Tuesday 12 December 2023

Starmer, Rantzen, St John's Wood synagogue

St John's Wood synagogue - de Rothschild, Starmer, Rantzen

Unknown commented on "VOTE LOSER STARMER"

Yes, it’s *possible* that Esther Rantzen and Keir Starmer built their close relationship by working together on ‘child protection’ projects, as Rantzen claims.

After all, Starmer’s 
alleged Rothschild handler, Peter Mandelson, insinuated himself into the NSPCC’s ‘Full Stop’ campaign - and so into the orbit of Prince Andrew - allegedly in order to assist his ‘Mossad’ colleagues Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Lady de Rothschild to ensnare the duke into 'the honeytrap'.

If this is indeed what Peter Mandelson did — and there’s no definitive proof — then Mandelson might be said to have taken a leaf out of Rantzen’s own alleged book — i.e. allegedly using ‘child protection work’ as a cover for other, alleged ‘Mossad’ activities.

(Rantzen, recall, created Childline in 1986 and subsequently became an NSPCC trustee.)

Just as Mandelson and Rantzen allegedly used ‘child protection work’ for accomplishing deep-cover ‘Mossad’ assignments, Starmer may also have pursued some less-than-kosher objectives for Mossad taskmasters while handling ‘child protection’ cases as Director of Public Prosecutions.

Indeed, wasn’t Starmer studiously and mysteriously failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile … just when Rantzen was studiously and mysteriously failing to remember that she’d been warned about him?

Gates & Starmer

So again, Rantzen’s contention that she and Starmer forged their relationship through ‘child protection work’ may have some truth in it.

Notwithstanding this possibility, it seems just as likely that Starmer and Rantzen’s primary point of connection is *attending the same synagogue*.

For they are both members of the SAME synagogue in London.

Rantzen: “I can’t leave the synagogue I was born into ­– the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St John’s Wood …”

Keir Starmer’s family: “belong to London’s Liberal Jewish Synagogue … in [St John’s Wood]”.

Finally, the Liberal Jewish Synagogue is ALSO the synagogue where Lady Lynn and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild got married — they having been very close associates of Mandelson, Maxwell and Epstein.

(Recall that Mandelson took Prince Andrew under his wing to witness the Jewish nuptials at LJS! As part of the grooming process that laid the groundwork for ensnaring the duke in the honeytrap, allegedly.)

Since we’re talking about one big, happy, Liberal Jewish Synagogue family, Starmer will no doubt be well acquainted with members of the Rothschild and de Rothschild clan, as well.

Rantzen, Starmer, Mandelson, the de/Rothschilds, and Epstein/Maxwell before them, are one big, happy, Mossad-instructed family, centred on the Liberal Jewish Synagogue and ‘fake’ good deeds for the under privileged?


Unknown commented on "VOTE LOSER STARMER"

Yet another link in the chain connecting Keir Starmer with Rantzen’s Zionist syndicate:

SIR TREVOR EDWARD CHINN CVO (born 24 July 1935) is a British businessman, philanthropist, and political activist. He is an active lobbyist for ISRAEL and FUNDED KEIR STARMER’s leadership campaign for the Labour Party.”

Sir Trevor is married to Susan, Lady Chinn.

Esther Rantzen Co-trustees at the Silver Line have included …. Susan, Lady Chinn.



At 12 December 2023 at 02:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Starmer intends prioritising the interests of Jews at the expense of the 99.5% majority of the UK, then he is unfit to be in Parliament and unfit to be Prime Minister. He must be made to swear, under oath, that the interests of UK citizens over-ride all interests of Israel, all interests of the UK Jewish sect and all interests of the USA jewish dual-national community.

I don't think he will be prepared to make such a statement, under oath, on live TV, for posterity....

At 12 December 2023 at 17:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starmer has taken more freebies than all Labour leaders since 1997 combined



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