Friday 5 September 2014


Simon Jenkins writes the following about Scottish independence:

1. I have to go to Edinburgh and imagine myself a Scot.

In that case there is no argument. 

I would vote yes...


2. Whatever deal follows whatever vote, there will be joint citizens, open borders, a common currency, joint banking, arrangements on welfare, security, tax-gathering and broadcasting.

Scotland may set its taxes differently, but the scope for drastic change will be limited... 


3. (The Union) has trapped Scotland in dependency and lack of enterprise for half a century...


4. I would vote yes because ... (of) the well-known advantages of newborn states and more intimate governments. 

Scotland ... would be driven towards true self-sufficiency, capable of resembling Denmark, Norway, Ireland or Slovakia as a haven for fleet-footed entrepreneurs.


5. The United Kingdom really ended with the departure of Ireland in 1922. 

In the past half-century the drift to self-determination has been remorseless... 

This craving for ever greater regional autonomy is rampant across Europe...


"At the moment we are seeing over 80% of the bets we are taking being placed on a Yes vote."

Bookies slash odds of a Yes vote


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At 5 September 2014 at 19:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

just plain weird. no conspiracy angle intended:
That's Michael Aquino's new "face"
His wife is Patricia Sinclair aka Lilith Aquino. Sinclair is quite the traditional family name. She probably has aristocratic background. whatever...


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