Monday 12 February 2024

Labour withdraws support for Rochdale by-election candidate Azhar Ali


At 12 February 2024 at 20:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ghislaine Maxwell ‘shunned poor people, loathed non-whites except Naomi Campbell, espoused Jewish racial superiority’

“Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were ‘notoriously racist’ … the very first whistleblower of the sex scandal has alleged …”

Maria Farmer said that “Maxwell boasted that she had only one non-white pal - and that was model Naomi Campbell …

“Farmer says that Maxwell took it one step further, adding, ‘Ghislaine made it clear that she was superior as she was white and Jewish.’

“‘She said, “Maria, you can't go to our country club, because you're not Jewish” … I didn’t have the right Jewish DNA.’

“One of Maxwell's former friends Christina Oxenberg corroborated Maria's allegations of Maxwell's racism.

“Christina, who is a cousin of Prince Andrew, [said], ‘Ghislaine told me a million times … “My father told me never to make friends with poor people.”

“‘She said this to me repeatedly for 20 years, and unless they were Naomi Campbell, people of color weren’t even going to be entertained’ …

At 13 February 2024 at 02:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maxwell, Epstein and their Zionist co-conspirators appear to have made a special point not to rape, assault, or traffic Jewish girls and women — instead, carefully only targeting and victimizing ‘shiksas’/ ‘goys’.

The report further suggests that Maxwell, Epstein et al. subscribed to, and operated on the basis of, an elaborate Naziesque racial and ethnic hierarchy.

Jews at the top — followed by ‘Aryan’ appearance ‘goys’ — followed by the darker haired ‘goys’ — followed by Asians (the report references Maxwell’s disdain for Filipinos) — followed by ‘Untermensch’ ethnicities at the bottom (Palestinians would no doubt be assigned to this category).

So Maxwell, Epstein et al. ranked white ‘goys’ as racially superior to black ‘goys’ and Asian ‘goys’ — but also white ‘shiksas’ of ‘Aryan’ appearance (blondes) outranked white ‘shiksa’ brunettes — and poor people of any ethnicity were lumped in with the ‘Untermenschen’.

Suggesting that not all Jews are safe from the Zionist Jews — certainly not poor Jews, for whom they have no use except as electoral and political fodder. Dupes.

The sick irony is, of course, that for white, blonde, but non-Jewish girls and women, the consequence of being deemed ‘racially worthy’ by Maxwell, Epstein, et al. was that they deemed you as ‘suitable’ for a fate of being raped or trafficked.

If rape and trafficking was the ‘privilege’ the Zionist crime cabal assigned to white non-Jews of ‘Aryan’ appearance… what then did/do they regard as an appropriate fate for all other ‘goys’?

Death? Sacrificial murder?

As in Palestine, genocide?


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