Wednesday 9 April 2014


Sarah Bajc and Philip Wood

Sarah Bajc believes that the authorities are lying about MH370.

And she is coming under attack from certain 'alternative' news sources.

Sarah Hamil Bajc 31 March 2014

Dear Friends,

Someone has attempted to hijack my personal Facebook presence. The profile "Sarah Bajc" is not me. It has been reported to Facebook as being an impostor. Thank you to Sandy for catching this. Please let me know if you see this again.

Sarah Hamil Bajc | Facebook.

CNN’s Erin Burnett spoke to Sarah Bajc who is the partner of Philip Wood, the only American adult on MH370.

According to Sarah Bajc, a family member claims that Flight 370 had fighter jets accompanying it on it’s route

She says this family member said there were witnesses.

The Malaysian military claims that they saw an unidentified blip heading for Butterworth Air Force Base.

Sarah says: "From all the Malaysian people I’ve talked to, with some connection to the military, believe this was a Malaysian military operation of some sort".

Family to CNN: Military involved, passengers alive (Video) allvoices‎ / Sarah Bajc “Flight 370 tailed by fighter jets / 'They have told us all lives are lost,' says relative of Malaysia Airlines CNN

Sarah Bajc believes that MH370 was kidnapped and is still intact.

She discounts the 'investigative skills' of the authorities who say they have cleared the other passengers and crew members on board of having any indication or motive to hijack the plane.

Plane Was Abducted, Passengers Still Alive

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At 9 April 2014 at 20:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Bajc spends so much time being on the boards of so many organizations that it's any wonder she has time to do real work.

She served for three years on the Advisory Board for the US Government Technology Counsel.

On one up to date website it says she enjoys sports, music and spending time with her husband and three children.

She has all the hallmarks of an undercover CIA operative. Her home in Georgia was valued at almost $700,000 a few years ago. That kind of financial status is a far cry from her own description of herself as being a "backpacker".

Of course she believes the authorities (Malaysian) are lying. She won't go near the Diego Garcia or Maldives stories though will she?

If she talks about anything but those Indian Ocean islands it takes the attention away from it. With only one American adult on the passenger manifest she is essentially the mouthpiece for America's involvement in the case.

At 13 April 2014 at 21:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Bajc = Crisis actor from Sandy-Hook, Dark Knight Theater shootings, Boston Bombing and is probably Anderson Cooper's friend and find for CNN. She would appear on all other anchors' channel interviews but will be very careful not to talk with AC360 because her reactions then would be enough to find the truth about her. BUSTED Sarah Bajc! MH-370 = DUMMY plane, the real flight never took off, it is still displayed as "DELAYED" on both airport logs in Malaysia and Vietnam, and Beijing as well. Go figure that out!

At 12 September 2014 at 22:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Bajc is either the most selfish "mourner" I have ever seen or on a lot of hallucinogens, and I am far from alone in this opinion. She seems to be loving this. Never seen a "grieving" person so in love whff TV's media attention. She calls the poor man a companion or partner, never using anything with heart. She never said once she loved him, never seemed to cry for him, and only at first brought up the fact of his children that did love him. Been around a lot of major tragedies as part of my line of work, and know we all grieve differently, but never seen someone like her. She always goes straight to "I" and "me." I'm from NY and knew many first responders of 9-11-2001. No victims' family member has ever acted like her. No first responders that were there act like her. After the many FD and first responder memorials I just attended the other day I felt a strong sense of anger towards this woman after seeing her most recent "TV Time." Feel so bad for his REAL family & the REAL loved ones of the victims that she is just making a mockery of the tragic event of MH370.


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