Monday 11 March 2024

Happiest? Not?


Anonymous said...

UK ranked second-most miserable country

“Published last week, Sapien Labs’ fourth annual ‘Mental State of the World’ report assessed the mental wellbeing of 419,175 Internet-enabled participants across 71 countries.

“The results painted a grim picture of the English-speaking world.

“Out of 71 countries surveyed, the Anglophone nations of the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand sit in the bottom quartile, with residents of the UK happier only than those of Uzbekistan …

Does Angus Robertson of the SNP have a German or Jewish or Nazi mother?

“Sapien Labs noted that levels of mental well-being across the English-speaking world plummeted during the coronavirus pandemic, and that this decline ‘continues to persist with no sign of recovery’.

“Furthermore, the report found that mental well-being was lower in countries where processed food was commonly eaten, children were given smartphones at a younger age, and relations between family members were more distant.

“Wealthy, English-speaking countries scored least favorably across all of these three metrics …

“All of the top ten countries were African, Asian, or Latin American nations.”


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