Friday 1 March 2024

George Galloway - postal votes

Unknown commented -

13,460 postal votes were cast in the Rochdale by-election, 43.2 percent of the votes cast and more than 12,335 received by winner George Galloway.

How very strange.


At 1 March 2024 at 22:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you wanted to believe that the Security Services had rigged that election, the fact that all the Galloway votes came from Labour and all the Independent candidate's votes came from Conservative would be strong initial evidence supporting a claim. A 43% 'postal vote' has never before occurred and suggests extremely strongly that vote rigging occurred.

The only question is who organised the rigging....

At 1 March 2024 at 23:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And over 91% of all postal votes going to Fedora Finkelstein

At 2 March 2024 at 05:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jewish British-Israeli Jonathan Cook:

'Two-thirds of Britons support a ceasefire in Gaza ... Only 13 percent of the public share the two main parties’ view that Israel is justified in continuing to take military action

Opposition to Israel’s behaviour is a majority view among the public, but neither major party is prepared to listen or respond. Both are wilfully deaf to public concern that Britain needs to stop actively enabling one of the greatest crimes in living memory.

Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza is tearing the mask off Westminster. By the day, Britain is looking more overtly like an oligarchy.

During the Corbyn years, opposition to Israel’s oppression of Palestinians was denounced as 'antisemitism'. And in just the same way, reality is being turned on its head once again. Now, the call for an end to Israel’s slaughter of children is being variously denounced as extremism, an attack on democracy, and the stifling of free speech, now equivalent to 'intimidation'.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, calling for greater police powers against what he described as “mob rule” supposedly “replacing democratic rule”. He insinuated that this so-called “mob” – those troubled by the killing of at least 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza over the past five months – may not “belong here“, in Britain.

Paul Sweeney, a Labour member of the Scottish parliament, made headlines accusing Gaza protesters of “storming” his offices and “terrifying” his staff – until Scottish police investigated and found no evidence for his claims. The police described the demonstration as “peaceful”, an assessment confirmed by a reporter for the Scotsman newspaper who was present.

The establishment campaign now it seeks to tar those it smeared as antisemites as a supposed menace not just to Jews but to MPs and democracy. Those trying to stop the slaughter of children are 'potential terrorists'.

Two nasty parties, each complicit in a genocide of the Palestinian people, are now competing to stoke Islamophobia – one explicitly, the other implicitly.

With no place to hide for his political cowardice, Keir Starmer has opened the gates to the bipartisan vilification of Muslims, not just in Gaza but at home too.

Palestine solidarity demonstrations were demonised as “hate marches” by Suella Braverman. In the Daily Telegraph last week, Braverman advanced similar racist paranoia, arguing that Britain was becoming a country where “Sharia law, the Islamist mob, and anti-Semites take over communities”.

With the slaughter in Gaza playing out on TV screens and social media accounts, many millions of Britons are incensed. Whatever the political class claims, it is not just Muslims and the anti-war left angry at the complicity of British politicians in genocide. Gaslighting much of the public as a dangerous “mob” for opposing even more egregious Israeli crimes may yet backfire.'

At 3 March 2024 at 04:40 , Blogger Mart said...

The security services may well be responsible for the postal votes so that they can uncover it in the future to attempt to push Galloway out of politics and permanently discredit him ?


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