Monday, 1 September 2014

Foley's sister is Lanza's friend?

Adam Lanza's friend and James Foley's sister




  1. Aangirfan,

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    1. this is a must see here, well hidden by search engines. I saw it on my blog click list is the only way I would have noticed it.

      This is the source of Zionist global banksters funds — centuries of bounty looted by Jesuit-Papal Knights (Templars, Malta, Columbus & British Order of The Garter/Bath) secreted away in private underground vaults, accounts hidden by a dizzying array of fronts, protected by bank secrecy laws in their created safe haven of Zurich Switzerland are hundreds of trillions in blood-money




  5. big bullshit



  8. 'James Foley ISIS Beheading Hoax - Siblings Kate and Michael Duping Delight - Fake Tears Obama Style!
    Duping delight is a term coined by Dr. Paul Eckman. He says, “duping delight is the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them”.
    'James Foley Beheading Hoax Anomalies Different Set of Crisis Actor Parents '

  9. Good exercise. In my opinion what they have in common is :
    -same voice and same linguistic filler
    -movements of lips are very similar (especially when they press lips often)
    -same eyebrows and type of hair
    -same side profile- nose (compare black and white picture on
    and interview at 5:44, 18:43 or mass memorial at 1:23:05 )

    -same double ring (one with stone) both on the same finger if you compare A.I. picture where she eats chips and K.F. on video interview at 17:09 for example. The shape of fingers and nails are identical.

    -but there is a little difference in the way they open the mouth, one shows the superior gum, the other not (artificial actor teeth?)
    -K.I. seems to have brighter or lighter eye colour (contact lens?)
    -both have moles in upper arm but I think not in the exact same place, not sure
    -A.I. is Jew (celebrates Hannuka,...),and K.F. takes christian communion (memorial video at 55:30). Strange here, she does not look or recognize John and Diane Foley, and brothers do the same, they just pass quickly leaving parents behind. Of course, like in the parents interview there is something weird going on: too much smiling...for a memorial mass.
    -A.I has a picture on her twitter with someone who looks like James Foley (June 18 ...)

    So, I'm really confused here. There are always amazing lookalikes out there. But here, I don't know, it could be some sociological game with crisis actors who are twins or very similar relatives. Michael and James Foley look almost like twins in some pictures, no resemblance with Katie or parents though. Alex Israel has also no resemblance to her mother Beth Israel nor to Adam Israel...
    Even if both women are not the same I'm sure they are acting, there aren't clearly natural reactions or gestures when talking about shocking and tragic events.
    People should get really angry with all these fake stories or false flags. More respect and dignity, cnn, yahoo, bbc, etc. are treating us like idiots!

    Alex Israel

    Katie Foley

  10. Who has access to a facial recognition software system?

    In th emiddle of packing, I stopped to rest and turned on the tube and up came the move "AA Grandpa for Christmas" starring Ernest Borgnine and a girl named Juliette Goglia. Made me blink several times, or maybe this issue was still on my mind.

    Someone once challenged the idea that a covert operator presumedly involved in the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer couldn't have used a disguise in 1964 but a simple Google search found proof of such capacity from a Hollywood background used by the CIA in earlier months, and evidence showing up in the conclusion of the movie "The List of Adrian Messenger". The ending of that was on YouTube.

    To suggest that actors with facial masking technology can't be used in today's "seen today, gone tomorrow" world of instant news is to have one's head in the sand.

  11. Alex Israel is now a “strategy analyst” at the Daily Beast. Isn’t that fun?!

  12. Here is a good catch.
    It is true that when YT channel Lift the Veil did a video exposing “Andy Parker”, his channel had dire consequences and was almost instantly hit with unrecoverable censorship.

  13. @skilla, That YouTube video is already gone.

  14. What about this Foley's beheading and sister's acting one ..