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John Allen (above) has been linked to top people in the UK.

Reportedly, John Allen has friends in the police.

John Allen is currently on trial for child sexual abuse.


John Allen owned a number of children's care homes in Wales.

A man, whom we shall call X, was at one of John Allen's children's homes from the age of 12 until he was 14.

X has told the jury in the John Allen trial how he ran away from the children's home, after he he had been sexually assaulted by the owner, John Allen.

The children's home was the Bryn Alyn home near Wrexham in North Wales.

X went to Wrexham police station to report what had happened.

"But he said a police inspector, or someone senior, then came into the room and said he was a friend of care home owner John Allen."

The top policeman warned X about the consequences of making allegations.

John Allen trial: Senior policeman 'warned boy off sex abuse allegations'

One of the North Wales children's care homes reportedly used as a boy brothel by MI5

Reportedly, at least one of John Allen's children's homes was used as a boy brothel by MI5.

Google now appears to have a policy of 'hiding' any news stories which link the security services (CIA, Mossad, MI5) to pedophile rings and child sexual abuse.

X saw John Allen arriving at the police station.

X said he was then taken back and stripped, placed in boots that were too large for him, shorts and a vest and made to scrub the yard of the Bryn Alyn home.

X said that he and another boy were selected to work at Allen's hotel, The White Sands, at weekends.

On one occasion John Allen reportedly pushed X on to a bed at the hotel and tried to sexually assault him.

John Allen faces 40 charges of serious sexual assault on 20 children, some as young as seven, between 1969 and 1991.

The social workers in the area appear to have been part of the pedophile ring.

The court was told that one victim saw Allen assault a child in front of a social worker "without any comeback."

"Another boy claimed he told a social worker he had been abused, only to be assaulted by the social worker's boss.

"When children did go to the police, Allen was called to pick them up and take them back.

"One boy alleged that he was introduced to Allen through a 'paedophile gang' before being abused by him."

John Allen trial: Senior policeman 'warned boy off sex abuse allegations'


Eleanor Laws QC, prosecuting, told the jury that Allen was found guilty in the early 90s after an inquiry into sexual abuse relating to six boys.

In 2001 he was charged with sexual offences relating to a number of boys but was not put on trial because of a technicality, she said.

The boy who was reportedly abused when just seven said he was 'screaming himself to sleep when Allen got into bed with him and sexually assaulted him.

He said the pain was unbelievable.

"Another boy said he suffered a serious accident, rendering him unable to walk.

"He claims he was not taken to hospital but was assaulted by Allen as he lay prone in the room of a children’s home.

"Another alleged victim said he was abused by Allen and a stranger in a toilet.

"He said it was like 'torture', with him ending up face down in stale urine and having to eat through a straw for weeks."

John Allen trial: Senior policeman 'warned boy off sex abuse allegations'

Adrian and Lee Johns, former residents of a John Allen home, and siblings. SABOTAGE OF WHISTLEBLOWER'S CAR? Adrian Johns died in a mysterious fire in Brighton.

2000, Feb - In the UK, the Waterhouse Report concludes that "widespread sexual abuse of boys occurred in children's residential establishments in Clwyd in North Wales between 1974 and 1990."

(Here is an Aangirfan post about North wales 'hidden' by Google. Many of our posts are disappearing from Google.)

Deaths of former residents of children's homes in North Wales:

Robert Chapman, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, fell to his death from a railway bridge. 

Robert Arthur Smith, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, killed himself in May 1978, aged 16, by overdosing on painkillers. 

Barry Williams, former resident of Little Acton Assessment centre, Clywd, found dead in a flat where he lived in poverty, aged 21. 

Peter Davies died 1985. 

Adrian Johns, former resident of Bryn Alyn, died in a 1992 fire aged 32 in Brighton, Sussex. Verdict - unlawful killing.

One of the North Wales children's care homes reportedly 'used as a boy brothel by MI5'.

Deaths of former residents of children's homes in North Wales:

Heath Kelvin Jones, former resident of Bryn Alyn, found dead in 1992 in a bedsit, aged 18. Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due to solvent abuse. 

Peter Wynn hanged himself in January 1994, aged 27. 

Brendon Randalls, former Bryn Estyn resident, died aged 27 from alcohol abuse in April 1994. Allegedly the victim of a serious sexual offence.

Margaret Thatcher's friend Lord McAlpine had links to Wrexham.

Deaths of former residents of children's homes in North wales:

Richard Williams was found dead in a car aged 18 in July 1994. Alleged to have suffered maltreatment while in care. 

Craig Wilson hanged himself in November 1994 aged 16. 

Lee Johns, also known as Lee Homberg , former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had been sexually abused. Died in February 1995 aged 37.

Mark Humphries hanged himself in February 1995 aged 31. Allegations of sexual abuse against care workers. 

Simon Birley, former resident of Bryn Estyn, was found hanging in May 1995 aged 27. Allegations he had been sexually abused by care worker. 

Tony Wallis found dead 1996.

"Some have even speculated that Princess Diana sealed her own fate after threatening to reveal networks of pedophilia within the Royal family."


From Australia to the USA, the security services are said to run paedophile rings as a way of controlling the top people.

"Smooth Bobby would fill 50 seater coaches...

"We met the high and the mighty. Judges, QC's, directors and a host of other well paid participants."

mam mon: October 2012 (dead link)

Tony Hyland wrote an article entitled: 'State cover-up of high level paedophile ring.' (dead link)

"Care workers ... acted as go-betweens for a paedophile ring that extends into the topmost layers of society.

"Policemen, church ministers, local authority executives, senior businessmen and politicians, including someone believed to be a leading supporter of Margaret Thatcher, have been identified.

"The present Public Tribunal into the case...... measures have been taken to prevent the proceedings from being covered fully in the national media.

"MI5" daily-mail-journalist-david-rose/ David Rose denies working for MI5. MoS reporter in the pay of MI5!

"In the event the press has been virtually absent from the proceedings.

"There would have been no significant national coverage of this major scandal, if not for the work of a single journalist, Nick Davies of The Guardian...

Child abuse, arms deals, murders, deep state, Cyprus..

"Waterhouse has also indicated that the final report will not find the 'public figure' culpable of any crimes, even though he has been identified by six victims.

"He stated that whilst a number of the abusers will be named, those of the two policemen will be omitted, even though one of them has already been convicted of sexual offences against children...

"39 children's homes in North Wales have been implicated. Nearly 300 people have given evidence as victims of abuse. Some 148 individuals have been identified as abusers...

Website for this image

Key aspects:

"John Allen, a convicted paedophile, ran a complex of homes in London and North Wales that supplied children to wealthy outsiders... 

"At the Bryn Alyn home, two senior officials have already been convicted of systematic sexual abuse of children in their care.

"Another, Paul Wilson, was convicted of violent attacks on children but given a suspended sentence. He was accused of physical assault on 66 occasions by 66 different boys.

"A room at the Crest Hotel in Wrexham was regularly hired out on Sunday evenings to VIP's who were ensured a steady supply of children for their sexual gratification.

"Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring have met suspicious deaths.

"Two brothers who were abused by Allen were trying to blackmail him. In April 1992 one of them died in a house fire in Brighton. The other died soon afterwards in mysterious circumstances....

"One witness ...claimed to have been abused by 49 different people.

"At the age of 11, he attended army cadets where two of the instructors, both policemen, raped him repeatedly. At an army cadet weekend camp he was raped by another instructor.

A former leader of Hampshire's Army Cadets was found guilty of three charges of indecent assault and jailed for four years.

"Far from social services providing a haven from such abuse, it became the means through which he was exposed to even worse physical and mental torment.

"At his first home he was indecently assaulted by the superintendent, groped by one housemaster, beaten by another, half-drowned by a senior housemaster and slapped by a policemen he tried to complain to.

"At his second home, aged 15, he was abused by those in charge of the centre and offered up to wealthy outsiders. He described one of these as 'a powerful public figure'. 

"After this man took him to an outhouse and orally and anally raped him, he was told, 'Just remember who I am.'

"At the age of 16, he ran away from the Wrexham home, but ended up in the custody of one of the army cadet instructors who had raped him. This man introduced him to a group of 20 associates, who took turns to abuse him.

"Amongst the culprits identified were two jewellers, a director of a major company, a local authority executive, a Roman Catholic priest and another social worker. 

"Many of those identified have subsequently been convicted of sexual crimes against children...

"The most revealing evidence is that regarding one of the paedophiles, who it was hinted at was one of Mrs Thatcher's most prominent supporters.

Website for this image...

"When the police finally arrested 17 suspects, during an inquiry in 1991, the victim claims that 'For some unknown reason, he (the top public figure) was not arrested like anybody else.

"He was allowed to walk round the North Wales Police headquarters and he was allowed to vindicate himself from anything, as if he was the boss...

"I tried to tell the police of many instances not just relating to him and I was told at the time, and I will never forget it as long as I live, that they were not interested in that.'

"The tribunal was informed that the North Wales police had in fact recommended that the man be prosecuted, but this was blocked by the Crown Prosecution Service in London - which took over the case from its local branch...

"Those who turned to the police or other social workers for help were met with indifference or outright hostility. A total of 27 separate police inquiries failed to produce anything substantial.

"When the police finally launched a major inquiry in 1991, they secured the conviction of only four of the care workers and concluded that there was no evidence of a paedophile ring. 

"A total of 13 reports by social services went unpublished. 

"Clwyd County Council commissioned an independent inquiry and then ruled that its report could not be published..."

Now defunct magazine Scallywag covered events at Bryn Alyn in detail

"25 children aged between 12 and 17 disappeared from care homes and foster care in Kent alone last year. 

"Kent Council admitted that they had ‘no way of knowing’ what had happened to the children although it was suspected that these young people were victims of child trafficking...

"Police estimate that some 10,000 children go missing from care annually, though official government data recorded only 930 last year…something of a discrepancy, that...

"Still no writ from his Lordship, by the way..."

Former Church of England bishop held over sex abuse claims

The Rt Rev Peter Ball, 80, who served as the Bishop of Lewes and later Bishop of Gloucester, was arrested at his home in Somerset, on suspicion of eight sex offences against eight boys and young men.


"I have known for 20 years the inside story of the inquiry into the paedophile ring that, last month, the MP Tom Watson implied was shut down to protect a No10 aide in the Thatcher administration.

"Mr Watson was contacted in October by one of the inquiry’s child protection experts, now retired.

"The coverage of the Savile scandal had awoken painful memories of how his evidence about Peter Righton, then a child care expert and children’s homes consultant, was destroyed.

"He told Mr Watson: 'My unit was closed down almost overnight and a manager took my files and burned them.'

"Righton’s correspondents included an assistant bishop, artists, aristocrats and public school teachers.

"It then emerged that Righton’s lover ran a school for emotionally disturbed children, and Righton was vice-chairman of governors.

"New Barns School in Gloucestershire, which was attended by many children from London care homes, was investigated and closed down on child welfare grounds.

"Watson’s whistleblower was told by a detective that the inquiry into Peter Righton’s alleged ring was closed “from on high”. Righton was given a £900 fine for his child porn imports, and a caution for a 30-year-old indecent assault. Many similar investigations into paedophile rings have also hit the buffers. Cover-ups have taken place; events and individuals demanding investigation were ignored."



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It is really an amazing body of work you have created on this topic Aangirfan. I really hope that you will be rewarded for what you have done. I believe you will. I scarcely feel qualified to comment on this topic, but as a novice onlooker, it occurs to me that these crimes are being done by Networks, yet they are always seemingly prosecuted on an individual basis in what seems like an ad hoc manner. The truly important people remain protected it seems.
Network crimes have to be tackled on a Network wide basis rather than simply prosecuting individuals for individual crimes . In order to destroy or severely damage a criminal network history suggests that you have to either make membership a crime and prosecute people based on their membership of the network , or you need an insider to provide the details of the crimes committed by all the network members and prosecute them all. If the police want this to end, and I assume many do, they have to find someone on the inside, above the level of a panderer who is willing to tell what they know to a Court
I realise this may sound naive, but it is so frustrating to see the low level panderers and paedophiles prosecuted one by one seemingly allowing the network to survive almost unscathed. The fact that people who have done these awful things are being prosecuted is a good thing obviously, but as your article demonstrates, it is the support structure within the police, social services and intelligence (allegedly) that is the source of real power for these evil groups. Until these support structures are tackled, and the protectors are unmasked and also prosecuted, the networks will be able to simply move on, find new panderers and survive, in my opinion. Thanks again.

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The quote from the defunct blog about 'Smooth Bobby' referred to Robert Kilroy-Silk and the selling of stories to the press and television by ex Bryn boys during the 1990s, just to give that its proper context.


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