Friday 29 September 2023

Musk - 'Aspirationally Jewish'

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"Elon Musk describes himself as 'aspirationally Jewish'

In an hour-and-a-half-long discussion hosted by conservative Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro, Musk said that his "entire life story is, in fact, pro-semitic," and pointed to his attendance of a Hebrew preschool and his multiple trips to Israel as reasons why he could not be antisemitic.

"I actually went to Hebrew preschool … I don't know if I'm genetically Jewish, maybe somewhere, but I'd say I'm aspirationally Jewish," he said.

"My father took me to Israel when I was 13. I went to the [Western] Wall, went to Masada – I've been to Masada twice, I don't know if there's many people who can say that."

He added that he has "twice as many Jewish friends as non-Jewish friends" and that as a result, "in some respects, I think I am Jewish basically."


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