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Craig Murray, a former UK ambassador says:

"Anybody who votes No (to Scottish independence) is voting to support a pathological state - which is a danger in the world - a rogue state and a state prepared to go to war to make a few people wealthy."

Craig Murray told an open public meeting in St Andrews that the actions he witnesses as a senior diplomat had changed his 'world view'.

Craig Murray

Craig Murray said: "I think it is impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom.

"I think when we invaded Iraq we did to the United Nations what Hitler and Mussolini did to the League of Nations. 

"If you look at Libya it is a disaster... 

"We killed 15,000 people when NATO bombed Sirte, something they never told you on the BBC. 

"Did we make it better?


Former British Ambassador Says UK is a Rogue State, and a Danger to the World

James R  (Greatest Hits / Crimes of Empire ) writes:

The underlying premise that Scotland is currently attached to a positive entity "protecting" it from outside marauders is completely incorrect in my opinion...

England and the UK are ruled by and for the City of London.

According to many researchers, including Webster Tarpley, the City of London is one of, if not the key power centres in the Anglo-American Zionist Empire. 

The people of Scotland are not being shielded from evil, they are under it's thumb. 

Another thing that makes it obvious how Scotland should vote are the high volume of low quality individuals and servants of the Empire calling for a "No" vote.

When a low quality individual such as the current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott describes the independence movement as the "enemies of freedom" and "enemies of justice" there can be no doubt that the forces of darkness and evil favour unity and are prepared to scrape the absolute bottom of the barrel in a desperate attempt to quash this movement because it risks exposing the fact that the Empire is run by Bankers, for Bankers. 

All wars are Bankers wars, as Mike Rivero said, and many of the most evil and influential are located in London.

Greatest Hits / Crimes of Empire.

Should Scotland and Palestine regain their freedom?


Who says NO to Scottish independence?

Cliff Richard has signed a letter urging Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.

There is a belief that most of the celebrities who are backing the 'Better Together' campaign are either mind-controlled or agents of Mossad.

People 'allegedly linked to boy brothels, child murders and the Kosher Nostra' push to keep Scotland in the UK / Celebrities trolled over 'love letter' to Scotland

Cliff is a supporter of Israel and his name has been linked to the boy brothel Elm Guest House.

Yewtree Investigation Cliff .

CLIFF RICHARD with Lord Boothby, who was involved with child sex rings for the elite.

So, among the spooky people who have signed the appeal are:

1. CLIFF RICHARD, who has allegedly been MIND CONTROLLED.


2. Mick Jagger

MICK Jagger has reportedly had sexual affairs with David Bowie, Brian Jones, MI5's Tom Driberg and many others.

Mick Jagger has reportedly been mind-controlled.

He is a supporter of Israel.

3. Esther Rantzen

The BBC'S ESTHER RANTZEN, who is Jewish, has been LINKED TO the boy brothel ELM Guest House.

Emma Freud

4. Emma Freud 


Spooky David Aaronovitch

5. David Aaronovitch

Aaronovich is a dangerous Jewish journalist whose columns look as if they have been produced by Mossad.

"Documents in the Belgium child rape and murder case pointed at the involvement of both Belgium AND Dutch politicians, judiciary and police ... but writers like Aaronovitch will tell you that it’s just another conspiracy theory...

"Whether defending the mythology of WMD’s in Iraq ... or defending Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, Aaronovitch has a pretty shameless record as an establishment gatekeeper..."


6. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, a very rich Jew, is a supporter of the Israeli defence Force, who are child killers.


Not the Elm Guest House list. Dan Snow, above, is married to a daughter of the Duke of Westminster.

Others who have signed:

Simon Schama (Jewish historian)

Harvey Goldsmith (Live 8 and goody bags worth nearly £7,000)

Andrew Lloyd Webber (Said to be acquainted with child actor Ben Fellows)



Colonel Tim Collins,

Michael Douglas,

Lord Charles Guthrie

Ross Kemp

Lord John Monks

Lewis Moody

Stella Tennant

Sir Alan West

Sir Nicholas Winton

Jonathan Yeo

Did you spot child abuser Jimmy Savile in 4 of the photos above?


Anonymous commented:

Every disgusting, worthless sold out old tart is trying to con you into staying Scotland.

None of these people could care less about Scotland either way.



  1. I'd say that everybody in Scotland should vote YES; so if a NO vote is declared, everyone will know that it was fix.




  5. With Craig Murray, English born and bred, leading the charge for independence, a no vote looks a certainty.

    The question is, though, what will the Scots do that's different from what's done in the UK now? Will they create a genuine free press, will they outlaw Poop Murdoch from Scottish airwaves once independence is gained, will they reinstate the death penalty for treason?

    An independence movement based on the expectation of an extra 50 quid a week from the rapidly diminishing flow of N Sea oil is not a movement for reform, it's a movement to provide jobs for the boys: Craig Murray for Scotch Foreign Minister: LOL

    1. An independent Scotland will get rid of nuclear weapons and will use its wealth to create a more fair society.

    2. An independent Scotland will not have to get rid of nuclear weapons. They won't have any. The Trident subs belong to the UK and will continue to belong to the UK after a vote for Scotch independence. What will happen at Faslane is another matter, but it is most unlikely that the subs will be removed within a week or two or a year or two of a yes vote.

      As for creating a more fair society, that's great, though it sounds a bit boring -- sort of more like Canada. Come to think of it, Canada is kind of an independent Scotland, so if the yes vote fails you could always emigrate!

      But how would an independent Scotland be more fair than the UK? Would you institute a tax on capital, print some kind of Scotch money and give it to the poor, or what? And how does independence for Scotland make such improvements easier to achieve than within the UK?

      Seems to me independence for Scotland is just about jobs for the boys, for there are no real differences political, racial or economic between the Scots and the English and the Welsh, and opinion polls indicate that they share similar political opinions.

      Sure the government in Westminster is corrupt. Corrupt as hell, but if you don't know what to do about that, you not likely to do any better dealing with a government in Edinburgh, which if Scotch history is anything to go by, will be at least as corrupt as the government in London.

    3. Trident - it's controlled by the USA.

      Creating a fairer society is not boring.

      Life expectancy in parts of Glasgow is lower than in Bangladesh.

      Scotland has 8% of the UK population but pays 9% of the tax.

      An independent Scotland will be much richer than England and will be better able to help the less fortunate.

      London is 100% more corrupt than Edinburgh.

      The Scottish government has shown sympathy for the people of Gaza.

      CanSpeccy, you come across as being either a troll or a right wing bigot?

    4. "London is 100% more corrupt than Edinburgh."

      Not 110%? LOL

      How come Scotch politicians like Blair and Brown are total crooks in London but will be humble servants of the public back at home?

      As for "An independent Scotland will be much richer than England and will be better able to help the less fortunate," there it is, the extra fifty quid a week theory of the better life through oil. Well good luck with that, mate.

    5. Blair's father was the illegitimate son of two English actors.

    6. Scots, not Scotch... Scots History, Scottish History.... Scotch is whiskey. We are Scots.

  6. Thats a cool one, folks, and so transparent its gonna make u laugh. Starting with pic no. 2 from up, u see down on the left of it pic, the logo of the place where those kids allegedly are? "SHAM CENTER", lol. How idiot can they be? They should look the word up in the dictionary. "Sham" is another synonym for fake, of course. So, in other words, "fake center", such training camp/center for kids doesnt exist. How are we duped and manipulated, its absolutely incredible.... In the 3rd and 5th pic u can clearly see white skinned individuals, European/American looking, behind those children.... Need to say more?

    How Islamic State training camps for children are swelling its ranks with junior jihadis


  8. aang, my searches come up short on answers so I have a question. Does Scotland use electronic voting machines? I hope not.

    1. No, Scotland does not use electronic voting machines. But the vote could still be rigged.

      - Aangirfan

  9. The United Kingdom as a rogue state and a danger to the world, a former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray said.

    Well done Sir! You should have added UK is responsible for creating the Colony now decimating everywhere?


    Mine eyes hath seen the Glory of the coming of Obama:
    He is trampling out the Countries of all people, no drama;
    He hath loosed the evil death of cluster bombs, Osama;
    His aim is hegemon.

    I have seen him in the White House and in glorious attire;
    You have worshipped him and given him the power to aspire;
    You will read his shining brilliance by the light of nuclear fire;
    His day is hegemon.

    I have watched his fiery rampage writ in burning death;
    As ye deal with such an outrage do not hold your breath;
    This serpent, born of woman, is possibly on meth;
    A devil is hegemon.

    He has issued his command to never be defeated;
    He is sifting out objectors to his FEMA camps created;
    Be swift obey lay down in jubilance, be seated;
    His wrath is hegemon.

    The beauty of this World seems alien to his aim;
    With evil in his breast to destroy will be a shame;
    He lives to make us slaves or accuses us the blame;
    YOUR GOD is hegemon.

  10. Hello Aangirfan,
    It's always a massive honour and thrill to find a brief quote in one of your articles. I apologise for not thanking you earlier, I seem to find acts of kindness a little overwhelming. I don't quite know how to respond, but thank you. You will never know how much it means.

  11. Merci beaucoup pour votre excellent travail
    Gisèle from Lille in France