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Bournemouth - Max Bygraves, Jersey, clothes


The Bournemouth Jewish community dates back to about 1905, and is one of the larger communities in the UK”



CHRIS DENNING. The former Radio 1 DJ “lived at Bournemouth in or near Bourne Valley Road when he worked at Two Counties Radio as a presenter in the 1980s and 1990s.” “In 2014, the former DJ was jailed for 13 years for offences against 24 boys, including one allegedly at the house of … Jimmy Savile”

LORD MICHAEL GRADE. “I started at a boarding school in Bournemouth aged seven, but the school closed down and I had to move on”. The Jewish former BBC1 controller admitted that, during his time at the corporation, there had been “question marks” about Jimmy Savile, about whom he’d heard “rumours”

LORD JANNER. “The peer bought his two-bedroom holiday apartment in the upmarket East Cliff area of Bournemouth in 1987. One former neighbour … said: He was sometimes seen at the flat with much younger boys …”

ANTHONY BLUNT. “Anthony Blunt was born in Bournemouth and spent his infancy in a vicarage … His father, the Reverend ASV Blunt was vicar of Holy Trinity Church, which stood in Old Christchurch Road”. Alleged abuser of boys at Kincora Boys’s Home and country houses on both sides of the Irish border (with Lord Mountbatten), and at Elm Guest House


CHRISTINE HAMILTON. “She was born … in a nursing home near Bournemouth, and grew up in Ringwood”., “Hamilton's father was a GP in Ringwood … and she grew up in the New Forest area,” attending Wentworh College in Bournemouth. A close friend of Derek Laud, Christine Hamilton was once accused of raping a woman

COLIN TILBROOK. “A man at the centre of the Jersey child abuse investigation later worked for Dorset social services and lived in Blandford,” 20 miles from Bournemouth. “The late Colin Tilbrook was in charge of [Haut de la Garenne] … He worked at the home in the 1960s”

SIR OLIVER LETWIN. “Sir Oliver Letwin … who is Jewish, was Conservative MP for West Dorset from 1997 to 2019 …”

DAVID ATKINSON. MP for Bournemouth East from 1977 to 2005. “The son of [David Atkinson] has said he believes his father was a ‘prolific sexual predator’ who he fears might have been linked to an alleged Westminster paedophile ring. Anthony Atkinson suspects his father David Atkinson's name may also have been included in a notorious dossier compiled by his fellow Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens”


MAX BYGRAVES. “Lived in Westbourne, Bournemouth until 2008”. Alleged ritual abuser identified by the late psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman

SAMUEL LIDDDELL MACGREGOR MATHERS. An occultist and Rosicrucian who worked as a clerk in Bournemouth. “Primarily known as one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”; his “one-time friend and pupil” was Aleister Crowley.


- Anne Filer (current mayor) in 2023/4 (as well as in 2007/8)
- Lawrence Williams in 2017/8
- Barry Goldbart in 2010/1
- Ben Grower in 2000/1
- Pamela Harris in 1995/6
- Michael Filer in 1984/5 (husband of Anne Filer, who is the current mayor)
- Dr Gabriel Vivian Jaffe in 1977/8
- Louis Victor Barney in 1959/60

We associate Bournemouth with Jimmy Savile, who is alleged to have sexually abused a number of locals.

In addition, Bournemouth has one of the largest Jewish communities in the UK, according to census figures.

“Jimmy Savile had several links to Bournemouth. He bought a flat on the East Cliff and moved in during April 1972.

“He … was often seen running along the promenade …

“Savile also once owned the popular Bournemouth cafe Norwegian Wood … and surrounding buildings …

“Savile also worked as a public relations consultant for the Maison Royale/Le Cardinal nightclub complex … from 1973 until 1978.”

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Signs twinning Bournemouth with Israeli city mysteriously disappear

“Signs twinning an Israeli city with Bournemouth have been removed in an [alleged] hate crime …

“The four signs at separate locations … recognised … Netanya …

“Bournemouth has one of the largest Jewish communities in the UK …

“Bournemouth's Jewish mayor Anne Filer told how she was 'very upset and disappointed' …

“In February … activists … laid out a three-mile line of children's clothes along Bournemouth beach to represent the children killed in [Israel’s war on Gaza]”


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