Sunday 2 June 2024

Hitler's Jewish Nazis - 3


The top German Nazis were 'Jewish', and were linked to an international cabal.

Thousands of top Nazis are reported to have moved to Argentina after World War II.

These include Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, Erich Priebke, Walter Kutschmann, Jose Schwammberger, Ante Pavelic, Walter Rauff, and Eduard Roschmann.

Licio Gelli, the fascist friend of Israel.

Licio Gelli, the fascist who was close to Henry Kissinger and Mossad, moved to Bariloche in Argentina, the town to which Hitler is said to have retired.

Visitors to Bariloche have included Obama, Clinton, Eisenhower and Theodore Rosevelt.

Peron and his friend the Israeli ambassador to Argentina.

Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky wrote that Licio Gelli, P2's Grand Master, was a friend of Mossad.

ODESSA: Peron, Hitler, and a Ceremonial Presidential Visit . / Aangirfan: P2 AND THE USA /

Argentina has links to the Kosher Nostra.

Argentine Jewrys dark secret

Some of the Hitler photos may be photoshopped? Hitler Escaped to Argentina.

Why were certain top Nazis allowed to retire to Argentina?

Hitler's Nazis, and the Peronists in Argentina, and the top Zionists in Israel all share the same philosophy.

In Mein Kampf, it is written that Nazi philosophy "feels itself obligated to promote the victory of the better and stronger, and demand the subordination of the inferior and weaker in accordance with the eternal will that dominates this universe."

Reportedly Peron allowed many Nazis to come to Argentina after Germany's defeat. 

(Evita, the Swiss and the Nazis)

It has been suggested that Hitler was allowed to escape to Argentina. 

Golda Meir and Evita Peron. 

Israel developed "excellent relations" with Juan Peron's government.

No tears for Argentina - Haaretz / Fifty Years of Israel-Argentina Relations

Reportedly, Juan Perón was part of a team of cartographers who helped to plan the boundaries of the state of Israel.


Peron had a number of Jewish advisers.

Peron sympathised with Hitler during the war.

Juan Perón

Reportedly, Peron had links to the CIA through Licio Gelli.


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