other children...

"I was raped over a bath-tub while my head was beneath the water...

"I was held down by a group of men and my feet were stabbed with something."

One of the abusers was known as the Doctor and he treated any injuries.

Simon Regan (above) was one of the first to investigate the Dolphin Square child rapists. Photo by: Idris Martin. Website for this image

The second boy said he was about 13 when a Member of Parliament took him to a 'dinner party'.

He said: "They were boys and girls between 13 and 15."

He says the children were often raped after the adults had watched porn.

He says he was raped by the same ex-Cabinet minister as his fellow accuser.

Read the investigation in full on the Exaro website. /

Victor Rothschild. 

The man who shaped MI5 and MI6 after World war II was Margaret Thatcher's security adviser, Lord Victor Rothschild.

Victor Rothschild was said to be the controller of MI5's Anthony Blunt who reportedly ran a paedophile ring which included a lot of top people.

Carol Myers, who may have been brainwashed at the Tavistock clinic, and who claimed that a UK government minister raped her with a claw hammer in Conservative Central Office. (The mystery of Carole Myers)

MI5's Anthony Blunt is associated with Peter Arne who supplied rent boys to the film and aristocratic world.


Reportedly Arne shared boys with the head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, Noel Coward, several bishops, and an archbishop.


Derek Laud with Anne (left) and Cicely Meehan, the spinster sisters who gave Derek Laud a home. Cicely Meehan was a child psychologist. One Saturday, Anne drove young Derek to the house of 'a very grand lady ... who bore a striking resemblance to Mrs Thatcher'.

Derek Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron's family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire.

The list of Tory friends with whom he is known to go on holiday and socialise with includes Lord McAlpinePeter Lilley and Michael Portillo.

Derek Laud, who is gay, became the first and only black master of foxhounds when he took that role with New Forest Foxhounds in 1999. (New Forest, MI6)

Derek is an acquaintance of Camilla Parker Bowles.

"He's a friend of royalty, advises Ministers and was the most cultured contestant on Big Brother - but those are the least surprising things about Derek Laud.

Scallywag magazine made some allegations against Derek Laud.

Gaza - the Nazi Zionists led by Thatcher are the same as the Nazi Zionists in Tel Aviv.

From Scallywag magazine:

"Derek Laud... ran a Pimlico PR agency called Ludgate Communications...

"(He was) in cahoots with Ian Greer Associates...

"Ludgate Communications was at the very hub of our investigation into .... allegations.

"At his Pimlico flat, and selected addresses in Dolphin Square nearby, Laud threw ......... parties."

Allegedly Ludgate Communications supplied children from children's care homes to top Members of Parliament.

Dolphin Square in Pimlico in London.

Former child actor Ben Fellows says that at the age of 13 he was sent, by publicist Max Clifford, to a night club called Stringfellows, along with other children.

Ben Fellows also talks about private parties in hotel rooms and about being sent to Dolphin Square.

What links Dolphin Square, Ben Fellows, Stringfellows...

Reportedly, boys were taken to sex parties at a flat in Dolphin Square.

Reportedly some of the boys were brought from various children's homes.

Reportedly the flat was occupied by a well known lobbyist working for the Conservative Party.


Ben Fellows.

In the 1990's, a TV programme called the Cook Report investigated the conservative Member of Parliament Ian Greer and his company Ian Greer Associates.

Ben, then a child actor, was employed by the Cook Report and ended up in a room with top politician Ken Clarke and Ian Greer.

On the table was a concealed camera in a bag.

Reportedly, this camera filmed Ken Clarke groping Ben Fellows.


Prime Minister David Cameron worked for the company that owned the Cook Report.

Reportedly, 'the taped evidence on Kenneth Clarke' disappeared.

Scallywag magazine helped to expose the Dolphin Square child-sex-abuse parties involving members of parliament.

Top members of parliament were said to be involved at Dolphin Square; and at Elm Guest House; and at other locations. / child-actors-child-abusers-top-people / politicians-royal-aides-famous-pop-star-list- / What links Dolphin Square, Ben Fellows, Stringfellows...

Julian Lewis, who twice voted in favour of the Civil Partnership Bill in 2004, and who is a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee which oversees MI5 and the other security services.

In 1994 Scallywag had a story about the Conservative politician Julian Lewis.

Lewis sued and won his case.

Simon Regan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is part of an article written in 2000 by the editor of Scallywag magazine, Simon Regan.

Source: Organized Rage

The Waterhouse Report

By Simon Regan.

In the early nineties, in the now defunct Scallywag magazine, which I founded, we interviewed in some depth twelve former inmates at Bryn Estyn who had all been involved in the Wrexham paedophile ring... 

Two of these young men, who had been 14-years-old at the time, swore they had been not only introduced to the paedophile ring operating in the Crest Hotel in Wrexham but had later been escorted on three or four occasions to an address in Pimlico (Dolphin Square) where they were further abused.

Pimlico in London.

We took them separately to Pimlico and asked them to point out the building where this had taken place. 

They were both positive in their identification. 

It turned out to be the private flat of a well known .... lobbyist ... involved with the 'cash for questions' scandal. 

At the time we ran a story entitled 'Boys for Questions' and named several prominent members of the then Thatcher government. 

These allegations went to the very top of the Tory party, yet there was a curious and almost ominous lack of writs.

Dolphin Square

The lobbyist was a notorious 'queen' who specialised in gay parties with a 'political mix' in the Pimlico area - most convenient to the Commons - and which included selected flats in Dolphin Square

The two young men were able to give us very graphic descriptions of just what went on, including acts of buggery, and alleged that they were only two of many from children's homes other than North Wales.

There was, to my certain knowledge, at least one resignation from the Conservative office in Smith Square once we had published our evidence and named names.

MI6 spy Gareth Williams, 31, was found locked inside a bag at his flat in Pimlico, south London, on August 23, 2010.

Dr. Julian Lewis, now Conservative MP for New Forest (East) but then deputy head of research at Conservative Central Office in Smith Square, managed to purchase the contents of our offices, which included all our files. 

It had been alleged that we owed rent, which we disputed, but under a court order the landlords were able to change the locks and seize our assets which included all our files, including those we had made on paedophiles. It was apparently quite legal, but it was most certainly a dirty trick...

Pimlico Gardens

The real trouble about exposing paedophiles is that former victims of child abuse make lousy witnesses...

By the very nature of the abuse, when they are rudely shoved out into the wide world (one of the witnesses, Stephen Messham, for example, was released on his sixteenth birthday on Christmas day after two years of abuse, and had to sleep rough on the streets for four and a half months), they are often deeply psychologically disturbed.

Some of the extreme cases commit suicide, many more were sexually disorientated in the worst possible way... 

Simon Regan (now deceased) was editor of Scallywag Magazine.

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Hillary's mind control gone wrong?

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Nick Nick, Dick Dick, Tick Tick… Tock
Chris Spivey/John Hamerj

The Police – To Protect and Serve… the Elite

At 2 November 2014 at 21:10 , Blogger Unknown said...

Aang my people tell me that at page 4 of draft 5 of London Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf's letter to the Interior Ministry she admits that her butler was involved in a sex scandal involving allegations of sex with young boys in Scotland in 1980's. The name and specific details were left out of the final letter. Cover up
The link is here:
Also she works with someone who was at NCCL that was closely linked to the pedo group PIE. None of this was put in the press and none of this was in Woolf's first letter. Lies and cover-up by the state of sex attacks on children.

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elite sex! must see documentary on Carleton Gajdusek. the statements by almost everyone in his defense are unbelievable:

BBC Documentary: The Genius And The Boys

Daniel Carleton Gajdusek
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek was an American physician and medical researcher who was the co-recipient (with Baruch S. Blumberg) of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1976 for work on kuru, the first human prion disease demonstrated to be infectious.
Child molestation conviction...

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Dolphin Square was where gangland enforcer Chas lived. in Donald Cammell's gay/gangster/psychedelic/occult thriller 'Performance".

Donald Cammell was Aleister Crowley's "godson'…

At 21 November 2014 at 16:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Performance" continued….

"Gangster consultant" on Performance was David Litvinoff.

"In Notorious, John Pearson writes that Litvinoff was homosexual and that one function that he performed for Ronnie Kray, who was also homosexual, was to procure boys for sexual services for Ronnie's friends. Such activities also provided useful material for blackmail purposes.[10] Art dealer Christopher Gibbs said "He didn't have an affair with Ronnie Kray, but he used to pick up boys with him sometimes. I remember being flagged down, in Sloane Street, aged 18 or thereabouts [c. 1956], by this car with Litvinoff in it and these frightfully sinister-looking people. One of them was Kray."

Through Ronnie Kray, Litvinoff met Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud who were friends and used to gamble at Esmerlada's Barn, the gambling club in which the Krays had a stake. According to Christopher Gibbs, the man in Freud's painting Man in a Headscarf (originally The Procurer) (1954) was Litvinoff before he was slashed across the face in an attack (sometime before 1968) by an unknown assailant. The Krays were happy to take the credit for the attack as it bolstered their reputation. Pearson claims that Freud gave the work its original name in reference to Litvinoff's function. The painting sold for £1,156,500 at Christie's in 1999. At one time, it had been thought to be a self-portrait.

Mim Scala recalls that around 1960, Litvinoff was the Faginesque head of a small group based at the Temperance Billiard Hall, 131-141 King's Road, Chelsea, that included Eddie Dylan, Brian Masset and Tommy Waldron. According to Scala, "what Litvinoff liked best were little boys, particularly naughty, runaway Borstal boys."


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