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Fairbairn and Smith, both linked to child abuse.

Sir Nicholas Fairbairn was the Solicitor General for Scotland.

He was close to Margaret Thatcher.

In 2000, the daughter of a prominent Scottish lawyer alleged that Fairbairn was part of a paedophile ring.

Reportedly Fairbairn was a visitor to the Elm Guest House boy brothel.

Sir Nicholas Fairbairn in child abuse scandal link.

Top Scottish Conservative Malcolm Rifkind (right) is the cousin of Leon Brittan.

Hand-written documents, seen by Scotland on Sunday, lists 'N Fairburn' as a visitor to the boy brothel on 7 June 1982.

The documents state that 'Fairburn' had 'used boys in sauna' and that photographs had been taken of him at the guest house.

Whistleblower Anthony Gilberthorpe says that Dr Alistair Smith, a former Conservative Party Chairman in Scotland, arranged for rent boys to have sex with Cabinet members.

George Thomas

George Thomas was the Speaker of the UK House of Commons from 1976 to 1983.

He was a Methodist lay preacher and liked sex with under-age boys.

In the 1960s, George Thomas was a government minister in the UK Home Office, responsible for the police and MI5.

Reportedly he helped Jeremy Thorpe, the leader of the Liberal Party, to cover up a sexual offence involving a young boy.

Jeremy Thorpe was later accused of trying to have one of his gay lovers murdered.

Read more: Speaker-blackmailed-gay-sex-secrets

Jeremy Thorpe

Member of Parliament Leo Abse revealed that George Thomas was blackmailed.

George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy paid for sex with underage boys.

Member of Parliament Leo Abse said of George Thomas:

"He would visit cinemas in London looking for boys to have sex with.

"He would pay young men to give him blow-jobs in train toilets between Cardiff and London.


Leo Abse, who liked boys

"George Thomas Lord Tonypandy also paid young boys to emigrate if they started bothering him - as admiringly reported by Leo Abse."

George Thomas was from Wales, where children's care homes were used as boy brothels by Members of Parliament.

Bryn Estyn Boys' Home in North Wales / DEEP STATE CHILD ABUSE; HAYMAN ...

"Gash on his forehead." dailymail.

In 2009, Nigel Evans, the Deputy Speaker in the London parliament, was accused of making an unwanted advance on a young man he had been drinking with.

He was interviewed by the Conservative Party's 'chief whip', but the matter was not reported to police.

Nigel Evans: Deputy Speaker accused of rape. / NIGEL EVANS; GEORGE THOMAS; MURDOCH.

Anonymous comments:

"The ‘hanging judge’ Lord Rayner Goddard, the Lord Chief Justice, literally used to spunk in his robes every time he passed a death sentence,( including Derek Bentley) and have a fresh pair of trousers to change into afterwards."

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