Saturday 2 December 2023

Medhi Hasan, Owen Jones, Israeli propaganda


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MSNBC cancels Mehdi Hasan show

Hasan ‘one of few Western commentators' providing balance to Gaza debate

“US news network MSNBC has axed The Mehdi Hasan Show hosted by British-born journalist Mehdi Hasan …

“The show’s cancellation prompted widespread outcry from journalists, lawmakers, and activists …

“MSNBC has been accused of perpetuating a pro-Israel narrative …

“British author and journalist Owen Jones referred to Hasan as one of the ‘few mainstream voices who challenge Israel's mass slaughter of Gaza’.

“Former Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth [described] Hasan in a tweet as an ‘honest, principled, and outspoken critic of Israel's conduct in Gaza’ …

“Prior to the cancellation of Hasan’s show, NBC was under fire for temporarily taking its Muslim anchors off the air, including Hasan, Ali Velshi and Ayman Mohyeldin, amid the Israeli offensive on [Gaza].

“Semfor reported that NBC denied the allegations that it was purposefully sidelining the trio and regarded its choice as pure coincidence …”


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Owen Jones compares Gaza’s destruction to 2 Hiroshima bombs

“According to Jones, Israeli bombardment has resulted in up to 20,000 casualties and decimated over half of northern Gaza's infrastructure.

“He likened the scale of the devastation to the dropping of ‘2 Hiroshima bombs’ on an area he compared to East London …”



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Owen Jones ‘receiving death threats’ after questioning Israeli propaganda

“Now there's a new video on YouTube about [October 7] …

“It's a 25-minute monologue … by Owen Jones …

“Jones regards the IDF video as Israeli propaganda designed to justify the death and suffering that it has since rained down on northern Gaza …

“As the death toll of civilians, including thousands of women and children, mounted … public opinion across the globe has turned against Israel …

“It is true some Israelis were [killed] by the IDF …

“… [And] loudmouthed Israelis today … [are] calling for Hamas to be nuked …”

Jones claims that his critics “have unleashed a new wave of threats of death and violence on him.

“That is a disgrace and he deserves the full protection of the law …”


Angelina commented 

You are not indigenous if you change your surname to look more ethnic.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel. Born 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Grandson of Nathan MILEIKOWSKY/ Milikowsky from Krevo, who changed his name to
Netanyahu when he arrived in Tel Aviv in 1930.


At 2 December 2023 at 03:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with Owen Jones about many things, but he has an absolute right to express his opinions on Gaza and I welcome him doing so. Israelis who say that no-one can oppose them must be called what they are: murdering racists.

At 2 December 2023 at 05:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ukraine update - USA preparing exile haven for Zelensky

Short summary of latest from Simplicius

(1) Both Seymour Hersh and DCWeekly publish that exile for Zelensky is being prepared

'A US Secret Service agent ... claims that the Biden administration has issued orders to ensure the safety and accommodation of President Zelensky’s family starting in the spring of 2024.'

(2) Zelensky may need to be pushed out

Ukraine's top military chief Zaluzhny has been holding back on attacks so that fewer Ukrainians are killed, but Zelensky seems not strong enough to remove him

Zelensky is demanding massively more Western money and weapons, menacing catastrophe that humiliates the West if these are not given ... elections in Ukraine are cancelled

Possible new Ukraine government - backed by USA - may form out of leaders from the Ukraine Rada (parliament), backed by Ukraine's top military commander Valery Zaluzhny, and previous Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and former Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

(3) Zelensky-Ukraine are linked heavily into Western corporations and oligarchy, Blackrock, Soros and so on ... these Western financial interests see a settlement as possibly best way to preserve their assets, inside a remaining rump Ukraine

(4) Ukraine the new toxic chemical dumping ground for the EU

'A high-ranking Ukrainian official disclosed a secret agreement between Soros Foundation and Zelensky ... Soros Foundation has served as an intermediary between Zelensky and Western chemical companies Vitol, Dow, and Dupont, which concluded a deal to dispose toxic waste on the territory of Ukraine.'

(5) There are alleged to be secret direct negotiations in process, between top Ukraine military commander General Valery Zaluzhny, and top Russian military commander General Valery Gerasimov

A prospective deal floated is that Russia keeps the regions it claims now, Ukraine will be allowed to join NATO but be limited in forces placed there

This however is strongly denied by Russian leaders, who are talking more aggressively about taking Odessa on the Black Sea as well, and how no 'peace deal' can be trusted

(6) With so many Ukrainian men killed or wounded, many women are being used in combat now and are dying in increasing numbers. In one case a female Ukrainian commander ordering soldiers to go into near-certain death in hopeless assaults, was killed by her own troops


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