Monday 23 June 2014



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Professor Dunleavy has published 'Transitioning to a new Scottish state'.

This concludes that the 'set-up costs' for Scotland would be “up to £200 million”.

That means setting up an independent Scotland for generations to come will cost no more than what our taxpayers contribute to the UK’s nuclear missiles each and every year.

Hs2 is costing Scotlands taxpayers nearly 5 BILLION.

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At 24 June 2014 at 01:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

FBI Rescues 168 of 'America's Children' From Sex Traffickers

At 24 June 2014 at 12:47 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

Aang/Irfan... im asking you to consider this aswell please! (im having a slight dispute with Tap regarding Kevin Annett and ITCCS)

Tap... please listen to what myself and many others are saying :'(
(this is the abuse and murder of children!)

Kevin Annett is not what he claims to be... in fact many regard him as sociopath, charlatan and an extremely sick individual.

I've talked to two people in Gardaí... there is NO EVIDENCE of the mass grave of 800 babies in Ireland, being 'ritualistic sacrificed'... it looks as if the mass grave is a collection of babies that the mothers (usually Catholic and unmarried) did not want, the system did not want... it's a mass grave of 800 babies over a period of what may be decades.

What Kevin Annett is stating is PURE FICTION!

Tap, readers... please read the links, check the evidence, and come to a logical conclusion as to who and what Kevin Annett is, what he's doing.

I don't understand how a 'truther' blog, can sensor comments regarding such an issue! Questioning the intentions of someone who may very well be taking ya'll for a ride... for financial gain, notoriety and what may be a sociopathic mindset.

108 MPs and ALL 15000 UK Social Workers...

I understand why some of you would be suspicious of someone like me, and be suspicious of MPs calling for an inquiry... BUT IT'S A HELL OF ALOT MORE PRODUCTIVE AND EFFECTIVE IN COMBATING CHILD ABUSE THAN PEDDLING ABSOULUTE CROCK!

At 25 June 2014 at 07:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can confirm what Shirlz is saying above. Kevin Annett has been rife with controversy since I have begun studying his claims. He seems to be quite the enigma, claiming that 'his' ITCCS, using Common Law processes, has indicted and convicted the Queen of England and several others, and are only awaiting arrest. This, considering that Common Law processes are not currently recognized in ANY law system around the world, makes every effort and claim of Mr. Annett superfluous, regardless if his claim is derived from Natural Law.

The crux of the controversy with Mr. Annett within his group evidently surrounds the accusation that he has not paid a promised amount to a number of his 'interviewees' and witnesses.

This newest development, that his claims are exaggerated, adds credence to the supposition that he may indeed be a disinformationalist adding smoke to the fire.


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