Friday 24 May 2024

Craig Murray Blackburn Election

Craig Murray Blackburn Election 

This is it. The election is called and I am standing in Blackburn to offer voters there a viable alternative to the Keir Starmer Genocide Party.

Keir Starmer has calculated that no matter how far he abandons working people and moves the Labour Party to the right, those voters who are themselves getting the short straw in the vastly unequal distribution of wealth in society, or who simply wish to see a fairer world, have nowhere else to go.

In doing so he has completely sold out the party to the Israeli lobby, to the extent Starmer has actively supported the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. Labour still support UK arms sales to Israel. 

He stated three times Israel has the right to cut off water and electricity and supported the UK stopping funding to UNRWA. Labour actively oppose sanctions against Israel. Labour support the provision of British military and intelligence support to the Israeli military.

Labour do this because they receive millions in funding from the Zionist lobby.

Not one Labour MP has resigned from Labour Friends of Israel over the Gaza genocide. 

Not one: I have cried bitter tears every single day for eight months over the children slaughtered in Gaza...


At 24 May 2024 at 22:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

People should be aware, however, that Mr Murray was pushing for everyone to be vaccinated, including pregnant women. I told him firmly but diplomatically that he was very wrong, he being an arts graduate and me being an ex research virologist. Mr Murray is better than Starmer's Labour, but he is far from perfect in several other arenas.

At 25 May 2024 at 00:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great comment. Anyone pushing the Vax is a scumbag. Sorry Mr Ambassador that includes you.

At 25 May 2024 at 01:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only vote for those with a brain is a vote against government

At 25 May 2024 at 15:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has the image at the top of this got to do with Blackburn? Blackburn is nowhere near the sea. Nor is the other Blackburn that lies between Glasgow and Edinbutgh.


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