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In November 2013, John McCain said that General Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency (NSA) 'should resign or be fired'.

It is believed that a faction within the CIA has used Edward Snowden to weaken the NSA.

On 28 march 2014, Gen. Keith Alexander stepped down from his post at the NSA.

Gen. Alexander’s successor is Vice Admiral Michael Rogers.

General Keith Alexander is alleged to have been one of the key figures behind the use of microwave weapons to silence enemies within the USA and elsewhere.

General Alexander sought to control the internet.


Alan Scherr, daughter Naomi, 13,and wife Kia - three of the six Americans killed in Mumbai in 2008, during the attacks planned by David Headley. The USA's NSA spy agency failed over a number of years to have Headley arrested.

America's NSA only took action on David Headley AFTER the USA had been tipped off by British intelligence.

US defence of snooping with David Headley case found flawed / Defenders of NSA Surveillance Omit Most of Mumbai Plotter’s Story

General Alexander lied?

The director of the National Security Agency General Keith Alexander told a Senate hearing that the NSA's secret surveillance programme helped to prevent David Headley from carrying out terrorist attacks.

The Senate intelligence chairperson Dianne Feinstein called Headley's 'capture' a success.

However, the 'respected' investigative journalism site ProPublica has demonstrated that the USA only took action on Headley after the US had been tipped off by British intelligence.

"And even that victory came after seven years in which US intelligence failed to stop Headley as he roamed the globe on missions," it said.

"Headley's case shows an alarming litany of breakdowns in the US counter-terror system that allowed him to play a central role in the massacre of 166 people in Mumbai, among them six Americans," ProPublica said.

David Headley, the American who worked for the US Drugs Enforcement Administration, and who claimed he worked for the CIA.

Headley avoided arrest despite a half dozen warnings about him given to US government agents.

These warnings about Headley's terrorism activities came from Headley's family and associates in different locales, the news site said.

The news site quoted unnamed senior Indian officials as saying they believe the US government did not need high-tech resources to spot Headley.

US officials have strenuously denied Indian allegations that Headley was a US agent all along.

US agencies did not find Headley or warn foreign counterparts about him while he conducted surveillance in Denmark and India.

In 2007, Faiza Outalha reported Headley to the US embassy in Islamabad

"The FBI received new tips in 2002 and in 2005 when Headley's wife in New York .... told counterterror investigators about his radicalism and training in Pakistan. 

"Inquiries were conducted, but he was not interviewed or placed on a watch list, officials have said.

"In late 2007 and early 2008, another wife told U.S. embassy officials in Islamabad that Headley was a terrorist and a spy, describing his frequent trips to Mumbai and his stay at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel."

Defenders of NSA Surveillance Omit Most of Mumbai Plotter’s Story

Apparently, Headley was being PROTECTED by the CIA, FBI and NSA.

The Mumbai attack took place in 2008.

David Coleman Headley, from Chicago, who told his closest friends he was in the CIA. Headley is apparently part of the secret 'Gladio B' operation, designed to promote the interests of a certain global elite, which makes money from wars, the arms trade and drugs.

David Headley apparently worked for the security services of Israel, the USA, Pakistan and India.

David Headley's life has been a mix of sex, drugs, guns, the mafia and the CIA.

Reportedly DAVID HEADLEY and his mother are Jewish.

Headley has been a drugs pusher and a terrorist.


Headley worked for the USA Drugs Enforcement Administration.

Headley told his closest friends that he worked for the CIA.

Headley's father worked for a CIA front company (Voice of America).


Headley planned the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, in India, which killed 166 people.

Headley is wanted not only for his role in plotting the 26/11 Mumbai attack but also for planning terrorist attacks in Delhi, Pune and Goa.


Headley escaped to the USA just as some of the Indian authorities were closing in on him.

Sonia Gandhi is suspected of being an agent of the CIA and a friend of Israel. SONIA GANDHI AND MANMOHAN SINGH OF THE CIA? / MOSSAD IN INDIA

Headley is apparently part of the secret 'Gladio B' operation, designed to promote the interests of a certain global elite, which makes money from wars, the arms trade and drugs.


Headley worked with the Pakistan secret service and with the terrorist Lashkar-e-Taiba which reportedly is run by the CIA.

Headley worked with Mossad, reportedly.


More remarkably, Headley also worked with elements of the Indian police and security services, reportedly.


Headley's targets in Mumbai in 2008.

Headley made over nine trips to India between 2006 and 2009.

In spite of having a criminal record, he had no problems gaining entry to India, and no problems in mixing with diplomats.

By 2009, Headley has had three wives and six girlfriends.

Headley has also been very close to Rahul Bhatt (above)

Headley befriended Rahul Bhatt who now says: "Headley is a criminal motivated by 3 Ws-wine, women and wealth.

"He is narcissistic, self-obsessed and manipulative."


David Headley and his mother.

Headley's mother Serill is the daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia family.

Headley lived with his mother in an apartment above a nightclub called the "Khyber Pass" that she ran in Philadelphia.

Headley worked as a manager in the club.


Headley developed deep links with drug gangs in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region

In 1984, Headley was caught trying to smuggle heroin out of Pakistan's tribal areas.

In 1988, Headley was caught trying to smuggle heroin into the US from Frankfurt airport.

Headley went to work for the USA's Drugs Enforcement Administration, which has very close links to the CIA, and which is suspected of being involved in smuggling drugs.


Rahul Gandhi

Headley went to work for Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency, which has close links to the CIA, and for Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is believed to work for the CIA.

In September 2006, Headley arrived in Mumbai, carrying a new US passport "and $25,000 given to him by the ISI's Major Iqbal for scouting targets in Mumbai."

His New York-based make-up artist girlfriend helped him to look smart.

According to S. Hussain Zaidi, author of Headley and I, Headley's strong sexual drive was due to taking a banned anabolic steroid.

In Mumbai, Headley presented himself as a US businessman.

He "sipped the occasional Dom Perignon and earned the sobriquet 'David Armani' for his passion for good clothes."



In 1999, Headley had married Shazia and they produced four children.

In 2007, Headley was in Lahore where he met an attractive Moroccan girl called Faiza.

They were married within a month.

Headley hid the marriage from Shazia.


In March 2007, Headley and Faiza were in Mumbai checking out the Taj Mahal Hotel.

In the Taj Mahal Hotel, Headley assaulted Faiza and ended up spending a few days in jail.


Faiza later went to the American Embassy in Islamabad and told the US State Department's security bureau that Headley was an international drug dealer and a terrorist who was plotting against India.

Faiza says that the US authorities already had a file on Headley.

However, the US authorities kept quiet and did not inform the Indian authorities about Headley.


India has close ties to Mossad and the CIA

Even after the 26/11/2006 Mumbai attack , Headley was able to move freely in India, and plot more terror.

One plan reportedly involved killing Western tourists at Pune's Osho ashram.

In May 2009, in Pakistan, Headley met Ilyas Kashmiri, an al Qaeda-affiliated group that reportedly works for the CIA.

'The CIA's Kashmiri' sought Headley's help to carry out an attack on the offices of Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper in Copenhagen.

Allegedly, he wanted the CIA's al Qaeda to strike the newspaper office, behead journalists and throw their heads on the street.

In August 2009, Headley travelled through Sweden, Denmark and Germany and came across British intelligence.


"According to 'secret documents seen by the Derby Telegraph', Headley was given money by the two men he met in Derby. 

"Reportedly MI5 'monitored' the meeting."

Supposedly, India wants Headley extradited to India.

But, that could lead to Headley's links to elements of the Indian police and security services being exposed.

Currently Headley is supposed to be in a US jail.

But is he?


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