Friday 10 May 2024

UN votes symbolically in favour of Palestinian membership | AFP


At 10 May 2024 at 23:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

US, UK and Germany have sown the shame of their nations in Gaza’s blood-drenched soil

“The US, the UK [and] Germany … have encouraged and armed the military onslaught on 2.3 million people trapped in the tiny Palestinian territory.

“By doing so, they have sown the seeds for future generations’ shame of their own nations in Gaza’s blood-drenched soil …

“Western powers’ readiness to support Binyamin Netanyahu’s aggression has remained largely unabated by his administration’s proclivity for disinformation.

“Israeli politicians and officials, with backing vocals from the White House, invoked the false story of 40 babies said to have been beheaded by Hamas.

“After what has come to be known as the Flour Massacre, the Israeli army protested its innocence before being forced to admit its soldiers opened fire on what it termed ‘suspects’ seeking food from an aid convoy, killing 118 people and injuring 760 others.

“A purported list of Hamas kidnappers found on a wall of a children’s hospital turned out to be no more than the days of the week written in Arabic.

“Israel’s allies have not only turned a blind eye to these falsehoods, they have swallowed them whole to the peril of the innocents in Gaza …

“Even when propaganda is shown to be untrue, Israel’s backers make no apology …

“Accusations of anti-Semitism are the knee-jerk response to nearly any criticism of what the Israeli state is doing.

“Such labelling is a powerful silencer …

“Another puzzle facing historians … is how anyone of any religion could have watched the slaughter in Gaza and not have been appalled by it.

“… [Whether] you attend a synagogue, a church [or] a mosque … a state’s killing campaign against a civilian population must shake your soul.”


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