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Professor James Tracy points out that on 8 October 2012, the US government had a plan for a drill involving a 'Sandy-Hook-style' shooting.

drill-site-activation-call-down-exercise-plan (PDF)

The actual Sandy Hook 'school shooting' took place on 14 December 2012

Spooky Attorney General Eric Holder and Connecticut Governor Malloy

The newly discovered Federal Emergency Management-Department of Homeland Security document reveals the plan for the 'Mass Casualty Drill.'

FEMA/DHS Plan for 'Mass Death of Children at a school'

The plan, created on 8 October 2012, refers to the 'Mass Death of Children at a School By Firearms',  followed by a 'Suicide or Apprehension of [an] Unknown Shooter.'

The date for the drill is marked '14 December 2012' on the document’s cover page.

On page 12 the event is scheduled for 13 December 2012.

The International Movie Data Base lists ABC News coverage of the Sandy Hook event, complete with “cast” including Kaitlin Roig, Paul Vance and Barack Obama, lists a broadcast date of 12 December 2012.

CONTINUED HEREFEMA/DHS Plan for 'Mass Death of Children at a school'

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is facing a lawsuit after setting up a fake Facebook account (above).

The fake Facebook account contained photos and other personal data from a New York woman's cellphone, used after her arrest.

The woman is Sondra Prince.

The DEA has very close links to the CIA.

Fake page for Sondra.

Sondra Arquiett (aka Sondra Prince) was arrested in 2010 on charges of possessing cocaine and intent to supply.

How much of Elliot Rodger's Facebook page is fake?

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said that Elliot Rodger had made videos on YouTube and posts on Facebook which made certain threats.[6][4]

How much of the Lanza Facebook pages are fake? 

Adam LANZA is Ryan Lanza.

How much of Anders Breivik's Facebook is fake?

21 Yr. Old Mass Murderer.

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At 9 October 2014 at 12:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 October 2014 at 14:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there Aangirfan,

Long time reader, first time commenter - would like to direct you (plural/singular?) and your readers toward a short story I've recently had published, which draws its inspiration in no small part from yours and others' (incl. but not limited to Rappoport, Icke, Henningsen etc.), exemplary research in the field of multiple shooter false flags...the abstract is below, link following

This story explores the nascent influence of the ‘conspiracy theorist’ in the sphere of print and broadcast news journalism. The narrator of the piece, in a letter to unspecified ‘Sir(s),’ sets out what he believes to be the true circumstances behind a recent upsurge in spree shootings. Referring to his mounting research and drawing attention to the fact there’s a growing audience for his work, he implores the general public to take heed of his warnings before the danger represented by these killings becomes too big to resist. Thematically, the story explores the ways in which information is managed in the age of news in real-time, with the narrator representing the increasingly vocal ‘Info-Warrior’ – those on the fringes of the news media who absorb, interpret and circulate their own take on domestic and world events; appraisals which are almost always at odds with those of the mainstream, established press.

At 9 October 2014 at 21:30 , Anonymous Somebody said...

These cunts don't have a lot to say in response to the fact they have no warrant to do what they've just done.

I'm curious aang, does this not fall within the scope of the subject matter you cover on your blog?


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