Monday 15 January 2024

The attacks are seen as a military failure


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Interesting points as often from John Helmer

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates UAE which includes Dubai, and Qatar, all assisted the USA-UK attacks on Yemen ... whilst Oman blocked USA-UK from its airspace

The attacks are seen as a military failure, not significantly degrading the Houthi ability to attack ships, "a defeat for USA at tactical, operational, and strategic levels"

Putin is straddling between the two sides ... condemning the USA-UK attacks but also condemning the Houthis for attacking Israel-linked shipping ... the Russian Navy is in harbour and staying away from conflict areas ... "Putin refuses explicitly to attack Israel’s blockade of Gaza and genocide of the Palestinians"

"Disagreement has developed in Moscow over Putin’s fence-sitting"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova was asked,

“The UN Charter gives the right to any people who are under occupation to resist by any means available.

"Does Russia recognise the right of the Palestinian people to wage, among other things, an armed struggle against occupation?”

Her answer evaded the question

The West is launching its small numbers of million-dollar missiles to shoot down Houthi drones which cost a few thousand dollars each


At 16 January 2024 at 02:32 , Blogger treffor said...

Qatar is not one of the United Arab Emirates and the ruling Al Thanis pursue their own course, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and backing al Jazeera while hosting a large US base.Oman seems to keeping a wary distance from the attacks on Yemen.


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