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Obama at the Jakarta International School

Sex at an International School, sex at a night club and a big election.

1. The American-run Jakarta International School (JIS) has become famous for child abuse and is in deep trouble.

Spooky teacher William Vahey taught at JIS.

Several students have now reported another teacher at JIS to the police.

According to the victims' lawyer, "There is a school staff member in a higher position who had been raping the victims."

The Indonesian government is now going to crack down on the over 40 international schools in Indonesia.

The schools will become more Indonesian and will cease to be called 'International'.

International schools must comply / JIS won’t fire head before verdict

Sex workers in Indonesia - not for the tourists.

2. Reportedly, Indonesia has a bigger sex industry than Thailand.

In Indonesia, the brothels are primarily for the local Moslems, rather than for the tourists.

There is a major AIDS epidemic in Indonesia.

The Stadium nightclub in Jakarta.

The Jakarta local government has just closed down the Stadium nightclub, following the death of a policeman, who died from a drug overdose.

RIP Stadium: Haven for forbidden pleasures

Reportedly, the Stadium was a giant brothel and drugs den, big enough for 5,000 people.

Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population and some of its top businessmen, generals and police chiefs are said to make a lot of money from drugs and sex.

The Stadium was reportedly set up by Chinese-Indonesian businessman called Rudi Rajamas.

The Stadium sometimes had world-famous disc jockeys.

Jakarta is introduced to American-style nightlife.

In Jakarta, Rudi Rajamas reportedly owns a strip club called the Malioboro Hotel and Spa, the Sumo Spa and the Exodus Club.

Rudi Rajamas, and his fellow club owners, reportedly give a lot of money to certain politicians.

John Mac Dougalls sex industry report -

Rudi has rivals such as Alex Tirta, who owns the Colosseum club, Illigals, and a strip club called the Alexis Hotel and Spa.

The police are said to protect the night club owners, which may be why the police have yet to interview the Stadium club’s managers.

RIP Stadium: Haven for forbidden pleasures


3. Lots of young girls were raped in Indonesia in May 1998 when the CIA's thugs toppled president Suharto.

The 'Mr Big' in Indonesia is said to be Prabowo Subianto.

Reportedly he has been very friendly with the CIA and the Pentagon and was used by them to topple former president Suharto.

Prabowo is a former general and is said to have been responsible for the torture and murder of a number of people.

He is said to have broken people's hips while torturing them.

Prabowo is alleged to have brought large numbers of gangsters to Jakarta in May 1998.

Indonesia is to elect a new president in July 2014.

Prabowo may become Indonesia's next president as his party is now allied to the non-moderate Moslem PPP party and to Former President Suharto's old party which is called Golkar.

Prabowo's rival for the presidency is Joko Widodo, who was brought up in a shanty (kampung).


4. Agustina Amprawati (above) is a typical Indonesian politician.

She says that she bribed the election officials who count the votes.

She was then most unhappy when she failed to be elected.

Indonesia elections awash with 'money politics', says failed candidate

Smear campaigns intensify as poll nears

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At 28 May 2014 at 12:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Washington’s Pope”? Who is Pope Francis I?

At 30 May 2014 at 09:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

JIS sexual abuse case claims

Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh replaced on Wednesday the director general of non-formal and informal early childhood education (PAUDNI), Lydia Freyani Hawadi.

The reason for her removal is believed to be connected to her recent accusation that Jakarta International School (JIS) head of school Timothy Carr was a pedophile.

She transferred her duties to Hamid Muhammad, the director general for secondary education, on the same day.

Lydia, who was involved in the handling of an alleged rape case at JIS, was replaced not long after she made a controversial statement at a media conference in which she urged the JIS Foundation to replace Carr because he was allegedly a pedophile.

“Timothy Carr or Tim Carr should be examined because he is allegedly a pedophile. So is the victim’s teacher,” she said at the press conference last Friday. She also insisted that JIS had yet to secure an official permit to run its kindergarten.

Following denial from Carr’s side, Lydia insisted that calls by the public for an investigation into Carr and his dismissal had been mounting.

Nuh, however, denied that Lydia’s replacement had anything to do with her statement about Carr. “It [the allegation] is totally incorrect,” he said.

He argued that the government’s decision to replace her was made in January while the JIS rape case surfaced in March.

At 2 June 2014 at 06:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Japan Times - 2 June 2014
Letters: What did ASIJ know of Moyer sex abuse and why was nothing done?

Thank you, Jon Mitchell and The Japan Times, for writing and publishing the article on May 13 following up on the American School in Japan sexual abuse scandal.

Both the international and native communities who had their children in contact with Jack Moyer need to know about this sad history, so that survivors of his abuse can know they are not alone and seek help.

Secondly, we hope more articles like this will help pressure the ASIJ administration to do more of the right things by seeking out and helping survivors. We also want accountability from anyone, who may have known about the abuses and did nothing, or worse, swept them under the rug. In order to have this, an independent investigation is the only solution.

Why did one of the most renowned international schools in Asia attempt to ignore or suppress repeated complaints about Jack Moyer’s suspected pedophilia and his apparent serial abuse of so many children? Much of the suspected abuse occurred right under the very noses of other teachers and a succession of headmasters over four long decades! Why the cover-up? Fear of bad publicity? Loss of academic/social reputation in the international-school community? Grave financial concern about the threat of major lawsuits against the school by influential parents and alumni?

Was there an attitude that if you ignore “the problem” it’ll eventually go away? Was it also because Moyer was “connected” — that he had ties to the Imperial family and the University of Tokyo?

Jack Moyer led an ASIJ excursion to Miyakejima in the early summer of 1993. My Japanese wife and I joined this weekend tour. Now that the world knows so much more about Moyer’s pedophile criminality, it does seem strange that the celebrated marine biologist was still guiding ASIJ faculty, administrators, young students and their parents on a dolphin/whale watching trip to his island “sanctuary” three years after Janet Simmons had made it very clear that Moyer had sexually abused her in the early 1970s.
And yes, on that weekend trip to Miyakejima back in 1993, there was whispered gossip among the American adults about Moyer’s peculiar lifestyle. He was an “old Japan hand” in the most despicable meaning of the term. However, their concerns were allayed by the fact that the ASIJ staff apparently “approved” of Jack Moyer and his oceanic wildlife program: “Yes, I understand he’s been bringing kids out to Miyakejima for years!” seemed to be the attitude among parents
What the hell was ASIJ thinking when it allowed Moyer to “coach” the girls’ basketball team in 1971? I agree with Janet Simmons, David Bruns, Jennifer Laurie and all the others who think that ASIJ failed horribly in its duties to protect the students.

Moyer should have been confronted very sternly after the first molestation allegation against him. But hey, there’s a reason it’s called the “old boys’ network,” right? Girls weren’t welcome to join or to have much say in matters, at least not back then in the mid-to-late 20th century. But as Bob Dylan once sang, “The times they are a-changin’! ”

Otaru, Hokkaido


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