Wednesday 18 June 2014


Riots in England, but not in Scotland.

The London government faces the problems of  a trade deficit, a housing bubble and anaemic productivity growth.

UK economy: Smooth sailing? - Financial Times 18 June 2014.

 Riots in England, but not in Scotland.

Scotland, on the other hand, has a trade surplus, no housing bubble and good productivity growth, especially in the oil industry.

There was a 25 per cent real depreciation of sterling in 2007-08.

Yet the UK's current account deficit deteriorated to end 2013 at 5.4 per cent of gross domestic product, one of the largest in British history.

UK economy: Smooth sailing? - Financial Times 18 June 2014.

(Scotland has a current account surplus. Scotland exports more than it imports)

In England, there has been the collapse in productivity growth.

UK economy: Smooth sailing? - Financial Times 18 June 2014.

England  is not good at innovation and efficiency.

The high-productivity sectors include: oil extraction (Scotland's North Sea oil) and utilities (including Scotland's alternative energy sector).

UK economy: Smooth sailing? - Financial Times 18 June 2014.

It is the Scots who have invented most things.

 The UK today

England does do well in the sectors of prostitution, narcotics and smuggling.

(In 1987, Italy started taking account of its 'shadow economy' when it calculated its GDP. As a result, Italy's economy grew by 18% overnight. National accounts: Sex, drugs and GDP )

UK economy: Smooth sailing? - Financial Times 18 June 2014.

Oxfam poster describing England

COMMENT in the Financial Times

"What really matters is the current account deficit. As long as this is negative, Britain is importing capital to blow on consumption... 

"Our politicians welcome the Chinese, and this is treated as good news, but as far as I can tell, most of the discussions seem to concern negotiations to sell them even more of our national wealth."

Remember that we are about to see the End of ENGLAND, according to MoneyWeek.

Angus Tulloch is one of the UK's top fund managers.

He supports the idea of an independent Scotland.

He points out:

1. A higher percentage of people in Scotland go on to higher education than in the wider UK.

2. Scotland has very strong assets, including energy.

3. The London government is too 'southeast-centric'.


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At 18 June 2014 at 09:16 , Blogger shirlz007 said...


At 29 August 2014 at 17:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It warms my heart to think of the political achievement we have reached so far. Not by wielding weapons or slaying humans but with wit, determination, courage,skill and integrity.
All good traits of the people inhabiting a land known as Scotland.
All the English have EVER done, is trample round the globe and destroy people and their cultures. Did they think they would get away with it forever ?
Sense and logic alone dictate that not to be the case.
This is THEIR own doing, coming back to bite them on the arse.
They thought ignorance would see them through. Wrong.
They thought invading and controlling neighbouring lands would SECURE their little sect. Wrong.
The Eng's are about to get a wake-up call.
Looking at the arsenal of WOMD ENGLAND threaten the globe with, the apparent guise of a 'deterrent' fails to instill any confidence on the grounds that these weapons are not DESIGNED to DEFEND anything or any nation !
They are DESIGNED as a RETALIATORY strike mechanism to ensure mutually assured destruction.
This equates to 'If we are going to get hit, make sure we hit them back' !
That ALONE, tells me, (and should tell others), these things are bloody useless other than putting us on the map as a FIRST STRIKE location.
Even the SIZE of the country signifies that if just ONE strike is successful then the entire nation is wiped out !
So, what is the damned point in running about with submarines piled with nukes if all they are going to do is annihilate more people ?
The paradigm shift started a long time ago and is about to come to fruition.
RIP MR Wallace.
Your belief(s) and ideology shall be upheld, maintained and executed with accuracy and precision.


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