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Savile was a close friend of Israel.

It is believed that Sir Jimmy Savile was an agent of the security services.


The blog Fighting Back has a child abuse Timeline

Here are extracts and some additions:

1950 -  Eisenhower, Hoover, Edward Teller, and Ernest Lawrence attended the Bohemian Grove in California.

Reportedly, Bohemian Grove is where the top people meet to carry out child sacrifice.


Eisenhower at Bohemian Grove 1950.

1953 - The US government sanctioned Project MKUltra, the CIA's programme to produce mind-controlled people, including sex slaves. 

Experiments are carried out on large numbers of children taken from children's care homes, such as Boys Town. 

A child victim of the CIA's MK ULTRA
The MK ULTRA scientists, working in around 80 institutions, include Nazi war criminals. 

Donald Ewen Cameron worked on the programme in Canada and William Sargant worked on the programme in London.

The MK ULTRA scientists made use of torture.

Roger Dean Kiser-Founder of "The Whitehouse Boys", the boys of the Arthur G Dozier School. (

1950s 1960s - The Arthur G Dozier School, in Marianna in Florida, was a home for boys.

Excavators have discovered 50 bodies buried in the grounds of the school, which was shut in 2011.

In 2008, the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, was forced to launch an investigation into the "hundreds of unmarked graves located at the school".

Marianna and Marianna Army Air Field.

Rape, torture and murder took place at this school in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Don Stratton says "I witnessed them killing a boy, OK. They beat him to death."

Dick Colon said he was forced to lie face-down on a blood-soaked pillow that had small pieces of lip, tongue and skin from the previous boy's beating.

Colon recalls looking through the steamed-up window of a tumble-drier in the school laundry and seeing a black boy inside, churning round and round. 


1950s and 1960s In Northern Ireland, in the United Kingdom, there was 'Nazi-style' abuse of children in children's care homes.

One former resident says that "he was in a chain gang polishing floors, bathed in detergent as punishment and sexually assaulted by a woman when he was aged five or six.

The Sisters of Nazareth order of nuns oversaw St Joseph's Home in Termonbacca in Londonderry and used to bath the children in Jeyes fluid.

The witness claimed: "It was kind of like a Zyklon B gas chamber."

Church-run 'hell hole' homes were 'like Nazi concentration camps' /
 Children Forced To 'Eat Their Own Vomit' In Church-Run 'Hell Hole' / Children's homes 'like Auschwitz'

Nazareth Lodge

1955 - Earliest recorded instance of child abuse by Jimmy Savile, in Manchester when running dance hall.

Late 1950's - Savile (suspected of working for the security services) visits Moscow.


Mid 1950s - The charity Colonia Dignidad was set up in Chile by a 'Jewish Nazi' called Paul Schäfer Schneider.

Reportedly, the CIA, Mossad and the West German secret service used Colonia Dignidad for experiments involving the torture and mind control of kidnapped children.

"It was known since 1964 that the members of the commune were being subjected to torture; it was known since 1977 that political prisoners were tortured there; and the child abuse was known about since the 1970s."

Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

Colonia Dignidad, which became Villa Baviera.

"Germans in the colony knew how to keep a person alive for several days or weeks while putting him or her through the most terrible agony and humiliation..."

Colonia Dignidad is said to have links to a large number of Nazis linked to Operation Paperclip, MK ULTRA brainwashing, satanic ritual abuse, AmeriCares, the Knights of Malta and the Vatican.

German authorities investigated charges that from thirty to forty children reported missing from the Bonn and Cologne areas wound up at Colonia Dignidad. 

Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

Michael Townley - "the primary liaison between Colonia Dignidad and the Pinochet regime was an American CIA agent named Michael Townley who also served as a member of the Chilean secret police in addition to helping plan the military coup that ousted Allende. Latin American Cults Part I

1956 - John Ross led a fact-finding committee investigating Australian children's homes to which British children had been sent.

He wants 26 institutions blacklisted.

His report is ignored by the government.

It later transpires that large numbers of children have been tortured and raped in children's care homes in Australia.

Boys' home horror recalled.

Often the police have been involved in the abuse.

Two journalists from Australia's Sun-Herald claimed see evidence of the satanic ritual abuse of children.

They interviewed six mothers whose children had disclosed experiences of SRA and organised abuse in New South Wales.


Cathy O'Brien

1957 - Cathy O'Brien is born. She becomes a child victim of the mind control government project named Project Monarch, part of MK ULTRA

She recalls that as a child she was sexually abused by international pedophile rings, drug barons and satanists.



11-year-old Moira Anderson is last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, Scotland. 

According to The Sunday Times (Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier), 23 April 2006, Strathclyde Police have a dossier listing members of a child-abuse ring. 

The dossier is said to implicate senior public figures, including senior police officers and members of the Crown Office and former Scottish Office.

The Bexley Boys Home in Australia - opened in 1915 and closed in 1979.

1960s 1970s - Boys are being 'rented out' for abuse at a Salvation Army boys' home in Australia.

At several salvation army homes for boys in Australia, boys are being beaten and sexually abused.

"A man named FV told police that in 1974 the Superintendent of the Bexley home, Captain Lawrence Wilson, introduced him to a woman in Salvation Army uniform who was accompanied by a man.

"FV said they took him back to their home and sexually abused him."

1960 - In his book 'As It Happens', Savile describes this as the year he visits Elvis Presley in California.

Harvey Proctor. 

1961, 1st January - Conservative Monday Club founded by Ian Greig, Paul Bristol, Cedric Gunner and Anthony Maclaren.

Some members that appear on the Elm Guest house (boy brothel) list are: Harvey Proctor, John Rowe, Peter Campbell, Richard Miles, Peter Glencross (editor of newsletter), Charles Irving and Stan Mathews (not footballer).

John Wetterer

1963 - War in Vietnam. AmeriCares began in Vietnam when Robert Macauley helped a 'child-abusing' American soldier, John Wetterer, set up the Shoeshine Boys Foundation.

Allegedly, the Shoeshine Boys was a pedophile ring serving the American military.

1963 - 1968 - abuse at Kincora boys home, Belfast (believed to be run as a boy brothel by MI5)

1963 - Male victim comes forward to claim Savile raped him in Cheshire but is told by police to “forget about it”.

Kray Twins, possible victims of mind control.

1963 - Lord Boothby introduced to the Kray twins (gangsters who reportedly supplied young boys to the elite).

1964 - William Combes says he witnessed "the abduction of ten fellow residential school children by the Queen of England and her husband in October, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada."

Reportedly, around 50,000 aboriginal (native Indian) children died in residential schools in Canada

1965 - 1988 - Savile volunteer porter and fundraiser at Stoke Mandeville hospital. Also had his own quarters there. Satanic abuse alleged.

1965 - Greystone Heath, approved school for boys in Warrington, being used by child abuse ring.

1966 - Mountbatten introduces Savile to Prince Philip.

1966 - Jimmy Savile awarded honorary green beret by the Royal Marines.

1966 - Michael Trestrail (linked to the Elm guest house boy brothel) becomes the Duke of Edinburgh's "personal police officer".

1967 - Prince Edward begins service as the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales.

Guy Marsden

1967 - 13 year old Guy Marsden, Jimmy Savile's nephew, frequently taken to wealthy celebrities houses in London with his friends, where men sexually abused girls and boys as young as 10, with Savile present.

1969 - Savile visits the child abuse island of Jersey.

1969, 10th December - Savile records 'Christmas Songs of Praise' for the BBC from Calder High School.

Warwick Spinks, who was caught on secret camera offering to supply a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and one featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy

Early 1970's - soldier John Peters, who takes part in 'Bjorn tape' video of horrific sex assault on 8 yr old boy, goes absent without leave.


70's - 80's - abuse in Islington's children's homes under the watch of Margaret Hodge. Abuse in childrens homes nationally during this period an epidemic.

1970's - Savile becomes a regular visitor to Haut de La Garenne on the child abuse island of Jersey.

1970 - The Spartacus International Gay Guide published, annually. It lists child brothels worldwide.

1970 - first recorded instance of abuse by Savile at Duncroft school in Surrey.

Savile and Heath

1970, June 19th - Edward Heath, a frequent visitor to the child abuse island of Jersey, becomes Prime Minister.


1971, March 29th - Claire McAlpine, who had been a young dancer on BBC TV,commits suicide at 15. In her diary she named showbusiness personalities who she claims "used" her.

The allegations were dismissed both within and outside the BBC, and Jimmy Savile denied having known her.

Father Bruce Ritter mixing with the teenage boy prostitutes of New York.

1972 - Father Ritter, a vice president of Americares, set up a charity called Covenant House, 'as a cover for a pedophile ring'.

Cia's 'Christian' faction; AmeriCares, pedophile rings.

1973 - Michael Trestrail (linked to Elm Guest House) becomes the Queen's bodyguard.

1973 - 1982 - Children from Grafton Close Children's Home being abused at Elm guest house by top people.


Right - Sir peter Morrison with Thatcher. Left - North Wales children's care home used as a boy brothel. ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.

1974 - 1990 - Child abuse occurs at various North Wales children's homes.

Margaret Thatcher's close friend Sir Peter Morrison, and a McAlpine, are reportedly involved.

mid 1970's -  P.I.E. campaign to legalise sex with children over 4.

1975 - Prince Edward serves as President of The Scout Association.

A large number of child celebrities are reported to be victims of the CIA's MK ULTRA mind-control.

1975 - Project MKUltra is brought to public attention by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress.

1975 - Jimmy Savile 10 day 'state visit' to Israel. He meets President Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, and was organised by John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

1975 - Savile reportedly beat and raped girl at Stoke Mandeville hospital as part of a satanic ritual with other adults in the hospital basement. He chanted 'Hail Satan' in Latin. Girl first spoke out in 1992.

1970s onwards - Boys being sexually abused at Boys Town.

Larry King got children for his Franklin child abuse ring from Boys Town, Omaha.

Child victims said that King took part in the satanic ritual murder of children. (Franklin Credit Union Child-Sex Scandal)

The "Washington Post", "New York Times", "Village Voice" and "National Law Journal" referred to the accusations.

King was linked to Iran-Contra.

King was said to have provided the CIA with information gained from the users of the child sex ring.


Savile and Thatcher

1975, 30 October - 1980, 17 Nov- The Yorkshire Ripper murder spree.

Savile later viewed as a suspect in Ripper murders and questioned by West Yorkshire Police. Moulds taken of teeth.

1976 - Jimmy Savile at Haut de La Garenne sexually abuses ''John'' who is aged 10 at time of assault. Two top police officers officers claim that Jersey's the Haut de la Garenne care home was at the heart of a ''well-protected paedophile ring''.

Victims of the Oakland county child killer.

1975 - 1976 -  Francis D Shelden owned North Fox Island, in Lake Michigan. The island was a major centre of child abuse activity.  Shelden was also reportedly Frank Torey editor of PAN and of Spartacus with Stamford.

1976 and 1977 - Oakland county child killer, unidentified serial killer responsible for the murders of
four or more children, two girls and two boys, in Oakland County, Michigan, USA. Frank Shelden/Torey?

1976 - Savile in Belfast, site of the Kincora Boy's Home (reportedly used as a boy brothel by MI5).

Guatemalan children with the Toybox charity which has links to the 'CIA front' organisation World Vision.

1976 - John Hugh Wetterer, a Vietnam War veteran founds an orphanage in Guatemala City called Mi Casa. According to reports, it becomes a centre of child abuse.

Cia's 'Christian' faction; AmeriCares, pedophile rings.

1977 - victim, aged 11, abused by Peter Righton and other members of P.I.E. in London until 16. Cyril Smith and other vips allegedly involved.

1977, February 5th - Ripper victim number 3 - ROUNDHAY murder of Irene Richardson. Savile living at his penthouse flat overlooking the park at this time and some time before, yards from the murder. Savile viewed as a suspect and questioned by West Yorkshire Police. Moulds taken of teeth. David Wilson calls for inquiry.

1978, July - Savile thrown off luxury cruise liner SS Canberra after an assault claim on a 14 yr old and being quizzed by the Captain. (But he will back on board 15 yrs later in 1993.)

1979 - 81 - Vincent, abused in Elm Guest house age 11 and house next to church in Sea Rd, Bexhill.

1979, 4th May - Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister.

Martin Allen

1979, 5th November - Martin Allen, 15, disappears. Last seen by a friend at King’s Cross Tube station as he made his way home from school.

Man and boy seen acting suspiciously at Earl's Court, just a few miles from Elm Guest House. Photofit bears remarkable resemblance to Harvey Proctor.


Andrew Ash

Part Two of the Child Abuse Timeline. We include extracts from the blog Fighting Back and some additions:

1980's - A female member of the UK parliament sexually abused a thirteen-year-old boy called Andrew Ash.

Andrew Ash was brought from a government children's home, to parliament, to be sexually abused.

The female MP was part of a pedophile ring 'at the heart of government', a ring that included Sir Jimmy Savile.

Andrew was also trafficked to Amsterdam on a number of occasions.

Female MP abused boy in care - ‎

Peter Hatton-Bornshin

1980's - As a child, Peter Hatton-Bornshin stayed at the local-government-run Grafton Close Children's Home.

He was forced to take part in drug-fuelled orgies at the Elm Guest House, orgies which involved top people.

When he was a little older, Peter was sent to Broadmoor mental hospital, where he died in mysterious circumstances.

Julian Lewis, linked to Derek Laud

Early 1980's - Derek Laud becomes first black member of the Conservative Monday club.


Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio

1981 - the Portuguese police accused the caretaker of a Casa Pia state-run children's home of raping dozens of children over a period of 30 years.

In the 1980s the police dropped their investigation and officials destroyed documents.

(Portuguese president denies link to child abuse scandal)

In 2004, news reports appearing in the Jornal de Noticias claimed that Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio and Portugal’s European Commissioner Antonio Vitorino had been mentioned in anonymous letters sent to the magistrates investigating the Casa Pia child abuse scandal.

aangirfan: CASA PIA / (Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case)

1981 - 3 senior care staff at Kincora boys home (Boy brothel reportedly run by MI5) jailed for abusing 11 boys.

Vishal Mehotra

1981, 4th August (Royal Wedding) - Vishal Mehrotra goes missing on way home to Putney, less
than a mile from Elm Guest House. Body found in 1982 in woodland in Sussex.

1982 - Johnny Gosch is kidnapped, reportedly by the US military.

Noreen Gosch gave the court sworn testimony linking U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.) to the nationwide pedophile ring that kidnapped her son.

Noreen Gosch said: "This ... was an offshoot of ... the MK-Ultra program developed in the 1950s by the CIA."

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. 

Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in satanic snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a satanic murder.

Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control.

In a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. 


1982 - John Rowe (MI5) and Terry Dwyer persuade Carole Kasir to change her Elm Guest House into a boy brothel.

1982 - An advert for Elm Guest House placed in Spartacus International Gay Magazine,

1982, June - John Rowe, of Elm Guest House, takes 'Rusty' to Amsterdam. He is in care.

Other boys taken to Amsterdam too by John Rowe.

Rowe's trips to Holland organised for Monday Club, also cruises. Recruited via rent boy scene. Selected boys sent on ‘holiday’.

1982, June 19th - The London police' Special Patrol Group of 60 officers raid the Elm Guest House.

A 17-year-old rent boy is detained.

This rent boy had appeared in the BBC's Dr Who and in a Royal Command performance.

The police find whips, chains, ropes and pornogrphic films.

1982, July 9th - Queen is visited by an intruder in her bedroom.

1982, August 7th - ''at least 3 MP's, a member of Buckingham Palace, and leading lawyers, doctors and city businessmen'' are questioned as part of inquiries relating to a vice ring' in ''a brothel in a smart London suburb''.


Martin Allen

Vishal Mehrotra and Martin Allen disappeared not far from Elm Guest House between 1979 and 1981.

1982, November 10th - British pedophile spy Geoffrey Prime is jailed for 35 years after admitting he had been selling secrets to the Russians for 14 years.

1982, November 12th - Newspaper again mentions in same breath the Trestrail (Queen's bodyguard) and Geoffrey Prime security breaches.

1983 - Accusations are made concerning the sexual abuse of young children at the McMartin preschool in California.

Reportedly, children at the school were sexually abused by top people.

Michael Aquino, child sex abuse

Jordan, Minnesota

1983 - In Jordan, Minnesota, several children made allegations of satanic ritual abuse against their parents and an unrelated man.

The man confessed and then identified a number of the children’s parents as perpetrators.

Twenty-four adults were charged with child abuse though only three went to trial with two acquittals and one conviction.[53]

Despite strong medical findings of sexual assault, all other charges were dropped.

The children made allegations concerning child pornography, child murder, and ritual sacrifice.

Emanuela Orlandi

1983 In Italy, Emanuela Orlandi disappears.

Mob boss and 'friend of the Vatican and CIA', Enrico De Pedis, has been linked to the kidnapping of Emanuela.

De Pedis.

De Pedis was buried in Sant'Apollinare church after he was gunned down in 1990 in Rome's Campo De Fiori.

De Pedis controlled the drug trade in Rome and was reportedly protected by the police and security services.


In 2008 Sabrina Minardi, De Pedis' girlfriend, claimed that the deceased American Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the chief of the Vatican bank, was behind the kidnap of Emanuela.


Father Gabriele Amorth, who has worked for the Vatican over many years, told La Stampa that missing schoolgirl Emanuela Orlandi was forced to take part in sex parties.

According to Amorth: "This was a crime with a sexual motive.

"This has previously been stated by (deceased) monsignor Simeone Duca, an archivist at the Vatican, who was asked to recruit girls for parties with the help of the Vatican gendarmes.

"Parties were organised, with a Vatican gendarme acting as the 'recruiter' of the girls.

"The network involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy to the Holy See.

"I believe Emanuela ended up a victim of this circle."


According to a phone caller to a TV program: ''To find the solution to the case, go and see who's buried in the crypt of the basilica of Sant'Apollinare.''

The caller implied that Emanuela had been kidnapped as a favour to Cardinal Ugo Poletti.

The motive was said to be sexual.

De pedis allegedly supplied teens to cardinals for sex.

De Pedis.

Mob boss, Enrico De Pedis was buried in a diamond-encrusted tomb in the central Roman Basilica of Sant’Apollinare, beside the Opus Dei University of the Holy Cross.

On 14 May 2012, police forensic experts exhumed the tomb. They found hundreds of bones in an ossuary nearby in the crypt.

Some people believe that the Mob boss de Pedis was the son of Cardinal Poletti, the Vicar of Rome, who was very close to former Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti.

De Pedis reportedly was involved in the CIA's Operation Gladio, which carried out acts of terrorism in Italy.

Quel “benefattore” di Enrico De Pedis detto “Renatino” | le cose che ...Translate this page

1983, April, 19 - 30th - Kasirs, the owners of the Elm Guest House boy brothel are given suspended sentences.

Leon Brittan (right)

1983, 11th June - Leon Brittan becomes Home Secretary.

1984, Savile accepted as a member of the Athenaeum, a gentlemen's club in London's Pall Mall, after being proposed by Cardinal Basil Hume.

1984 - Geoffrey Dickens MP hands over 50 page dossier on VIP child abuse with links to Elm Guest House to Leon Brittan's office.

Mark Tildsley

1984, June 1st - Mark Tildlsley, 7, lured from fair and murdered by Sydney Cooke and gang. No prosecutions made, and Cooke's role in murder not investigated until 1999.

Sydney Cook, whose pedophile ring has been linked to a former UK government minister.

A former Conservative government minister is suspected to be linked to Sidney Cooke who tortured and killed 14-year-old Jason Swift in 1985.

Cooke's ring may have included Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith and top judges.

Jason Swift has links to Baby P. In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. A close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring. Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child abuse.

A former detective has told the Sunday Mirror that in 1986 the minister was ­photographed at a premises in North London where boys taken, from Kings Cross, were taken to be raped.

The former detective says that, back then, up to 16 top people were due to be arrested.

But the police operation was suddenly closed down.

Margaret Hodge (Margaret Oppenheimer)

1985 - first public allegation of abuse in Islington's Council care by Demetrious Panton to Margaret Hodge.
(very existence of which would be ignored until 1989).

1985 - Cliff Richard appears on ''Jim'll Fix It''.

Jason Swift. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London) Sidney Cooke, Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver, and Lennie Smith, were involved in the death of Jason Swift.

1985, November - Jason Swift, 14, brutally raped and murdered by Sydney Cooke and three accomplices – Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver and Steven Barrell.

Swift is a believed resident of Islington council's Conewood Street home.

Michael Aquino

1986 - San Francisco police began investigating claims of sexual abuse centering around the Army's Child Development Center at the Presidio of San Francisco.

In 1987, a girl identified Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino as the person who had had abused her.

1986 - The Sunday Times exposes Spartacus. Undercover reporters offered 2 boys in manila, 8 and 14. He said "If you are discreet, I can guarantee you will get as many boys as you want in the Philippines."

Oude Pekela

1989 - a group of parents published allegations in a conservative magazine that their children had witnessed Satanic Ritual Abuse and had been ritually abused from May, 1987 until October 1988 in Oude Pekela, in the Netherlands.

During the initial investigation, only the non-ritual aspects were reported in the press and investigated by the authorities.

In 1989 the Christian news program Tijdsein reported allegations that included satanic ritual abuse, to which there was no official response. 

Oude Pekela doctors Fred Jonker and Ietje Jonker-Bakker alleged that several children had been abused by unknown men in the context of satanic rituals. 

1987 - Beat Meier and Roger Lawrence (P.I.E. member) were caught by UK customs in 1987 trafficking a 3 year old boy on the Ostend - Dover ferry.

Meier’s name is also believed to have come up during the Marc Dutroux investigation in Belgium, along with Spartacus boss John D. Stamford. http://spotlightonabuse

1987 - Plans drawn up to appoint Savile to run a taskforce overseeing Broadmoor hospital - during a meeting at the Athanaeum.

1987, 10th March - Daniel Morgan, private investigator for Southern Investigations murdered in pub car park, Sydenham, following important police corruption probe.

1987, May - Harvey Proctor resigns as MP for Billericay after being involved in spanking sessions with young male prostitutes.

1988 - The Franklin child prostitution ring provides boys to top U.S. politicians.[1]

Religious leaders and Washington politicians flew children to Washington for sex orgies.

The sex ring was led by, "a cult of devil worshipers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children."[1]

Right - Johhny Gosch, one of the children reportedly  kidnapped by the US military.

Many of the children described satanic rituals that they were forced to attend, some of which involved sacrificing infants and young children.

Children attending these sacrifices were warned that if they ever told anyone they would be the next to be sacrificed.

General Michael Aquino of the USA's national Security Agency is said to have kidnapped Johnny Gosch.

In addition, they told of being flown to locations around the country in King’s private plane to parties where they were expected to take part in any sexual acts demanded of them...

Several of the children in Kings prostitution ring recount stories of seeing George Bush at some of King’s Parties.

At least one of King’s young prostitutes reported that at one party, she saw George Bush pay King and then depart with a young black man...

At least two of (King's) victims have been wrongly imprisoned for refusing to recant their testimony. 

Paul Bonacci (above) claimed the sex ring was based at Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha.

Bonacci said he was abused at the air force base from the age of three onwards. The abuse began in 1970.

At Offutt, Paul said he was "trained" by tortures, heavy drugging and sexual degradation.

Offutt AFB was George W. Bush post 9 11 headquarters for a short period.

Larry King was reportedly released from prison on April 11, 2001 after serving about five years.


1988 - Alan Williams (21) and Warwick Spinks (25) set up Boys Club 21 and Gay Palace in Amsterdam.

1988 - The BBC's Chris Denning jailed for three years for indecent assault on a 13-year-old boy and possession of indecent photographs.

1988, February - ''police raid David Hamilton-Grant's Wraysbury boatyard and house.

"Grant -Hamilton is known as the ring leader in a sickening child - porn ring, and also accused of being involved in a heroin and cocaine smuggling racket through Turkey to London".

1989 - Leon Brittan knighted. Also resigns as MP to become European Commissioner for Competition at the European Commission.

1989 - Robert Oliver found guilty of Jason Swift's manslaughter. Sentenced to 15 years in jail but served 8, released in 1997. Not on sex offenders register as his sentence.

Fernbridge | theneedleblog.

1989, Feb 3rd - Colin Peters, Alan Delaney, Ernest Whittington, Victor Burnett, sentenced at the Old Bailey for involvement in a ''sex ring'' which ''lured boys as young as 10 into prostitution'' over a 5 yr period (around 1983 - 1987).

Convictions arose from yr long investigation, 'Operation Hedgerow'.

Police believe part of a much wider ring involving ''influential, professional people and its tentacles reach into Westminster and Whitehall''. Said to ''resemble the Mafia in its organisation and strength.''

Colin Peters, alleged ringleader who received 8 yrs, a former barrister and Foreign Office official from Bayswater. He is also listed as a guest in the documents relating to Elm Guest House.

Group now linked heavily to the Elm Guest House scandal and Operation Hedgerow bears striking ''similarities'' to Operation Fernbridge, and similarly involves child trafficking to Amsterdam.

Judge said it resembles the Mafia possibly because it is indeed connected to it!.. ''Informed sources in Britain believe that the Delaney Peters ring and the Moncini-linked networks are connected, and that both are part of an international pedophile conspiracy.''

Sydney Cooke

1989, May - Sydney Cooke sentenced to 19 years in jail for the manslaughter of Jason Swift.

Sydney Cooke allegedly handed boys to a former top cabinet minister suspected of being part of a VIP ­ paedophile ring for vile sex orgies.

late 1980's/by 1990 - Amsterdam bars/scene - Boys Club 21 (Alan Williams), Gay Palace (Spinks), Boys for Men, De Boys, The Blue Boy busiest watering holes in international child abuse jungle.

A Swiss businessman is caught in Amsterdam with handcuffs, a gag and a large suitcase with airholes in the side;

Alan Williams introduces two paedophile friends from Wales, John Gay and Lee Tucker who sell Welsh boys into the clubs on Spuistraat at £120 a time.

'Frank', informant (1990-1993) from Nick Davies article caught up in paedo underworld and witnessed snuff film with Spinks in Canaries. Kid no older than 12. Detectives discovered Alan Williams and friends had been discussing doing this in the barn of a German from one of the Spuistraat clubs. /


'Victims of van Rooyen'

Part Three of the Child Abuse Timeline. We include extracts from the blog Fighting Back:

1990 - Gert van Rooyen and his accomplice are accused of murdering several young girls.

One of the accused's sons is later accused of murdering a Zimbabwean girl in 1991.

This son claims his father's victims are involved in international child pornography rings, slavery and Satanic rituals.[33][34][35]

The case is so similar to crimes committed by Marc Dutroux that multiple agencies investigate a possible international smuggling ring in prostituted children and body parts.[36]

1990's - Scallywag magazine names Alastair McAlpine as an abuser of children from a care home in North Wales.

1990 - North Wales children's care homes abuse. Stephen Norris is jailed for 12 years for rape and indecent assault.

The Crest Hotel in Wrexham, 'where child abuse took place'.

1990 Elm Guest House boy brothel owner Carol Kasir gives a list of top people to whistleblower.

Soon after, Carole Kasir is found dead, age 47, in her flat.

1990 - Child rapist and 'murderer' Jimmy Savile is awarded a Papal Knighhood by Pope John Paul II,  reportedly an asset of the CIA.

1990 - In Rochdale, up to 20 children are taken from their homes and parents after social services believe them to be involved in satanic or occult ritual abuse.

Rochdale is the home of child abuser Sir Cyril Smith.

The late 80's and early 90's prominently feature citations of satanic ritual abuse.

1990, March - September - Investigations into the Elm Guest House boy brothel reveal that  Richmond Social Services and the police have been 'wrongfully taking ... children into care (and) falsifying evidence."

Boys have been supplied to a number of MPs, local councillors and other important figures.

Some of whom are as young as 8 years old.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was the first president of the Bilderberg Group. Reportedly, as a child, Regina Louf visited his yacht Jumbo VI. Regina Louf was one of the child victims of the Dutroux pedophile gang.

1990 - 'A' contacted the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC) and says that as a young teenager he was forced to film snuff movies in a warehouse in or around Amsterdam.

Before he can give testimony, he is drugged and pulled into a van. He is never heard of again. /

1990, October - The UK police are informed of (1) Alan Williams trafficking boys into Amsterdam (2)  a dozen tapes, produced in a house in North London with bondage room for boys, delivered to Alan Williams (3) Warwick Spinks selling a special video for £4,000 of a boy 8/9 being tortured by 2 men.


Spinks is connected to the Temse network (Belgium-Holland-Portugal) and to organized holidays which include filmed child abuse in Madeira, run by Norbert De Rijck and De Souza.

Spinks is paying trips to Robert Van Der Naeten, who is smuggling kids from Madeira to the Dutch brothels.

The 'Zandvoort File' revealed a network which dealt in the kidnapping, torture and sexual abuse of children, even infants.

Involved were high-profile names.

(Spinks is investigated in 1992 in connection with filmed rapes, tortures and murders of at least 5 children.)

Manuel Schadwald who went missing in 1993. Reportedly, a top politician from Holland was present when a young boy was murdered. Reportedly there are photos of the top politician, in the nude, with the boy. Censored31 threatens to spread picture of naked SG of Justice "Marcel Vervloesem confirmed what earlier sources already reported: Joris Demmink attended the satanic lust murder of the German boy Manuel Schadwald." 'DEMMINK BIJ MOORD OP MANUEL SCHADWALDTranslate this page

Spinks is suspected of involvement in the Manuel Schadwald case. He is close to Lothar Glandorf, in whose brothel Manuel was seen.

Furthermore, Spinks will talk of a boy murdered in a Dutch snuff movie who, according to his friend Frank, was nicked named “Manny” and fitted description of Manuel.

Warwick Spinks leaves Holland for England and lives in Hastings, when he was finally charged for abducting and raping two street boys from London and selling one of them to a Dutch brothel.(5yr jail)


1990, December 12th - Savile appears on 'This Is Your Life' hosted by Michael Aspel. Guests include Roger Ordish.

Dartanyon Hurst, last seen at a skate park in 2010 (South Australia Police)

1991 - In Perth, Western Australia, police linked Scott Gozenton, a self-professed Satanist, with organized child sexual abuse. 

His lawyer claimed 13 satanic covens existed in the area, holding orgies involving children, and that Gozenton had been followed and threatened by "coven" members throughout the court proceedings.[1]

In 1997, ABC newsreader Rod Young tells viewers snuff films have allegedly been produced in Brisbane, citing alleged existence of video tape shot on the bank of the Brisbane river, in which a young male person is murdered.

Young claims someone alleges police are aware of the existence of this tape, and alleges high level police and government corruption. (The 2000 disappearance of Steven Goldsmith from Brisbane Australia .)

1991 - Police discover Rabet's Sussex children's centre is partly financed by convicted child pornographers and that he is part of a ring of wealthy, well-connected paedophiles.

North Wales child abuse.

1991 -  social worker Alison Taylor submits a dossier of allegations from over 100 young people to North Wales Police, the local authority and Welsh Office.

Tayler had first provided evidence as early as 1986.

25 people are arrested but released without charge.

1992 - Five separate police investigations into allegations of abuse at separate homes in North wales.

1992 - Clwyd Council held inquiry into Cartrefle children's homes but it was never published.

1992 - Spinks is first investigated by police.

1992 - At the home of Charles Napier, former British Council teacher and one time treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange, police find ''hard-core child abuse images from Amsterdam'' and a "quarter-century of correspondence" between paedophiles in Britain and around the world.

1992 -  A fire at a property in Brighton killed Adrian Johns, a key witness to the child abuse at Bryn Estyn children's care home in North wales.

Fire victims' relatives call for new inquiry | Mail Online / The family destroyed by being `in care' - Life & Style - The Independent

It has been suggested that Adrian's brother Lee "may have accessed computer data detailing financial transactions between South Coast drug dealers and those running a porn video and rent-boy network."

Lee was found dead in 1995.

AU - Mystery Arson

Another attendee at the Brighton flat was Trevor Carrington who survived the fire but was later apparently run down and killed by a truck (on 21 April 1992, on the Lindfield to Ardingly Road), hours after allegedly confessing to starting the fire!

The fire investigator who examined the building, which had no fire escape, said the fire was started in three places at once!

Other reports have it that the Palmeira Avenue flat was linked to tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

Derek Laud, who allegedly he pimped his classmates to wealthy and influential adults while still at school. Scallywag alleged that Laud was a sadist, who was particularly violent and without mercy in his treatment of boys. The magazine alleged that on regular occasions his victims would end up in casualty wards. He was a leading political fixer and adviser to Margaret Thatcher

"With the five young people from Clwyd who died in the Brigton fire was a Health Visitor from Hampshire where Derek Laud has a home and where Michael Colvin lived."


Manuel Schadwald 

1993 - 12 year old Manuel Schadwald goes missing in Berlin on July 24th 1993.

Was a top politician present when a young boy was murdered?

Reportedly there are photos of the top politician, in the nude, with the boy.

Manuel Schadwald was allegedly murdered in snuff film.


Lee Tucker

1993 - Informant Frank tells of Spinks taking boys from Amsterdam on monthly trips to Berlin and of
obtaining boys from Berlin, reportedly including Manuel Schadwald

Frank taken on trip to Canaries too.

Frank sees a snuff film involving a 12 yr old called Manny in a barn in the Dutch countryside.

Reportedly Manny is filmed by John Gay and Lee Tucker in Lothar Glandorf's barn. / http://jorisdemminkrules.files.wordp...-demmink-1.pdf

1994 - Jerry Sandusky is molesting children.

The Penn State child sex abuse scandal broke in 2011 at Pennsylvania State University, as a result of longtime football coach Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of at least eight underage boys on or near university property, and alleged actions by some university officials to cover up the incidents or to enable more. 

Sandusky was indicted in 2011 on 52 counts of child molestation dating from 1994 to 2009, though the abuse may have dated as far back as the 1970s.[1]

Frankie Probst. Frankie Probst.

In 1977, Sandusky set up the Second Mile Foundation to help underprivileged youths.

Reportedly, Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation, was used to "pimp out young boys to rich (Penn State) donors."

Ray Gricar was the prosecutor for Centre County, the home of Pennsylvania State University.

In 1998, he refused to prosecute charges brought by one of the early victims.

In 2005, he left town never to be seen again.


PENNSYLVANIA is the home of: Hershey Childrens' Home sexual abuse

"The Milton Hershey School, the wealthy and nationally acclaimed free boarding school for disadvantaged children, quietly paid $3 million earlier ... to compensate for the sexual abuse suffered by five former students, The Inquirer learned." 

(What ever happened - Page 2 - Milton Hershey Alumni Forums)

PENNSYLVANIA is the home of: The Kids For Cash, judicial corruption scandal.

In Pennsylvania, former Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr was sentenced to 28 years in prison for taking $1m (£617,000) in bribes from the builder of two juvenile detention centres in a case that became known as "kids-for-cash".

The Pennsylvania supreme court overturned about 4,000 convictions issued by Ciavarella between 2003 and 2008. ('Kids for cash' judge gets 28 years in Pennsylvania bribery case ...)

Bush in Pennsylvania. 

The Second Mile Foundation was recognized as one of President Bush’s 1000 Points of Light. 

Marvin P. Bush is on the National Collegiate Athletic Association Board of Directors 

(Jerry Sandusky, Second Mile Foundation and Penn St... )

PENNSYLVANIA is the home of: Child abuse in foster care and adoption.

Nathaniel (right) and the parents who adopted him and killed him.

Nathaniel Craver was adopted from Russia by a couple from Pennsylvania.

Nathaniel died on 25 August 2009, from complications from traumatic brain injury. 

The emaciated child had some 80 wounds to his body, 20 of which were to his head.

Michael and Nanette Craver, were sentenced to 16 months to four years in prison.



PENNSYLVANIA is the home of: The False Memory Syndrome, reportedly used to protect those who abuse children.

This was designed at the University of Pennsylvania, by people linked to the CIA.

DR RALPH UNDERWAGER "helped found FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME FOUNDATION created by CIA/MKULTRA mind controllers DRS LOUIS WEST and MARTIN ORNE to suppress evidence of child abuse."

PENNSYLVANIA is the home of: Dr Earl Bradley, a pediatrician from Delaware, Pennsylvania.

Bradley was indicted in February 2010 on 471 charges of molestation, rape and exploitation of 103 child patients. 

He was charged in April 2010 with an additional 58 offences. (Earl Bradley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

PENNSYLVANIA is the home of: 'Murdered' prosecutors PA Gricar and Jonathan Luna

On 4 December 2003, Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan P. Luna was found dead, lying in a stream and stabbed thirty-six times, outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (Death of Jonathan Luna -

John Allen at Bryn Alyn 1972.  Daves Bits.

1994, April - UK Police launch investigation into child abuse at homes in Cheshire and Merseyside.

1995 - John Allen, head and founder of the Bryn Alyn community schools in North wales, is convicted of sexual offences against six boys in his care and sent to jail for 11 years. November 2012 he is seen working at a Premier Inn.

1995/96 - John Jillings, carried out first inquiry in to child abuse rings in North wales children's care homes with damning conclusions.

The report is not published.

1995 - Prince Charles visits Jersey.

1995 - Leon Brittan becomes European Commissioner for Trade and European Commissioner for External Affairs, also serving as Vice-President of the European Commission.

Geoffrey Dickens

1995 Geoffrey Dickens dies. In 1984 Geoffrey Dickens MP handed to Leon Brittan's office a 50 page dossier on VIP child abuse with links to Elm Guest House .

1995 - John Stamford, of the Spartacus guide to boy brothels, dies in prison age 56, just before standing trial on child sex charges.

In Belgium, Member of Parliament Laurent Louis publicised a list of names that an 'anonymous' group sent to all parliamentarians in Belgium. The list was of all the people ALLEGEDLY involved in the Dutroux affair. Among the names listed: US General Michael Aquino (who has had an important role in military psychological warfare; involved in "Monarch" brainwashing; Councillor for Western Europe Chiefs of Staff) Paul Bonacci, victim of Monarch brainwashing, Willy Claes Secretary General of NATO in 1994 and 95, Elio di Rupo currently Belgian Prime Minister, André Cools , assassinated Belgian government minister... http://jeugdzorg-darkhorse.

1995-1996 - Marc Dutroux 'kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused 6 girls aged from 8-19, murdering 4.'

Dutroux had been in operation long before 1995 and the police had apparently tried very hard not to capture him.

Dutroux was arrested in 1996 thanks to the actions of some honest people within the criminal justice system.

The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies."

Dutroux was convicted in 2004.
The Dutroux affair was about a child abuse network that provided children to top people in Belgium and beyond - people linked to the CIA's Operation Gladio, Bilderberg and Mossad.
Alleged member of mass sex ring involving VIPs, police and government in Belgium and Le Chateau des Amerois which included torture and murder.

Regina Louf

Regina Louf described various orgies she had been forced to attend in her youth and named a top Belgian businessman, Jean-Michel Nihoul, as the chief organiser.

Regina had also seen a young Dutroux there. She described a house in detail and a murder she had seen at a 'sex slave' party in 1984.

Nihoul. Michel Nihoul was the person who allegedly organised orgies in a Belgian chateau. These Orgies allegedly were attended by a former European commissioner, judges, senior politicians, lawyers and policemen. Nihoul was a close friend of U.S. General John Singlaub and the Rev. Moon.

Dutroux alleged from the beginning that he was not acting alone, saying that Nihoul was the actual 'brains' of the operation.

The authorities were determined not to believe him.

Marc Dutroux's lawyer, Xavier Magnee, has said that Dutroux was part of a criminal network supplying the sex trade.

Boy from Charleroi in Belgium, near the home of Marc Dutroux, who allegedly worked for the security services. ( the wor)ld's worst ...)

Magnee said Dutroux was a "small fish" working for a network with links to the police.

Magnee said prosecutors had ignored evidence that might have linked the ring to a Satanic cult called Abrasax, which is suspected of performing human sacrifices.

Dutroux says he abducted girls with police help

In 1996, at the village of Forchies-la-Marche, the police investigated an institute of Black Magic. They dug up human skulls. (The Irish press coverup of the Marc Dutroux Murders!)

Andre Cools, linked to the Dutroux Affair, was shot dead. "Among the names that Cools promised to present evidence on were Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld..."(Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...)

Marc Dutroux insisted that he was not a "lone predator" but part of a wider paedophile ring.

Dutroux described himself as a victim, a "puppet in a show trial" who had to be put away to "hide the truth" and serve the interests of "organised corruption".

Dutroux said only 10% of the case had been examined. He asked why independent-minded policemen had been removed from the investigating team. -

Dutroux insists he was part of paedophile ring

Sabine escaped from Dutroux.

"In 'Beyond the Dutroux Affair', it was described how a cabal of highest level players, including judges, lawyers, top bankers, prime ministers and aristocrats were involved in child abuse and snuff networks (going right up to Bilderberg and the Nazi Stay-Behind networks).

"It was also described how this cabal could place their own investigators in leading positions of the child abuse investigations and dismantle it by blocking important inquiries, putting detectives on false leads, and making carefully planned leaks to friendly newspapers." - Cached

"Dutroux... was closely tied to a senior Portuguese diplomat, Jorge Ritto...

"Ritto has been implicated and jailed as a major figure in Portugal's Casa Pia pedophilia scandal."

Warwick Spinks - linked to child kidnapping, torture and murder.

1995 - Warwick Spinks is sentenced to 7 years in jail.

This is reduced on appeal to 5 years.

Spinks is able to flee from the UK after 30 months.

Like Dutroux and Savile, he appears to be working for the security services.

Spinks settles in Prague, a major centre of child abuse.



Celtic Boys Club, Scotland
1996 - Former Celtic Boys Club player Alan Brazil reveals that when he was 13 years old he was sexually abused by the club manager, Jim Torbett.[2]

Torbett was found guilty of shameless and indecent conduct with three juvenile players between October 1967 and March 1974.[3]

Jimmy Savile with Jock Stein, manager of Celtic football club.

Torbett was given a prison sentence of 30 months.[4]

Rangers fans have since alleged that Celtic manager Jock Steinattempted to cover up the scandal, by chanting "Big Jock Knew".[5]

Penn State v Parkhead

Thomas Hamilton - blamed for the Dunblane school shooting.

1996 - The Dunblane school massacre occurred in scotland on 13 March 1996.

The official story is that, on 13 March 1996, a mad loner called Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at a primary school in Dunblane in Scotland.

The unofficial story is that Thomas Hamilton was supplying pornography, and young boys, to top people including policemen and politicians; and Thomas Hamilton may have been murdered, to shut him up.

It has been suggested that Thomas Hamilton was a brainwashed patsy and that the real shooters were working for the security services.

In the Dunblane shootings, "none of the survivors would have been able to obtain a good viewing of the gunman."

The Murder of Thomas Hamilton | Dunblane Exposed

Thomas Hamilton ran clubs and camps for boys and reportedly had access to the Queen Victoria School, in Dunblane, a boarding school run by the Ministry of Defence.

"Mr and Mrs Ogilvie know that the men who regularly turned up in large flashy cars to visit Hamilton continued doing so right up to 13 March 1996. They saw them.

"Another neighbour, Cathleen Kerr gave a statement to the police that she saw Hamilton getting out of a grey saloon car on that final fateful morning. He was cheerful, she said."

Dunblane Murders Cover-up

Queen Victoria School in Dunblane

Glenn Harrison was a housemaster at Queen Victoria School, in Dunblane, between the summer of 1989 and December 1991.

Harrison "told me of how, in about 1990, he believed boys from his then school were being ... sexually abused, both at the school and away from the school.

"He told me the (sexual abuse) was done by a clique of paedophiles connected with the school (teachers etc. and their friends) and another group of 'toffs' who visited the school and took carefully targeted boys away for weekends."

"Harrison and his wife ... would see big fancy cars (sometimes chauffeur driven and displaying pennants, and badges of office) arrive with well known faces of politicians, judges and other celebrities who, when he enquired as to who they were, and what they were doing, was given the answer that these people were 'Friends of QVS' who were taking certain boys out for a treat."

Sir Fixed it for Jim

 Queen Victoria School

Former housemaster Glenn Harrison told the News of the World how he even found Hamilton, 43, creeping around the dormitories, at Queen Victoria School, at night.

He said Hamilton had close links to a top policeman.

Glenn was never called to give evidence at the Cullen Inquiry.


Glenn Harrison had kept dozens of files from pupils alleging bullying and abuse while he was at the Queen Victoria School and wrote to parents warning of the dangers in 1991.

It led to him being ousted from the school and just days before he left, police raided his home and confiscated the files.


Glenn states that Hamilton had been a friend of Ben Philip, the senior housemaster at QVS.

Mr Philip died in December 1993, aged 46, when he fell from a ladder while hanging decorations.

aangirfan: Moira Anderson; child abuse; senior public figures ...

Andy Murray and his elder brother, Jamie, attended the Dunblane Primary Schhol. They were on their way to the school gymnasium and survived by hiding under a desk in the headmaster's office.

Glenn states that Hamilton had been a friend of Ben Philip, the senior housemaster at Queen Victoria School.

Mr Philip died in December 1993, aged 46, 'when he fell from a ladder while hanging decorations'.

aangirfan: Moira Anderson; child abuse; senior public figures ...

Former paramedic Sandra Uttley has written a book about the 1996 Dunblane tragedy.

Sandra Uttley claims that elements of the police were part of a paedophile ring and part of a cover-up.

Uttley said: "Central Scotland Police should never have been involved in a so-called independent inquiry.

"They were implicated in the events under scrutiny and continually provided Hamilton with renewals of his gun licence despite long-term and repeated warnings that this should not happen.

"It was known that Hamilton had friends in the police force, including one highly placed officer.

"I believe that Hamilton was a major provider of pornographic photographs and videos to a ring of men prominent in Central Scotland, including police officers who protected him from numerous allegations of physical abuse at boys' camps and clubs he ran.

"They protected themselves after the massacre which conveniently ended in his suicide".

Lord Robertson (left)

The UK's George Robertson was Secretary General of NATO.

Reportedly, on 13 March 1996, in Dunblane in Scotland, Thomas Hamilton, armed with four hand-guns, opened fire on a junior school class, killing 16 children.

"Lord Robertson was the referee on Thomas Hamilton's shotgun licence."

('Blair covering up paedophile scandal?'

Hamilton and Lord Cullen. 

"Lord Cullen led inquiries into the Dunblane shootings, and in March 2002 led the five-judge tribunal which heard the failed appeal of the Lockerbie bomber."

A former senior judge / aangirfan: Dunblane / aangirfan: Lockerbie - who were the key players in the trial?

"Lord Cullen ... had physically walked Thomas Hamilton to the massacre."

THE SEX COLLECTORS - How the World is run on Shame

"In the large volume of correspondence which he (Hamilton) generated, a recurring theme is his assertion that the police were biased in favour of the 'brotherhood of masons' ." - Lord Cullen.

According to journalist Marcello Mega, in The News of the World (Cached), 28 December 2003:

A top Scottish Freemason, Former Grand Master Lord Burton, has said that Lord Cullen's inquiry into the Dunblane massacre was a cover-up.

Lord Burton says Cullen's inquiry suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures.

According to this source Cached - 'Malcolm Rifkind's friend and his then Chairman of his constituency party at Edinburgh Pentlands, Robert Bell, according to the front page lead of the Edinburgh Evening News on 23 March 1996, sold guns and ammunition to Thomas Hamilton only a few weeks before the Dunblane massacre.'

Queen Victoria School, Dunblane

"A Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Forsyth was, by virtue of office, on the Board of Directors of QVS, and was also responsible for the appointment of Cullen to conduct the Inquiry.

"There is Prince Philip, a Freemason, the patron of the Board of Directors of QVS and is an honorary member of the exclusive, secretive and highly suspect Speculative Society of Edinburgh.

"Then there is Lord (Donald McArthur) Ross, the then Lord Justice-Clerk and Cullen's superior in the judiciary, who was also on the Board of Directors, and is also a "Brother" of Cullen's in the Masonic Speculative Society of Edinburgh, numbered at 1642."

StolenKids-Dunblane: 29-Oct-03 - Cullen Inquiry Whitewash

1996, January 4th - Journalist Eileen Fairweather hands to the police a list of paedophiles linking Jersey/Islington/Guernsey.

1996, April - Judge Anthony Russell QC (Stuart Hall judge) resigns his recordership following newspaper revelations regarding his private life and frequenting gay brothel.

Colonia Dignidad - CIA torture and mind-control centre in Chile.

1997 - Paul Schäfer Schneider disappeared from Colonia Dignidad, fleeing child sex abuse charges.

In 2006, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail for sexually abusing 25 children.

Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

Paul Schäfer Schneider, believed to be an Ashkenazi Jew and a Nazi.

1997 - Broadmoor hospital, linked to Jimmy Savile, is the subject of an inquiry following allegations that a child paedophile ring is operating within its walls.

1997 - Robert Oliver, one of the killers of Jason Swift, is released from prison, after serving 8 years of a 15 year sentence. Lives under name Karl Curtis.

1997 - Spinks tracked down in Prague by The Sunday People.

He has 'minders' and a gay lover Jakob, 22. ''Between us we have 8 apartments with access to another 68''.


1997 - Dutch journalists dig out a history of sightings of Manuel Schadwald which suggests he had been put to work in a brothel in Rotterdam, run by a German, Lothar Glandorf, now 36.

After ignoring complaints for 18 months, Rotterdam police targeted him and found he had been selling hundreds of boys. Of those they could trace, nearly half were under 16.

1997 - BBC's James Chalkley moves from his Stepney Flat in London to Amsterdam. Ex Eastenders actor connected to the Harry Jeffries, Peter Howells ('Actor and agent'), John Peters (Abuser in the Bjorn video), and Warwick Spinks international paedophile ring. Mentioned in documentary 'The Boy Business'

1997, November - The BBC's Chris Denning jailed in Prague for 3 and a half years after paedo ring investigation.

1998, six adults in Emilia-Romagna in Italy are arrested on charges of prostituting their children and the production of child pornography.

The children are also reported to be involved in satanic rituals.[21]

In 2002, four people were arrested for "satanism and paedophilia" inPescara.

Police believed that the group may have abused dozens of children in rituals involving bodies stolen from ceremonies.[22]

In April 2007, six people are arrested for sexually abusing fifteen children in Rignano Flaminio. The suspects were accused of filming the children engaged in sexual acts with 'satanic' overtones.[23]

Marcel Vervloesem

1998 - The 'Zandvoort File' comes to light when the Belgian founder of the child support group 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', Marcel Vervloesem, provides a mountain of evidence to Dutch police indicating the operation of a network which deals in the kidnapping, torture and sexual abuse of children, even infants.

Included in this evidence are high-profile names and matching bank account details proving their involvement.

"Mr. Vervloesem's reward is to be framed for child rape and possession of child pornography. He is currently languishing in a Belgian prison."

1998, Famous UK footballer Justin Fashanu (above) is found hanged in a deserted lock-up garage, in Shoreditch, London.

"'He gave us the names of two cabinet ministers he claimed he had sex with,' says Phil Taylor, the People's reporter who negotiated with Fashanu.

According to one report:

"Stephen Milligan MP & Justin Fashanu Murders".

"Apparently there was more to the story than simply the gay sex aspect, the introduction of the footballer to the cabinet ministers was allegedly arranged by a third party who had very close links with an extremely powerful paedophile ring.

"The implication was that the cabinet ministers may also have been involved with the paedophile ring although this was not confirmed in the Scallywag report, however it was very clearly hinted at...

"The cabinet ministers involved were very high profile indeed and the alleged paedophile link, if revealed, would have had a catastrophic effect on not only public confidence in domestic government but would have had repercussions on the image of Britain right around the world...


1998, April - Sydney Cooke, one of the killers of Jason swift, gets out of jail on parole.

1998 - David Icke names Lord McAlpine in book 'The Biggest Secret'. No legal action follows.

1998 - John Peters ('Bjorn tape' attacker) believed to be in Asia.

In 1967, Yves Saint Laurent produced "La Vilaine Lulu", illustrated 'tales for sadistic and mature children.'

1999 - 2002, a large paedophile ring is operating in the town of Angers in France.

(Child abuse gang horrifies France / A Town Called Angers - TIME)

At least 65 adults are involved.

13 women reportedly rape boys.

There are 45 abused children.

The youngest of the abused children is 6 months old.

The oldest is aged 14.

Angers in France

Some of the children are prostituted and raped by their own parents and grandparents.

21 of the 23 families involved in the case have been monitored by French social workers.

The first report of abuse is in 1999, but the investigation only begins in 2002.

Three of those put on trial had a previous conviction for child abuse, and were supposed to be under police supervision.

Some of the abused children talked of a group of men who arrived at the abuser Franck V.'s apartment wearing suits and ties, with their faces hidden behind masks.

Franck V.'s lawyer Pascal Rouiller said he believed the men were part of a wealthy pedophile ring.

Le Monde said Angers' police and judges were using "evasive justifications" about why they missed more than a year of warnings about child prostitution.

BRICE TAYLOR. Thanks for the Memories 1999

1999 - Publication of Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor.

As a little girl, Brice Taylor (a pseudonym) was raped and prostituted.

"For years my father performed a variety of brutal ritual type physical and psychological abuses," she writes, "among them confinement in closets, cages and coffins, while I was being told I was left to die; near drowning; isolation; needles inserted in sensitive body areas, food and sleep deprivation; electroshock via electric wires, welding equipment and cattle prods; drugging; sophisticated hypnotic and electronic programming..."

She was also forced to participate in rituals and orgies. "Then she was sold in a slave auction to Bob Hope."

Mind Control: The Ultimate Terror -
1999 - Leon Brittan resigns with the rest of the EU Commission amid accusations of fraud.

late 1990's - increasing press reports in North Europe on trafficking of boys from Berlin to the Netherlands.

1999, July - Savile invites Prince Charles to his Glencoe cottage.

1999/2000 Spinks' whereabouts revealed and file sent to UK police ('People'). Spinks not arrested.




Barnardo's Duncroft Scool.

2009 - Jimmy Savile is interviewed under caution by Surrey police investigating an alleged indecent assault
at Duncroft school. 

Four teenagers claim they were abused by Jimmy Savile at Duncroft Scool in Surrey when it was run by Barnardo's.

The notorious Crown Prosecution Service advised there was insufficient evidence to take any further action. 

Police failed to interview headmistress.

Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair, is President of Barnardo's.

There have been many child abuse allegations concerning the notorious children's charity Barnardo's:

Dylan, who was found hanged at a UK children's home

2009, in the UK, 11-year-old Dylan McDonald is found dead at a children's home.

2010 - In Sweden, former Uppsala Police Chief Goran Lindberg is accused of involvement in rape and a sex ring.

(Ex-police chief remanded in sex ring probe / Ex-police chief suspected of pimping)

Recent headlines in Sweden include: Politician caught in teen sex scandal to step down

Prison for head of Swedish teen sex ring

Businessman held in Swedish teen sex ring

A royal wedding in Sweden

In October 2011, in Sweden, 23 women were convicted of child pornography offenses.

According to the charges, the women, aged between 38 and 70, received scores of sexually explicit video clips and photographs of children.

The material included girls and boys of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson, a Swedish journalist, wrote the Millennium Trilogy of crime novels.

Stieg Larsson (and crime writer Henning Mankell) believed that there were links between the Swedish security services and the extreme right wing and child sex traffickers.

(The dark side of Swedish society)

One of Larsson's characters, Blomkvist, investigates the brutal murder of a child, 'apparently at the hands of her rich, Nazi-sympathising family'.

In 2004, aged 50, Larsson died in rather mysteriously circumstances, on the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

He had received death threats.


(Stieg Larsson - encyclopedia)

The film 'Call Girl' includes scenes that 'clearly convey' that the late Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme paid for sex with a 14-year-old prostitute.

Family of late Swedish minister sues over 'slanderous' film 

Gary Speed

2011 - Gary Speed died, aged 42, on 27 November 2011.

Gary Speed knew Barry Bennell.

Barry Bennell liked Florida.

In 1994, Bennell was in Florida with a group of boy soccer players.

In Florida, a 13-year-old boy spoke out about the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of Bennell.

Bennell was arrested. He could only be charged with offences committed in the US.

 (Boy soccer players being put at risk - News - The Independent)

Gary Speed died, aged 42, on 27 November 2011.

Gary speed was a top man in UK soccer.

From 1978 to 1992, Bennell talent-spotted boys aged nine to 14 for junior football teams.

Bennell invited the boys to stay with him at his home, or at various locations including Florida, North Wales and Spain.

Bennell liked to have sex with the boys.

Gary Speed's name has been linked to events at Bridgend in Wales.

(Gary Speed dead: Let's not get ideas about this haunting suicide)


2011, October 27th -  Many people confide in Jersey health minister Stuart Syvret that
they were abused by Savile.

2011, October 29 - Jimmy Savile dies. Tributes 'pour in'.

2011 Prince Charles leads tributes to Savile.

Right - Adam lanza, also known as Ryan Lanza.

2012 - Sandy Hook School shootings.

Dan Lynch remembers Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.

Lynch says he remembers watching a sex-education movie, and Lanza saying he was about to throw up and needed to leave the room.

Was Lanza nervous because he was being sexually abused?

Classmate remembers Adam Lanza attending Sandy Hook

In Connecticut, Linda Wiegand reportedly came up against a "Satanic cult of pedophiles consisting of judges, attorneys, social workers and ... her ex-husband, Tom Wilkinson, who now has custody of the children."

An article by Kris Millegan, dated 1 November 2001 and entitled THE PEDOPHILE NETWORK IN CONNECTICUT, suggests "that there is a pedophile conspiracy reaching up to the top levels of government."


Hockley family mourners dressed in purple. Note the butterfly. Both 'purple' and 'butterflies' are linked to the CIA's Monarch brainwashing. Sandy Hook and CIA mind-controlled sex slave children THE SANDY HOOK REPORT

Millegan refers to "a labyrinthine world of judicial and political corruption with many tantalizing links to a national pedophile network closely identified with the Bush family."


"The children's allegations were 'specific and consistent,' their drawings were 'explicit,' and their allegations were .... spontaneous."

A LIFE SENTENCE - Conscious Being Alliance

Steve Messham, victim of child abuse at a children's home in North wales and elsewhere.  THE ABUSED SPEAK OUT. / "NAME McALPINE GIVEN BY POLICE"

2012, Nov 2nd - The BBC airs a Newsnight programme during which Steve Messham DOESNT name Alastair McAlpine as an abuser at Bryn Estyn.

He nonetheless apologises, on the 9th, saying he got the name wrong, as does the BBC.

2012, November 11th - The BBC's Wilfred De'ath arrested in Cambridgeshire under Operation Yewtree as an actress alleges he sexually assaulted her in 1965. He denies any wrongdoing.

2013 - March 25th - Wilfred De'ath, former BBC producer, released without charge after being arrested. Blames a ''different culture'' back then for failing to report Savile for spending the night with a girl as young as 10.

Elm Guest House, Grafton Close, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Islington, Jersey …Read more

2013, 9th January - Documents about the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London appear on the internet.

2013, 17th January - The police launch Operation Fernbridge, an investigation into allegations that
politicians were members of a paedophile ring which abused children in care in the 1980s.

It centres on the alleged historic sexual abuse of children at Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, a suburban street in Barnes, south-west London, and Grafton Close Children's Home, Richmond.

2013, Feb 2nd - First victim, ''Dave'', of Elm Guest House paedophile abuse speaks out. ''They forced us to wear fairy costumes, got us drunk on cider, then the abuse started''.

2013, 16th Feb - Savile linked to Elm Guest House: ''Met detectives told of Jimmy Savile's link to Elm Guest House.

Haroon Kasir (owner) boasted of friendship with Jimmy Savile, and 'was odd after star's death''.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Jimmy Savile

2013, Feb 25th - Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns from his post amid allegations of “inappropriate acts”.

He has bragged of his friendship with Savile in the past and photos now emerge of the pair posing with young children.

He said: ''My friendship with Jimmy Savile developed over many years since I was assistant priest in St Patrick’s Parish, Kilsyth''.


2013, April (reported 6th and 7th) - Scotland Yard Commander Peter Spindler dramatically quits in the middle of the high-profile investigation into Jimmy Savile and other celebrities.

Det Chief Supt Hamish Campbell who led the ('cover-up') Jill Dando murder inquiry, is temporarily put in charge of Yewtree.

(Comes 6 weeks after alleged imminent arrest of prominent former Tory cabinet minister suspected of being part of a VIP ­paedophile ring that was regularly handed boys by child rapist and killer Sidney Cooke for vile sex orgies.)

Spinks - linked to child torture and murder.

2013, May 24th - Spectator reports Warwick Spinks is free and has allegedly been sighted back in Prague (a major centre of child abuse, reportedly connected to the security services).

Warwick Spinks dangerous sadistic paedophile allegedly out of prison after paltry sentence. Back in Prague apparently.

James Chalkley behind soap stars Ross Kemp and Letitia Dean.Enders paedo revealed | The Sun.

2013, May 24th - Reports of James Chalkley and his twin brother George being found dead in their flat in Fuengirola, Spain with plastic bags on their heads and their mouths taped over.

Ruling of 'suicide' despite the strange circumstances.

James Chalkley was a BBC Eastenders actor connected to the Harry Jeffries, Peter Howells, John Peters and Warwick Spinks international paedophile ring.

He moved to Amsterdam when he 'retired' in 1997 from his Stepney flat and was residing in Spain 13 years before his death.

2013, June 7th - (reported 13th) Robert Oliver of murderous Sidney Cooke paedophile ring arrested for breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Dan Neal

2013, 14th June - ''SAVILE COP IN BIG BROTHER HOUSE''.

(The TV programme Big Brother is believed to be run by the security services).

Gay former Detective Constable Dan Neal, who lives in East London, one of 30 officers working on Operation Yewtree, enters the Big Brother House.

Before Yewtree ''he specialised in child abuse,dealing wholly with physical and sexual abuse by family members.''

He remarked ''I’m blaming the Government for me going into Big Brother''.


Sydney Cooke

Sydney Cooke allegedly handed boys to a former top cabinet minister suspected of being part of a VIP ­ paedophile ring for vile sex orgies.


2013 - Don Patrizio Poggi, who accused priests in Rome of involvement in the sexual abuse of children, has been arrested by the police for slander.

Pedofilia: arrestato ex sacerdote Poggi per calunnia /Italian prosecutors reject claims of Roman clerical-pedophile ring

Poggi has named names.

Romanian street child

Prostituzione gay in Vaticano. I nomi: dal vescovo di Tivoli ...Translate this page

The transcript from the Italian TV channel La 7:

Young Romanians were recruited for pedophile priests.

Romanian boys and girls were lured to participate in feasts with pedophile priests...

Lonely and desperate Romanian teenagers were lured by a former policeman from nightclubs, saunas, spas, and Termini Station to feed a group of priests.

Termini Rail Station

Children were sexually abused in the church.

This is San Lauro, not far from the Vatican...
Lorrusso, supporting Poggi

At Don Patrick Poggis's side, when contacting the police, is Bishop Luca Lorusso, who has countersigned 5 pages of Poggi's statement.

Bishop Luca Lorusso is the deputy of Adriano Bernardini, the Apostolic Nuncio to Italy, who is an intimate of the Pope.

Vallini says the claims are false.

"Revealed is a long list of priests - among them Msgr. Camaldo, Bishop Filippi...

"The former policeman Buonviso, the main purveyor of boys, would usually recruit the boys out of the Termini Station...."

The complaint of Don Patrick Poggi, Don Marco Valentini and Msgr. Luca Lorusso, published by LA7

Msgr Francesco Camaldo vicecapocerimoniere papal

Other priests are readable in the images of the complaint: 

Father Gianfranco Ferrigno, pastor of St. Bruno at Pisa
Don Renzo Church, pastor of St. Gregory the Great at Magliana
Don Nunzio Currao, pastor of St. Philip Blacks at the Pineta Sacchetti
Monsignor Nicola Filippi, secretary to Cardinal Agostino Vallini
Bishop Nicholas Sharp, chaplain of the State Police 

Then there is another picture, a part of the complaint, which reads: 

Folder named "PRIESTS" - In this there are 4 folders containing photos related to priests and a bishop in the church.

Don Aleardo of James 
Don Ugo Quinzi 
Father Massimo Tellan, pastor of St. Henry in Casal Monastero in Rome 
Don Nicola Sharp, chaplain of the PS and the police headquarters in Rome 
Don Domenico Repice, arrested in 2006, in operation "Flowers in the mud 2" 
Don Giuseppe Grazioli, pastor of St. Joseph B. Cottolengo in Rome 
The current bishop of TIVOLI, Mons Mauro Parmeggiani 

Don Patrizio Poggi, 46, served a five-year sentence for 'abusing teenage boys' while he was a parish priest at the San Filippo Neri church in Rome.

Poggi has now told the Italian authorities that a former policeman ran a child prostitution ring which supplied boys to priests who liked to have sex inside churches.

Poggi has named the child abusing clergy, including two senior church officials, one a Monsignor.

Poggi has presented documentary and photographic evidence to the police in the company of two senior Vatican clergymen who vouched for his credibility.

One of those vouching for his credibility is Monsignor Luca Lorusso, an adviser to the Papal Nuncio to Italy, who is himself a confidante ofPope Francis.


According to Poggi, in Il Messaggero newspaper:

The former policeman recruited the boys, mostly poor eastern European immigrants, outside a gay bar near Rome'sTermini railway station. 

Boys were also recruited at gay discos, saunas and gyms.

The former policeman was helped by an accountant and by a friend who ran a modelling agency.

The boys were given "false work offers for modelling and acting roles".

The former policeman sold consecrated hosts for satanic rites.

According to Cardinal Agostino Vallini, head of the Catholic Vicariate of Rome, Poggi is lying.


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