Wednesday 24 September 2014


"Goods will be transported by ship from China and offloaded in Eilat ... at the northern end of the Red Sea, then transported by train to Ashdod and reloaded onto ships bound for Europe. 

"The new route will offer shippers a safe and price-competitive alternative to the current Suez Canal route."

Read more: China firm to build new Ashdod port | The Times of Israel 

Therearenosunglasses - China Gets Zionist Contract To Build Giant Port At Ashdod and Land-Bridge Across Palestine To Med.

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At 24 September 2014 at 10:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


The following article by Arnold Leese is reprinted from Gothic Ripples, No. 49, dated 28th February, 1949. It shows that the seeds of Bolshevism were planted in China by Jews, who also tended and trained the growth that resulted. The corruption of the regime of Chiang Kai‑Shek caused many of the masses in China to turn to Communism for relief, since Chinese Communism is mixed with Nationalism and discourages the old Chinese curse of official corruption; but Communism in China has the same de­humanising effect on the people as it has elsewhere.


At 24 September 2014 at 12:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look what is under the Romanian mountains.

The Secret of Secrets: Tunnels in Bucegi Mountains — Displaying our true history discovered in 2003

Looks like Cayce was right. The hall of records does start under the Sphinx but it is a tunnel leading to Tibet, Tikal, Bagdad, China (temple of heaven) and Romania.

Genetic combinations 
At one table the subject is biology and the projected image are of plants and animals, some completely unknown. Tapping one of the squares, the hologram shows the structure of the human body. It develops holographic images of various areas of the body that always rotate. Other squares show projections of other beings, on other celestial bodies. By tapping simultaneously two different squares, a complex scientific analysis shows the DNA of both beings and possibilities of compatibility between them. On the side vertical lines appear, containing explanations (but in the strange writing seen everywhere) and at the end, the most probable mutant form appears as a result after combining the two genetic information.

True Giants
A confirmation of the giants in Romania can be found in a newspaper called “The Newspaper”: “The team at the newspaper is accompanied by researcher Vasile Rudan, who noted that the” stories “of people from the village Bozioru about giants who lived on those lands have concrete evidence: a cemetery with skeletons of giants.

At 25 September 2014 at 01:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the Palestinians will ever be forgotten, including by these now for-profit communists

At 21 February 2015 at 17:46 , Blogger siculi said...

How could China turn its back on Gaza., I guess now in 2015 the Chinese see that they too are targets of the zionist war machine. hopefully, they won`t be as cautious as the west with them But it is obvious , that the world now pPalestine cannot wait on such insolence.


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