Monday 25 March 2024

Moscow's Concert Hall - WEF, Trump, Cabal ...


Apart from the 3.2.2 esoteric/occult linked date, the fake-shaky-grainy rubbish footage of the Moscow terror attack combined with the all too familiar ISIS narrative/death to America tripe.

We also have the video of one of the fake suspects with the blackened eye for added authentication.

Anyone who still thinks the WEF shill Putin can save the West would do well to remember that he is a 'fully paid up' bad actor and is only playing the role of enemy no.1 and evil villain. Putin is a Wefist and a 'two bit fraud'. The very fact his fake terror event played out on the now infamous 322 is proof in itself that he's a clown.

Like the Orange Zio-mong and 5th Columnist Trump who introduced Operation Warp speed, none of these bad actors represent anyone except the Cabal.

No doubt the Maga Mong will get voted back in later this year to give further false hope to zillions of gullible and divided Americans.

It could be worse though, the Americans and the Russians could live in the UK we're a few short months away from full blown Communism and the collapse of the Monarchy paving the way for the Antichrist.

Popcorn and foam hand at the ready.


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