Friday 1 August 2014


Ihor Kolomoisky is the Kosher Nostra kingpin who reportedly downed MH17 in the Ukraine.

Kolomoisky is linked to Joe Biden and John Kerry through the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings.

Biden's Son, Kerry Family Friend Join Ukrainian Gas ....

Kolomoisky is reportedly involved in child sex trafficking and human organ trafficking.

Kolomoisky banks in Cyprus, a base of the Kosher Nostra.

Two Jews

In Ukraine, human organs don’t stink

Organ Gangs Force Poor to Sell Kidneys for Desperate Israelis

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At 28 July 2014 at 08:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ukraine Resistance Says Kiev Is Planning False-Flag Attacks
Sun, 07/27/2014

According to the Ukraine Resistance, the Kiev Junta is planning a false-flag attack, or a series of false-flag attacks, to be perpetrated in Ukraine and blamed on Russia. The attacks would provide a pretext for a military clampdown against Ukraine, and pave the way for a NATO attack against Russia.


At 28 July 2014 at 11:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ihor Kolomoisky, he’s your guy.

Is it a coincidence that multi-billionaire Jewish-Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky was just appointed Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in March? And that Dnipropetrovsk air traffic controllers were the ones who gave the order to divert? And that he is the main shareholder for Dniproavia, an airline headquartered at Dnipropetrovsk International Airport? And that Dniproavia has full control over Dnipropetrovsk International Airport? And that he spent $10 million to create a militia battalion in Dnipropetrovsk who are alleged to be responsible for the Odessa Massacre? And that he is literally putting bounties on separatists heads? And that Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son) and Devon Archer (a college roommate of John Kerry’s stepson) just joined the board of directors of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings Ltd, owned by Ihor Kolomoisky? And that a 10-day NATO exercise (US Navy included), was going on in the Black Sea, which just happened to involve “commercial traffic monitoring” and conclude on July 17th? And that Kolomoisky has dual citizenship in Israel? And that Israel started their ground offensive on July 17th? And that the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal just found the State of Israel and Amos Yaron guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide?

That is just too many coincidences for me.


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