Friday 1 August 2014


Who supports guns?

In 2012 it was reported that, in Honduras, citizens are allowed to have up to five personal firearms.

"Its lax laws contribute to high murder rates and make it a source for the region's arms traffickers."

Honduras to reevaluate gun control laws

Two thirds of the 1.8 million guns in Honduras are reportedly circulating illegally.

According to newspaper La Tribuna, just 600,000 guns are legally registered, leaving 1.2 million guns in undocumented circulation. 

The total figure, if accurate, equates to nearly one gun for every four people in the country, with La Tribuna reporting their total estimated value to be $1.8 billion.

Honduras is the world's most violent country.

A boy born there today has a one-in-nine chance of being murdered

A large number of the firms that make guns, such as Colt, are Jewish owned.

Jewish Marksmanship: Jews in the Firearms Industry.

The Jewish Mafia sends its weapons into Honduras via Florida, according to La Tribuna newspaper.

The CIA, working on behalf of the Jewish Mafia, tries to control the government of Honduras.

Negroponte, the JEW who helped destroy Honduras.

Honduras is like the USA.

The Honduran military has long had links to the CIA, dating back to the Contras, the fascist criminals who were backed by the CIA.

During the Reagan years, the CIA was involved in cocaine trafficking in Central America as part of the Contra war in Nicaragua.

Honduras by ZackClark

John Negroponte, a top JEW, was US ambassador in Honduras from 1981 to 1985.

There he worked closely with Honduran army to impose a fascist police state based on torture and murder.

A Honduran army death squad, Battalion 3-16, trained by the CIA, kidnapped, tortured and killed hundreds of people, including US missionaries.

When a wave of torture and murder staggered a small U.S. ally. (Baltimore Sun)

Negroponte knew about these human rights violations and yet continued to collaborate with the Honduran military while lying to Congress.

Hondurans by ZackClark

The CIA trained Battalion 316 in the United States.

Gen. Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, who directed Battalion 316, received strong U.S. support - even after he told a U.S. ambassador that he intended to use the Argentine method of eliminating subversives.

By 1983, when Alvarez's oppressive methods were well known to the U.S. Embassy, the Reagan administration awarded him the Legion of Merit for "encouraging the success of democratic processes in Honduras."

A CIA officer went frequently to a secret jail known as INDUMIL, where torture was conducted.

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At 16 March 2021 at 11:48 , Blogger Rogowskibubba said...

Prime Minister Benjamin #Netanyahu and President Juan Orlando Hernandez spoke on 20 September 2020, and reaffirmed that #Honduras and #Israel are close friends and strategic allies. 😉🤓 #NarcosHondurasTrial

OK - #NarcosHonduras trial
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Juan Orlando Hernandez spoke on 20 September 2020, and reaffirmed that #Honduras and #Israel are close friends and strategic allies. 😉🤓 (InnerCityPress draadje)


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