Saturday 20 January 2024

Auschwitz, Hague, India, Gaza, Republicans

Israeli army gassed my son ‘like Auschwitz,’ 


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Jewish British-Israeli Jonathan Cook - who supports Palestine here, and agrees there is a horrible genocide in Gaza - gives details of why the Hague genocide court proceeding is in fact a legal trickbag, unlikely to achieve what people hope for. Cook writes:

"The difficulty for the World Court is that it is on trial as much as Israel – and will lose whichever way it rules. Legal facts and the court’s credibility are in direct conflict with western strategic priorities and war industry profits.

"The reality is that, whichever way the majority in the court swings in its decision, the crushing power of the West to get its way will shape what happens next.

"Despite the mass of evidence against Israel, it could take years for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to reach a definitive verdict – by which time, if things carry on as they are, there may be no meaningful Palestinian population left to protect.

If most of the judges find it plausible that there is a risk Israel is committing genocide and insist on some sort of interim ceasefire until it can make a definitive ruling, Washington will block enforcement through its veto at the UN Security Council."

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray, who attended the two days of hearings, observed: most of the judges looked as if they “really did not want to be in the court”


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