Friday 1 August 2014


Matter is a mirror image of antimatter

There is a belief that it is our minds that create matter.

'0' can become something.

How might things come into existence?

A mathematical equation shows us how it may work.

0 = +X -X

+X is matter (particles)

-X is anti-matter (anti-particles)

Why is there apparently more matter than anti-matter?

Perhaps, +X = +2X

+X is two rabbits about to breed.

The Tower of Pisa, on a good day.

Encounters between matter (particles) and anti-matter (anti-particles) reportedly lead to the annihilation of both.

(If a particle and antiparticle are in the appropriate quantum states, then they can annihilate each other and produce other particles.)

Where is the anti-matter?

It may be that there are regions of the universe in which matter is dominant, and other regions of the universe in which antimatter is dominant, and these are widely separated.

Or, the anti-matter may be mainly in some parallel universe.

However, the scientists really do not know much about anti-matter.

And neither do I.

Anti-Matter - one view (in the video) that we do not necessarily agree with! There is no experimental evidence of an imbalance in the creation rates of matter and antimatter.[2]

There is a belief that it is our minds that create matter.

Now, if we are selfless Christians or Buddhists, we can choose to see ourselves as '0'.

Or perhaps we should take a balanced view and see ourselves as both '0' and '+X -X'.

Meet the Child Who Feels No Pain.

Certain particles have been observed flipping between matter and antimatter .

Imagine if your ice cream spontaneously changed flavours.

Flavor-flipping neutrinos.

Is Prison Planet Editor Paul Joseph Watson MI6 Or A Shapeshifting Reptilian ?

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