Sunday 14 April 2024


Viral Video Claiming To Show Aftermath of Missile Attack on Israel Is From Texas
Claim: Video showing aftermath of Iran’s missile attack on Israel
Fact check by Newschecker: False

Old, Unrelated Image Passed off as Iran Putting Its Military on High Alert


At 14 April 2024 at 01:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Celebrity Doc' and 'reformed vax pusher' Dr John Campbell with an age adjusted mortality study into vaccine related cancer deaths from Japan. A very good, insightful study.

As always excellent data sets and objective report from the cabals 'official' Youtuber and spokesperson.

At 14 April 2024 at 02:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site has covered how the 1979 Iranian Revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini may have both been projects of the Western intelligence services

Some ask whether Iran and Israel are secret partners today, each perhaps being the 'enemy' that the other needs, to help maintain domestic political control

The biggest threat to continuing power for Iran's not-fully-popular theocracy, would come from its generals and the military ... maybe the USA and Israel 'help' Iran's rulers by killing some generals?

There was the Trump-ordered strike killing top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and others 3 January 2020, and the 1 April 2024 Israeli strike on the Damascus Iran consulate killing a top al-Quds commander and others

We are told 'Israeli spies' every now and then somehow kill people inside Iran ... maybe it is Iran itself killing dissidents? Other dissidents then rounded up as alleged 'Israeli spies'?

Wars quickly kill those who are brave, and who care about their fellow citizens ... eliminating potential effective 'rebels' ... perhaps a prime purpose of the 20th and 21st century wars in many places?

At 14 April 2024 at 13:23 , Anonymous Kevvingtons said...

Thank you for sharing your most perspicacious analysis. I find it more than likely to be effectively true. The whole thing is a charade, to cover for state crimes.


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