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Israeli Embassy proxy


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Keir Starmer: Labour party’s success is down to the Jewish Labour Movement *

“Keir Starmer has thanked members at the Jewish Labour Movement conference for ‘saving the party’, saying any of the party’s future success is ‘down to you’ …

“‘Whether you left or stayed, you were all fighting for our values, and I will never be able to thank you enough’.

“The phrase ‘saving the party’ is often over-used and used ‘glibly’, he said, but ‘in all candour, we know that is exactly what you did’.

“Any future success the party enjoys this year or in future years, future achievements, the ‘Britain we will build together … that is also down to you’” …

Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) ‘is an Israeli Embassy proxy’.

Under its previous name of Poale Zion it “played a role in the formation of Labour Friends of Israel, with which it continues to work.”

This close cooperation between Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel was highlighted on November 29, 2020, when Jeffrey Epstein’s close friend LORD MANDELSON took part in the Jewish Labour Movement's virtual conference held in partnership with Labour Friends of Israel.

Jewish Labour Movement-Poale Zion members have included:

BARNETT JANNER MP, the father of MP Greville Janner


ELLA ROSE, the former public affairs officer at the Israeli Embassy in London.
“A photo … showed [her] at a January 2015 meeting with then Prime Minister David Cameron which discussed opposition to ‘boycotts and the delegitimisation of Israel’ … Rose [was] heard wishing for her critics to ‘die in a hole’ … and expressing a wish for violent revenge against her enemies …”

DAVID ABRAHAMS, “a close associate of Tony Blair and Lord Levy … Abrahams faced high-profile media accusations in 2007 that he had secretly made £630,000 in donations to the Labour Party … Following the election of Keir Starmer as Leader … Abrahams resumed making regular donations … In December 2020, Muslim groups … [described online comments by Abrahams] as ‘abhorrent and Islamophobic’ and ‘deeply disturbing’”


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