Thursday 12 October 2023

'Clowns with tractors would be droned in 2 seconds.'

Anonymous has left a new comment on ''Yoram Erez, commander of the Kerem Shalom Battalion'':

Agreed with all the above 100%. 

I have moved around the region extensively. I've crossed into Palestine from Israel. I crossed the Egyptian border into Israel and likewise the Jordanian border into Israel.

The wall is impenetrable. Clowns with tractors would be droned in 2 seconds. Spotters, snipers UAVs, infra red and seismic detection equipment -

- with an unlimited supply of conscripts doing nothing except looking at monitors 'flipping' between Infrared to HDR all night. Furthermore, high quality HD would 'light you up' like Christmas. The element of surprise would be lost at 06.30 which wouldn't matter regardless. No one is breaching the wall. Sunrise is 06.43 in Tel Aviv.

Therefore, not a chance of a breach on the scale described. A barrage of direct energy weapons, Apache gunships, snipers, 50 cal machine guns, smoke, gas and everything else in between would be lobbed at them.

I had problems at the Egyptian border and because I was traveling with Russians and Ukrainians on a British passport was 'hauled in' for questioning on 3 separate occasions. 

First time was the same night Fijian UN peacekeepers had been taken hostage in the desert. I would think on that basis the border force would be on a higher level of alert anyway. The security is impressive and formidable.

Anyone not 'up to speed' with modern security technology, there are systems called Redwall that utilises infrared beams that, when broken, trains surveillance on the site automatically. Same for seismic tech.

The Israelis described the event as Israel's 911. 

A not believable, impossible feat that was scripted and planned with the ever present security failures and wall-to-wall media.

......yeah we know. The gliders kinda gave it away.


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