Sunday 4 May 2014

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing with a Picture



At 5 May 2014 at 05:40 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

Il take the test in a few hours Aang/Irfan (it's not exactly the most scientific), the pictures are animals (falcon, bee)... I don't understand how the 'co-ordinates' relate to the picture?

Remote viewing tests should be conducted under labority conditions, with no electrical appliances in the vicinity (computers, phones). The co-ordinates should relate to actual locations on map, and the test subject should first describe natural features (Rivers, fast flowing water, mountains, fields, crops etc). Second the subject is asked to describe anything unnatural ('man made') such as airstrips, buildings, roads, detention centres). Third the subject (if possible) describes any human activity (people, how their dressed, what their doing, prisoners, weapons and armoury, artillery and vehicles).
Sight, sound, smell, hear... feel.

If the subject is given a specific target to locate (a body, airstrip, a rocket) it usually helps if they know what the 'target' is.

The other test (which is easy! 90%+ success rate if ya good!) is a random object/objects are placed in a box, and the subject is asked to describe/guess what object/objects are in the box (hat, gloves, rubix cube, lighter, book)

To take the second test further (success rate drops to about 70%), a book, a map or something that contains written or pictorial information is placed in an envelope, and the subject must describe in as much detail what is contained within the envelope.

Im willing to take such tests under the right conditions, with the right investigators/researchers conducting them.

World renowned neuroscientist, Dr Michael Persinger claims to have proven a form of 'telepathy' in labority conditions. His explanation is the human brain has a magnetic field that can interact with other human magnetic fileds, and that of the Earths Magnetosphere. (not the Quantum physics stuff... though I don't doubt it)

The problem I have with the experiment, is it induces the magnetic state of the brain... the subject should be naturally tapping into it (it's a start I suppose).
The best place to test 'telepathy' is at a crowded public place (train station, bus station etc). The subject is asked to 'monitor' a target from a distance (quite creepy, but Intel agencies don't have any morals!). The subject attempts to deduce as much information as possible on a target, from a distance. Later the target is approached and told, they are taking part in an experiment and asked the following information
-where they are going/where have they been
-what they are doing/what they have done
-who they have seen, spoken and interacted with/ plan to see
-the items they have on them etc.
(depends upon how intrusive the interviewers dare to be... you'd be surprised how much people are willing to divulge to a stranger! Especially when their told it's a psychological experiment, 'position of authority'?)

At 5 May 2014 at 05:40 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

Sceptics can argue the test subject is picking up on sub-conscious information (body language, subtle cues etc)... depends on the results and amount of detail.

The debate being waged among investigators in CIA/Russian/British agencies, is whether any form of genuine 'telepathy'/ESP/Psychic abilities is a 'lost' ability humankind once used pre-civilisation (survival tool, that can be compared to migration of birds etc)...
or whether it's a new stage in human evolution (like X-Men!), an evolution of human consciousness and abilities. It would seem more and more people are displaying 'psychic' abilities than any other time in recent history, especially among children.

The CIA are the leaders in such research, way ahead of anyone else (and I suspect it related to MK Ultra experiments)... The Chinese are also rumoured to be obsessed with developing 'psychic' units, it's top secret for them.

Most people who have real experience in taking part in such experiments DO NOT believe, you can communicate with the deceased (or Aliens for that matter!)... and most believe we havn't been to the Moon! ;)

If you want to know what I had a 'brief' vision of this morning... a man falling (THROWN) from height (a building). It wasn't so much the visual aspect that was shocking, it was the scream he made while falling and the twisted 'gargle'? :/ he made when he hit the concrete (similar to when someone has their neck broken, but a lot shorter and twisted... more like an animal noise)

At 5 May 2014 at 05:48 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

let's get EVERY remote viewer together (amateur, professional, Intell trained)... let's see if we can 'find' anything man-made on The Moon!




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