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I have viewed the footage & it is real. He is a whistle blower who knew full well the US military deals severely with them as a deterrent to others. Julian Assange has now been threatened with the Death Penalty. 

Aaron Bushnell was a Snr. Airman with Classified Security Clearance. He was a cyber defence operations specialist with 531st Intelligence Squadron @ joint base San Antonio. He was assigned to the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance wing @ Fort Meade, Maryland. 

Quote: "“He told me on Saturday that we have troops in those tunnels, that it’s US soldiers participating in the killings,’’ the friend claimed. The friend went on to suggest that Aaron had stated US had troops on the ground, who were killing large numbers of Palestinians. The friend believes these claims may be true as Aaron’s job was to process intelligence data and some of that was linked to Gaza conflict.

 “One of the things he told me is that coming across his desk … was the US military was involved in the genocides going on in Palestine,’’ an unnamed friend was quoted by The Post. " Aaron Bushnell helped Feed the Poor in his community. He was an empathetic gay person. He was not as nasty propagandists portray 'A Chinese loving Communist' 

HE SAW US TROOPS COMMITTING GENOCIDE IN GAZA - a fact kept from the people all around the world." Either they killed him or he killed himself.


At 3 March 2024 at 08:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaron Bushnell 2.0

Don't worry, you won't see him on fire, however, you will see him walk up to the embassy and pour the liquid over himself.

The video will show an awkward 'cut sequence' and, and worse still, the Police/First Responders.

The problem here, the original video shows him on fire until he is extinguished, this video shows no such thing. This video is nothing like the original video. This video is different from the original. Therefore, we now have 2 videos.

A bit like the 'moon lander' stuff. Who shot the lander sequences before anyone got out to take the pictures.

I guess now, the new question is.......where did the second video come from, who shot it etc.

Looks like Fireball Freddie and the now new second video makes it 100% crystal clear that this pile of pyrotechnic pish is 100% fake tripe.

I'll happily send the second video if you really want to see the two sequences for comparison.

At 3 March 2024 at 08:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A video from TRT you will see about 3 seconds of the front facing footage at the videos beginning. This is the full frame footage showing Bushnell walking directly away from the camera/phone which is mounted on a tripod.

Therefore, the only visible footage would be a 'full frontal'. Therefore, where did the other footage come from?Again, nothing to see except Bushnell walking back to his pre-arranged position.

Furthermore, from the new second video you will see the angle of sunlight casting rays at a steep angle making this video late morning. Do where are all the pedestrians/people?

I'd love to hear from anyone who thinks that the new second video is a good representation of this 'empathetic gay'!

Good luck.

At 3 March 2024 at 13:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

US Delta Force was first troops in. Higher toll than IDF in first few days. Then story gone in an instant.

At 3 March 2024 at 22:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Higher death toll than Israeli air force?


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